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Review #1, by sau13rin 7: It Was the Best of Times

9th October 2009:
You have moved everything towards normal for Dennis and I like that. But I was wondering what he would do once he gets out of school.

I would like to inform you that the male of our species don't always think of sex. Most men in my country think about their future a lot and plan accordingly, even making sacrifices both small and big, so their family does not have any problems.

Anyway, thank you for the wonderful journey with Dennis. I hope you enjoyed writing it as I have enjoyed reading it. Please write more stories.

Author's Response: Sorry for not responding for almost 2 months. I lost everything in a computer crash. Only really been back to normal for a couple of week now.
Thanks for reading and your comments

Have fun ;-}

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Review #2, by sau13rin 6: Meeting The Parents

29th September 2009:
That chapter felt a little longer then usual. The way you have Dennis and Gen moving forward in their relationship feels a little unusual to me. Meeting the parents is ok but meeting the relatives? It almost feels like they are an engaged couple. I feel things are moving a bit too fast and they are only 15 years of age. But that is only my view.
Anyway, this chapter was not as good as some others but it was still good. I am glad you update frequently. It has kept me interested, very interested.
Thanks for the nice chapter, and I would really appreciate it if you could read and review my stories also.

Author's Response: Yes everything is moving very fast but to paraphrase a saying "The Story is life with the boring bits taken out". I decided before I started that this was going to be a short story so I have had to keep it moving a lot faster than real life (No boring bits where nothing happens except they get older).

The next chapter is the last one and by the end of the story I wanted Dennis to have accept Colins death, start living again, face teenage/younge adult fears and make a few social/emoptional mistakes in his growth. A very high goal considering it is all happening within a 3 month period.

As a result he is involved in situations that he normally would not face for a several years. It was either the fast pace or having the first 5 chapters set in 1998 and the last two in 2001.

I chose the fast pace; I hope it did not throw the story off too much to have 16 year old facing 18+ year old's problems and situations.


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Review #3, by sau13rin 5: A Talk with Colin

25th September 2009:
That was a little long. I just find it a little strange that kids barely 16 years of age want to kiss each other every chance they get. But I guess it is just me. Anyway, I felt you turned Gen into a kind of Mary Sue, but I was wrong. You gave her a very real problem that even I can understand. Making a big decision without talking to parents or elders can be scary.

It seemed a little strange that the Weasley parents did not know about Harry and Ginny being together after the events of books 6 and 7.

Anyway thanks for the nice chapter. I pray to God that you don't run out of steam like me and countless others and carry on.

Author's Response: Thanks for the thoughts ;-}
To explain my thoughts. I have written this from Dennis POV and if I remember correctly (from my personal history) for boys kissing serves 3 purposes. Initially it is like a new toy that gets used often, it is a marker to manhood (like being able to legally drink - get drunk) and probable most importantly it is confirmation that the girls likes you. It was for these reasons I had Dennis constantly thinking about him and Gen kissing during the History of Magic class. In a similar fashion Gen uses kissing as a way to feel 'safe'. When she is stressed, like worring about what her parents think, she wants to be close to Dennis, she wants to be held and protected. Kissing for her at this time is a part of this.

I agree with you about the Weasley suspecting that Harry and Ginny have feelings for each other but from Harry and Ginny POV they may not have appreciated the fact (thinking, as my children often do, that the parents don't know what they do). Harry and Ginny got together and broke up in book 6 while at school so they never had to face the parents. Similarly in Book 7 Harry had thoughts about Ginny and there was the birthday kiss but to both Harry and Ginny they had not told Ginny's parents about their relationship.

Thanks again for your comments

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Review #4, by sau13rin 4: How to Kiss

22nd September 2009:
That was a really good chapter. Funny and romantic at the same time. Gen comes off as a very smart person and she knows what Dennis needs. That is nice.
Thanks for the lovely chapter.

Author's Response: I believe that girls are much better at seeing relationships and working with feelings. Boys think things through (especially when they should be feeling). I have tried to portray this in the chapter that is why Gen seems wiser and recognised their love before Dennis did.

In this chapter I let it all happen too fast for Dennis, that is why several times he did not know what to think.

The next chapter he has time to sort thing out in his own mind and is a bit better with the relationship.

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Review #5, by sau13rin 3: Love and Quidditch

10th September 2009:
That was a wonderful chapter. I am glad you had Dennis going towards normal and given him a good friend.
Thank you for the nice chapter.

Author's Response: The story is about recovery. Everyone reacts differently to loss, in Dennis's case he tries to stop feeling all together. Gen is there not only to help him come to terms with Colin dying and to re-learn how to feel. She is there so that he can grow and live after Colin is gone.

Chapter 4 is now published and Chapt 5 is waiting on Validation.

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Review #6, by sau13rin 2: Classes and Colin

20th August 2009:
Oh, wow. That was spectacular. You are really good. I think you are trying to bring spells from RPGs like D&D. I like that.I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: To be honest I never thought of the spells that way BUT I have been involved with a few RPGs so it is very possible that my mind is drawing on these.

Any way glad you like it and the next chapter is just waiting on validation.

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Review #7, by sau13rin 1: Return To Hogwarts

11th August 2009:
I think you are the first one to start post-Hogwarts with Dennis. That was really good. But you seemed to have used a rather overused plot point of a foreign exchange student. I dont think student exchange has ever been mentioned and I remember some character from HP4 remarking how the other schools guard their secrets.

But any way, I think you are the first person to make everyone(including me) realise that there were other people blooded by the war other then the ones that we know. The story is well written and captivating and people are not crying in every paragraph.

I am really looking forward to your next chapter.

Author's Response: Guilty as charged, I did resort to bringing in an exchange student but in my defence I wanted someone who Dennis did not know yet was his age and was a capable, compentent witch in her own right. I figured anyone who had been at Hogwarts for 5 years would already know of Dennis and Colin.

Your last point causes me to bring out the old soapbox
War is never between one or two people, we sometimes loose sight that in a war a lot of people die. Even at Hogwarts after the battle there were a lot of casualities and even in this other world I did not want them to be just numbers. To march into battle with the possibility of dying is one thing, living after you loose someone close to you can be even harder.

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