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Review #1, by light_blue The Time Meddler

27th August 2009:
Excellent action, lovely flow of words! I really admire the way you right-it is humorous, direct and so pleasing to read! Your writing is fresh style, one that is unique but familiar at the same time. Thank you for writing such awesome stories, and good luck to all future writing endeavors!

From light_blue

Rating: 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been struggling with my writing style lately, so I'm glad this one worked out. :) Thank you so much! This kind of review really makes my day, and I'm glad you enjoy my writing! :D

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Review #2, by Lilith_of_elder_days The Time Meddler

9th August 2009:
Ooh, I like this concept. I'd really like to see where this is going. I'm a little concerned that Hermoine's being a little OOC here, as she would never do something this dangerous--before the war. I'm guessing that the war made her more daring, since you've already mentioned she has nightmares. Just you might want to think about her motivations and express them in the subtext while she realizes the absolute terror of what she's done. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'd like to see where this goes as well. :P It's just a little idea sparked by a prompt I was given, so... we'll see, I guess. ^_^ She does seem a bit out of character, doesn't she? I tried not to make her TOO out there, but otherwise it was difficult to start the story. ^_^ I sort of imagined this like the Lord of the Rings (If you've seen it), and how the ring calls to the person to put it on, I sort of imagined the timeturner like that in this instance. :) Thank you so much for the helpful review! :D

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