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Review #1, by raquick Thirty-One

21st September 2013:
I know that it has been a long time since you last updated this story but I would love to know if you've ever thought of any more material for it. I'm a huge Drarry shipper and I love this story its so creative. And I love that I'm finally reading a story where Albus is the adventurous one and not James like every other NG story. Really great work and again I would love to know if you've though of an ending for this great story!!!

Author's Response: Hi there, raquick! Thanks for reading, and I apologize for my delay in responding. I am not involved in the fanfic world these days, and haven't written anything in well over a year... I do have the ending of this story mapped out and planned, just waiting to be written. I think there should be a few more chapters left... however, I am just not in a place to do the writing right now. Life changes, seasons change, and now just doesn't seem to be the writing-season for me. However I do hope some day I can finish this.

Thanks for your kind words about the story. As for Albus - I certainly had a lot of fun writing him, and indeed, he's very adventurous here! I guess, in this world, I always viewed this Albus as a lot like his father, and James as more like his grandfather... But there are lots of ways to imagine and write them, of course.

Anyway, thanks again, and while I haven't given up on this story, I also can't promise any future chapters any time soon. My apologies.

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Review #2, by mrinal Thirty

16th April 2012:
its my favourite chapter...pls include more of the relationship betwn harry n malfoy...hope dey fall in love..

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, mrinal. Definitely, there would be more about the developing relationship between Harry and Malfoy... I just need to get back to writing one day! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by mrinal Seventeen

15th April 2012:
very nicely written abt the friendship between d boys..

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #4, by MadamePuddifoot Thirty-One

13th November 2011:
Wow! I am enjoying this so much! You may just have converted me into a Drarry shipper! Please please continue with this story, I am so intrigued and am dying to find out what happens!!

Author's Response: Yay, a new Drarry shipper!! Hahaha! (o: Thanks so much for reading, and of course for commenting! I do wish I had another update for you, but sadly, I've not written anything new in ages. )o: Sometimes, I guess, the 'voices' just disappear... But I do hope hope hope some day to have an update for this, as I really have enjoyed writing it!

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Review #5, by DobbyPotter Thirty-One

2nd November 2011:
I'm really loving this story!!! :D

Author's Response: Thank you!!! (o: I wish I had more to update with, but I really can't promise when an update will be forthcoming... But if it does come, I do hope to hear from you!

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Review #6, by NextGenna14 Thirty-One

26th August 2011:
You updated Thank god!!! :) I love this story to bits! Get the next one out quick please! 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, yeah... I really need to get this story finished, but... sadly the 'voices' have all left me and I've felt pretty uninspired... Haven't written anything new in well over a year... But I do still plan and hope to finish this story, I just can't say when... But many thanks for reading and commenting!

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Review #7, by foreverfleur Five

24th August 2011:
This just keeps getting better and better. I have to say you are a master of suspense.

Ok--highlights from the chapter--I am always a fan of the author who doesn't take Harry/Draco's relationship for face value. I've always been one to say its more complicated than good vs evil, point-blank enemies, etc etc. I think you've done an excellent job in dispelling this kind of superficial characterization and I have to say it has me really excited as to where you are going to take these characters and their history. That Harry doesn't quite understand why he needs to help Malfoy, that he doesn't just write him off as a traitor/ex-Death Eater is great and I think really truthful to JKR.

Who this Matthew Greyson character is and where you're taking this story I have no idea! But I seriously can't wait to find out. Another suspenseful chapter and effectively so! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Hi again! Aw thanks for such a lovely comment - "master of suspense"! That means so much to me, as I've never tried a mystery story before, but I really wanted to work on how to handle raising questions, and trying to get the reader thinking about clues or guessing at what was coming next.

I like what you said about not taking Harry/Draco's relationship at face value. I do think it's more complicated than good vs evil. I think you can find good vs. evil when you look at Harry/Voldemort. But Draco? Well, he's never represented Evil to me. Snape had his moments, haha. Umbridge. Voldemort. But lil ole Draco? He was a conflicted child, in my point of view. And I think they confronted their ideas of good, evil, and gray areas in between when Harry and Draco confronted each other. And I'm not against imagining some other conflicting things they found when confronting each other. (o;

I do hope you'll like where this story is going and where it's taking these characters. (o: And I'm so pleased that you find it in some way truthful to JKR and her world. (o:

Hmmm, indeed, who is Matthew Greyson? I think you'll find out more as the story continues! (o: Thanks again for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #8, by foreverfleur Four

24th August 2011:
Both Harry and Draco are missing??? ahh. something is definitely fishy!

This is great! I love your characterization of Albus--he's only fourteen but he's got a lot of depth to him. Well done!

Author's Response: Fishy, fishy!!! (o: I'm glad you're enjoying my Albus! He's a dear, and I adore him in this story. Hee... I feel like he's 14 by physical age, and in some ways innocently younger, and in other ways - beyond his years. I like paradoxical characters like that. (o; Anyway, I'm enjoying hearing your thoughts!!

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Review #9, by foreverfleur Three

24th August 2011:
Thank you for involving McGonnagall--what an interesting character and so under explored! I love your characterization of her and may just have to find a way to use her in my own stories.

Another great chapter! You build the suspense so well and so finely. Looking forward to the next!

Author's Response: Hehe, yay, McGonagall! (o: She was interesting to write, especially paired against he now adult former-students. (o: Thanks for reading and leaving another review!!

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Review #10, by foreverfleur Two

24th August 2011:
Gahh you're building something here--something between Harry and Draco and I have to say its just extremely exciting. Great chapter!

P.S. I love that Albus is in Slytherin. What a great conflict of interest!! And I think you've got Harry spot on as a father. Great job!

Author's Response: Hehe, am I building something between Harry and Draco? (o; Hee. I'm so glad you like Albus in Slytherin, too. I didn't ever think about writing Next Gen kids, but I kind of fell in love with some of them while writing this story. It's been fun, for sure! (o:

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Review #11, by foreverfleur One

22nd August 2011:
I haven't been online in awhile and the first thing I wanted to do was se what you have been up to taylorj828. Gahh I'm so glad I did.

I have officially added this story to my favorites list and I can't wait to catch up on the next several chapters. It looks amazing and as usual you have me hooked just by the first!

Author's Response: Oh, hi dear! I had a long break from the fanfic or fandom world too! But I'm back again, for now. (o: Thanks for coming to see what I've been up to! I'm glad to hear from you again! And I'm so pleased that you're enjoying this story!! (o:

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Review #12, by TheDoctor Six

21st August 2011:
Hello! Astoria Viana here from the forums! First off I just want to apolagize for the intollerably long wait, but I;ve been reading allot of your story lately (i'm addicted) so the next reviews should be up soon! okay, so this review will be an overall of the last six chapters.

Plot: I love Scorpius' relationship with Al, it's the ideal friendship. I also love that Harry and Ginny haven't exactly just welcomed him into there home with open arms. The rift caused by Al being in Slytherin is beautifully played off in your story and Harry's reaction is very realistic. I feel so bad for Al though, since James is being so harsh about it.

I admit when I first read the bit with malfoy not recognizing harry and with memory loss my head screamed chliche. but your story has been anythin but so far and I have complete faith that your story won't go down the cliche path.

Characterization: As I've said I love Al and scorpius, especially in Slytherin. this is one of the first stories I've read in which I love Harry's relationship with his kids, it's exactly how I imagined it would be. I have to say in chapter three I was a bit put off by Hermione, I loved your characterization for the most part but I'm not sure she would speak to Mcgonagal in such a manner, I think she'd be a bit more respectful. I can't say enough abot your characterization of Harry though, it's one of the first I've come across that is true to how i believe he would grow up and act. The idea that he would go looking for Malfoy is true to character, especially since he's trying find him so that Scorpius has a father. It's such a 'Harry Potter' type thing to do.

overall I have to say you're an extremely gifted writer. Your story flows brilliantly and you have just the right amount of descriptors.

You asked if this would draw in people who don't usually seek out this type of story. I think my response to that is that the beginning chapters didn't imediately hook me but i kept reading and now can't stop. however looking back at the first few chapters i can't really say what would make them more 'hookinh' as they all are important to the plotline and are well written. I think that pretty much anyone could read this story and as long as they kept reading they would love it.

lovely beginning and I shall be back soon!

Author's Response: Hi Astoria! Sorry for my delay in responding, but I do appreciate your time spent on reading and reviewing. Oh, I'm glad you like Scorpius' relationship with Albus! And the rift caused by Albus being the sole child of their family (so far) not to be sorted in Gryffindor, and in fact to find himself in Slytherin... I don't think the world works in such a way that they would all magically be friends, when we rarely ever saw friends between houses, not until the very end of Harry's years, when a few of them formed mixed-House friendships, and then fought together against Voldemort...

As for Malfoy's memory loss and not recognizing Harry, I do hope you'll find it not to be cliche, but I'll let you decide on your own. I wrote what the story dictated for itself, but I know memory loss is used often in stories, so I hope the story stands well on its own, regardless of what other authors and stories do...

I'm glad you like my characterization, and especially Harry's relationship with his kids. This is also how I think Harry would be with his children, and it's been fun to write. (o: As for Hermioe - I see your point about Hermione not talking to McGonagall in such a way, but I just see Hermione as lashing out more when she feels someone she loves may be in danger. I think when it comes to Harry, they survived too much of people playing games with his life, hiding information or secrets, and I think those old childhood issues emerge underneath the surface. I do think she respects McGonagall, but... this is how I saw the scene unfolding... And as for my Harry - I'm pleased you like him! I adore Harry and love to write him. (o: Malfoy too is fun, but it's been a challenge also, in this story, with the memory loss and etc.

Thanks for all the kind words about the story and my writing. I get what you're saying, though, about how it make take a reader getting a few chapters in before they find themselves hooked... But like you, I'm not sure what I could do to those first chapters, so I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope people will take a chance!

Thanks again for your review!!

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Review #13, by LunarLuna One

19th August 2011:
I'm terribly sorry I haven't reviewed earlier! I hadn't seen your request before yesterday night, I hope you can forgive me about that!

So, in any case I think this is a very interesting begining. It's intriging, and makes us want to read further on, I thougth it was well written, and presented in a quite interesting way. Ginny's thoughts and feelings where very clear and transparent, which is a very good thing, I think her characterisation was well written, though a bit too jealous. I think a bit of jealousy is mandatory, but this was just a bit too much in my opinion. It wasn't bad though, and the general characterisation is very well done. I also think you might want to mature Al and Scorpius a tad. They seem a little too innocent, for fourteen year olds, and sound a little younger. I'd see them as 12 year olds personally, but please don't take it the wrong way, their fine really, to anyone else they,d be fine, I'm just overattentive to the details when I review stories from my review thread. So don't worry about it!

I honestly really liked this. I thought the detail was very well integrated to the story, its a mysterious intrige and was a very well written first chapter. The thoughts make sense, the backround information is very smoothly added to the story and the flow is constant and perfectly well managed. Good work!

Let me just add that I WILL review the other chapters of your story, but it may take time since I'm quite busy in the moment, so I hope you're okay with that! :)

- LL

Author's Response: Hiya, and thanks for the review! Sorry for my delay in responding! I'm glad you find the beginning interesting and intriguing. As for Ginny - I am writing one possible version of her character in this story, but it may not be the version of her that others choose to write. It's just how she developed in this world, but I don't think it's something irreconcilable with canon... Just my personal opinion... As for Albus and Scorpius - yes, I can see how the boys may not appear like the 14-year-olds we tend to know around us. But I feel like Harry, Ron and Hermione where a shade more innocent when they were at Hogwarts at 14 years old, aside from the fact that Harry was confronted with Voldemort time and again, forcing him to grow up in some ways, but perhaps in other ways he still would not have compared to the way our 14-year-olds seem to act or think in our modern day real life... In my mind, these kids were kept more innocent in the ways their parents raised them, and in their option to be schooled at Hogwarts... I think Albus will for a long time retain a kind of innocence that those around him won't simply because it's a feature of his character or personality (in this world). I see Scorpius as a little less innocent, but he recognizes it in Albus, and lets it be like it is, rather than trying to burst that bubble or jade him...

Anyway, I realize that other people may write these characters in their own way, but I always try my best to make them canon, but also make them real in a way that's explained by their surrounding, by what's happened in the years since we saw them in the books, and etc.

Thanks again for the review, and don't worry, I understand if you don't have the time to read and review more. No worries at all.

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Review #14, by forsakenphoenix Thirty

4th August 2011:
I don't even know what to say. I could be one of those awful people who begs you to update soon because I really want you to.

The ending of this chapter was perfect. Harry has finally accepted what has been in front of him for months and has stopped coming up with excuses, with reasons why he shouldn't. I don't think you could have written it any better. It was just so so good.

I kind of chuckled a little/cringed when Grinelda yelled at Harry for doing something so stupid and reckless, but it was so heartwarming when Draco told him that he was right to do it and he did it perfectly. They knew the risks before they did it and at least his memory is back for good this time.

I like how he insisted that he was Matthew. That they were one in the same despite missing memories. It just struck a chord within me for reasons I can't explain. It's like...Matthew is the type of person Draco can be, you know? They aren't two separate people and Harry has to come to terms that this person isn't the same little boy he knew back at school.

I'm really sad there aren't any more chapters for me to read right now and I'm worried I'll forget all about this story when I go back to school. Please please please tell me when you update at least so if I do have a spare few minutes, I can swing by and continue reading. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for putting up with my crazy rambling on 20+ of your chapters and for understanding my train of thoughts even when I don't really know what I'm saying either.

I didn't think I would like this story going into it, but I've come out of it having fallen in love with the characters and the plot. I owe other people reviews right now but once I have a free minute I will come back and read more of your stories, I promise.

forsakenphoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this chapter; the scenes in this chapter and what unfolded here. (o: I'm pleased that you chuckled at Grinelda's shouting, and also that you liked Draco's response to Harry. (o: Maybe they're covering some ground, after all...

I like what you said about Matthew/Draco - about Matthew being the type of person that Draco could be... They aren't two separate people. But I think Harry getting his head around it - around Draco being also Matthew... well, it must be strange right? Just as strange as it for us HP readers who are used to a snarky, arrogant Draco to read about a sweet, flirty, romantic Draco... :oP But you're right - Draco isn't the same boy that Harry knew in school.. and it's time to understand that.

I know there aren't any more chapters after this, but I'm hoping to update in the next week or two. I've just had a hectic bit of time recently, so I need to do some more writing/editing/betaing. But I'll do my best and I'd love to hear from you again! I really enjoyed hearing all your thoughts and responses! I'm so tickled that you fell in love with the characters and plot! And I can't wait to hear from you again!!! (o:

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Review #15, by forsakenphoenix Twenty Nine

4th August 2011:
I keep picking out quotes that I want to write in my review and then forgetting about them by the time I get to the review. I won't forget this time!

I really really liked this observation from Ginny: "He couldn’t live without the fight between good and evil. It was all he’d ever known." I feel like that's such a perfect line to describe Harry, and I'm glad that she understands his drive to do what he does, in some way.

This paragraph broke my heart: He was her hero, and he was a mystery, but she feared that parts of that mystery went into deep, dark places. Places he would forever protect her from. And places, if she were honest, that she didn’t want to know existed.

Sometimes, reading both thoughts from Ginny and Harry, it seems that they were both enamored with the idea of each other rather than the person. Ginny loved the idea of hero Harry coming to her rescue and Harry who lacked motherly affection attached himself to the one girl who reminded him the most of his mother. That sounds kind of awkward, but I hope you get what I mean, haha.

I'm glad with the last paragraph that Ginny is showing some kind of emotion about Albus running off. From her memories, I feel like she really wasn't the best mother. Again bringing up the fact that Harry was the one who wrote letters to the kids, and then in that memory, Harry was with his children while she was what? Locked away working. Coming home to England and a journalist job didn't offer her much of the reprieve I'm sure she expected after traveling the world playing Quidditch. I really wish she was more involved in her children's lives. Maybe now that she has some fear instilled in her and she has one child running off to who knows where, she'll start taking more of an interest in what they have to say. One can only hope...

forsakenphoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: I like the observation you quoted from Ginny. I think there are definitely things she understands about her husband, and maybe even feels the results of some of those things more keenly than others...

I think your assessment of Ginny and Harry, and their feelings and relationship, is very spot on. Perhaps it was just the idea of one another that enamored each other... And maybe as adults, it's just not cutting it. Anyway, I definitely get what you mean and I think you even worded it pretty well. (o:

And yes, Ginny showing some emotion about Albus... Maybe Ginny feels she wasn't the best mother. I think some mums do struggle with that; most people don't feel perfect. Most mums worry about doing things wrong or messing up their kids... It's not as though Ginny didn't love her children... But maybe it wasn't what she had expected. Or she wasn't what she had expected... I have lots of ideas, based on how I see this world and these character in my head, but I think it could take pages and pages to go through all that's floating around in my mind about them all. Hee. (o: Maybe if I wrote some more about Albus and Scorpius, we could also learn some more about their childhoods, maybe about Ginny and how things turned out as they did...

I'll let it simmer in my mind. (o: Thanks for another!

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Review #16, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Eight

4th August 2011:
I'm excited to find out if these new spells will work! I felt a hint of despair when Draco fell unconscious again and then was Matthew. Poor guy can't get a break. It must be exhausting to find yourself...not you.

Harry needs to stop avoiding the fact that he had sex with Malfoy and he just needs to deal with it. It's causing so much tension in the house it's driving ME nuts. I'd hate to imagine the tension between them.

I giggled when Harry felt uncomfortable about Malfoy mentioning the Cruciatus Curse and appendages. Does that make me inappropriate? Haha. Harry could use a good curse, maybe knock some sense into him!

I wish I could write longer reviews, but from going to not really reviewing at all to doing a lot of reviews, it's a slow process. I'm trying though! I just also get so caught up in the story that by the end of the chapter I don't really know what to say! I hope my reviews have been good enough for you. I'm almost at the end of what you've written so far. :(

forsakenphoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Yeah, the poor guy just can't catch a break... hopefully the new spells will work...!

You're right, Harry should stop avoiding the issue... but it's Harry. LoL. :oP And sometimes denial goes a long way for some people... Sometimes.

Hehehe Cruciatus and appendages! Ha! (o; I don't think it makes you inappropriate at all! Why not give Harry a good curse then, and see if it helps? Hehe!

No worries about longer reviews! It's a long story and you've probably got tons of other reviews to do too! Your reviews are lovely and helping a lot with inspiration and motivation! Thanks heaps!

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Review #17, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Seven

4th August 2011:
Oooh, the plot thickens even more! This story is so exciting, I find myself getting lost in it. This chapter just re-enforced the fact that you must've done a lot of planning and research for this story. It just boggles my mind. I could probably write novel length stories if I had the patience and time to do as much planning as you must do.

Harry's Muggle house and Landon's house...that's in S Wales isn't it? Maybe Landon is the squib cousin?? That would be a twist in the story, but it would make sense to have him there caring for Malfoy who just happened to have his memory lost and no magical powers anymore...It doesn't seem like much of a coincidence.

And Astoria is engaged to the guy who possibly hurt Malfoy?! I wonder who it is! It reminded me though of a couple of chapters ago when Malfoy said he remembered a classmate stopping by but he couldn't remember much about it (I wanted to write about it in the chapter but I forgot until after I had already submitted it). I'm glad Harry picked up on that because there's obvious red flags with that...having your memory be fuzzy around a specific event and person. I can't believe Draco doesn't think it's suspicious and he doesn't even want to suspect a friend or classmate hurting him. Or even the man who's going to marry his ex-wife! Geez.

forsakenphoenix (ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Hee, aw, I love that you're enjoying the story and getting lost in it! (o:

I think you're on the right track about Harry's and Landon's houses. (o: But I'll let you think over the chances and coincidences a bit more. :oP

You're definitely going in the right direction, too, about Astoria, and what Malfoy said he had remembered... and the fuzzy memory... I'm not sure that Malfoy is convinced that it's not suspicious, though. He may fear just that, yet find himself second-guessing, doubting, not wanting to believe it could be... Not wanting Harry to be right...

Thanks for continuing to read and review!! (o:

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Review #18, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Six

4th August 2011:
Oh, poor Harry. I think I ended this chapter feeling just as angry and confused as him. I'm still slowly coming to an understanding with Ginny, and it must be hard to have your husband abandon you for so long only to find out he's probably chasing after someone you hate. It was only a matter of time before Harry found out about Lennart.

I'm glad he had Draco there, but at the same time, I'm not sure how I feel about the situation they found themselves in. I understand it and I expected it. I think it's sort of a natural reflex to act out when you feel hurt and betrayed. I find it interesting that Draco asked him to hurt him but the next morning told him he didn't have the power to hurt him because he wasn't Harry's wife.

While I was reading this chapter, it made me realize how much researching you must've put into writing this story. I never really grasped that until this chapter for some reason. I don't know, it's like I've said before, each word in your story has a purpose and I really like that about your story. I feel like I'm reading a real novel. Does that make sense?

I'm saddened that I'm almost to the end of the chapters you've written. One of the downsides of getting invested in a WIP is having to wait for updates. :(

forsakenphoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Indeed, only a matter of time before Harry found out about Lennart... Ah, this family's certainly got some issues, eh...

As for having Draco there...well, I can certainly understand your not being sure how you feel about the situation. I think they both may be struggling with the same question - how they feel about it. But who knows... And I like what you pointed out - that Draco asked him to make it hurt, and then told him he didn't have the power to hurt him... Curious... I like that you caught that!

As for the researching... yes, I did a lot of researching. And a LOT of beta-ing and editing, more researching, and second or third beta-ing rounds. This story has taken a lot of work, but it's also been very rewarding, too. (o: But thanks for what you said - about the story seeming to have a purpose, or reading like a real novel. It makes me all kinds of happy! I wish I could actually write a real original fiction novel! Maybe some day!

Thanks for another lovely review!

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Review #19, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Five

4th August 2011:
*flails* Oh, Al & Scorpius, you slay me with your cuteness! I love love love how Al is so aware of Scorpius. Like this line? "Al felt his fingers land on soft skin where Scorpius’s hand had been a second faster." And then he tried to brush it off like nothing happened but then you wrote this! "Scorpius, though, paused for a moment, his hand on the parchment, his eyes closed, taking a deep breath." I just want to squee. And then when they were all close together in the shadows and Al could feel Scorpius's breath on his face and theyweresoclose. I chuckled when Al tried to leap into Scorpius's arms after something bit him.

I got so excited when they were running through the streets of Paris. The adrenaline of almost being caught and having to run away - it's all so exciting! As usual, I love your imagery. It's perfect. I like when I read a story and it's like a movie is playing out in my head. Not many authors can do that and you're a natural!

Anyway, you know my deep love for Al/Scorp so I'm always so excited to see these chapters. Please consider writing an Al/Scorp story. You'd make them so perfect!

forsakenphoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Hehehe, Albus and Scorpius slaying you with cuteness, eh? Hehehe!! Aw, and you quoted another line! Indeed, Albus does seem very aware of Scorpius, doesn't he...? And they're sharing all these...moments. :oP

I'm glad you were so excited while they were running through the streets of Paris. Hehe, it was fun writing those kinds of scenes and I hope they came out well. As for the imagery - it was also really fun creating the Wizarding World in Paris, and I had a bit of help with that. And in fact, you could actually go to Paris and find these streets, and see where the Wizarding arcade should be. Hehe. (o: Most of all, I'm really pleased that you can see it all playing out in your head, as that's an important sign for me!

Thanks for another one! And I'll keep thinking over an Albus/Scorpius story. (o;

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Review #20, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Four

4th August 2011:
Oh my god, they kissed! (I had to stop reading when it happened to write that sentence...) I was waiting for it. The sexual tension was making ME hot. Gah, delicious. But boy do I want to punch Harry in the face. I understand it because that's how I wrote my James/Sirius relationship and it makes sense, you know? They want some semblance of normal, of trying to dissuade themselves of these feelings so they fall back on the excuse of having their wives.

And then Harry being all nonchalant about leaving Ginny, saying she was strong and she could handle his absence. And that talk about why he was with her and how she was what he needed as a boy. He's not a boy anymore. It's all so terribly sad.

I liked this line: Harry liked him best like that. - it was just a casual observation but it made Harry pause for a minute and think about his feelings for Malfoy.

When Malfoy called out James instead of Harry - that broke my heart because I was hoping things would start getting better. Oh, and the bad news about his legs and not being able to be around magic - that must have been SO devastating. Your depiction of Malfoy was spot-on here, the anger he feels at being robbed of his life, his legs...thinking he should just go back to living life as a Muggle and then Harry's reminder about Scorpius.

I'm excited about the Review Extravaganza for the House Cup because it gives me even more of an incentive to get my butt in gear and finish your story up! I'm hoping to finish up the last chapters today. :)

Onto the next chapter!

forsakenphoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes, at last! A kiss! (o;

Hm, I think you're right about what you said - about Harry needing her as a boy... But that he's not a boy anymore... He isn't, is he? I guess Harry's got a lot to figure out...

Thanks for the line you quoted, too. It did make Harry pause for a minute and think about his feelings. (o:

Aw, it broke your heart when Malfoy called out James' name? )o: I think it must have been so terribly devastating, too, about his magic... )o:

I hadn't heard about the Review Extravaganza but lots of luck with winning the House Cup!! (o: Thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Three

3rd August 2011:
So I still don't like Ginny, but this chapter has certainly made me understand her more. I get that she's frustrated, and it must hurt that Harry, Hermione and Ron have all these memories from their childhood and she doesn't. But god, turn off the bitterness for all of five seconds, geez! She needs to grow up.

I liked how you brought up that she still feels like that girl pining away for a future with him -- that was a nice touch. But it seems as though she's lost sight of that future now, if she has any affection for Lennart.

I love how fiercely protective Hermione is of Harry but I hate how she has to defend his actions because then Ginny gets upset when Hermione acts like she knows Harry better than his wife.

I can't believe she doesn't write her children back! Though I do remember Harry saying that it was usually him who wrote to the children, or the occasional time when they wrote them together. I don't know. That doesn't seem like a very motherly thing to do though. Stupid Ginny.

This chapter was definitely an emotional roller coaster, definitely with its ups and downs like Ginny's mood swings.

Thanks for writing this though and giving me a better insight into how she's dealing with Harry's loss. :)

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad that you can understand Ginny a bit more, even if you don't particularly like her in this story. You're right, though... Ginny could turn off the bitterness and move on, grow up... But I think her life is not exactly what she had expected it to be, when she'd been a teenager. Even though it looks like what it's supposed to look like, from the outside... Maybe this is where she sees a choice...

Indeed Hermione is fiercely protective of Harry. (o: I think she's always stood so close beside him, and even Ginny can't move her. And it's unfortunate that Hermione should find herself defending Harry to Ginny, who naturally will be angry about that...

As for Ginny and writing her children... I don't know, I think some people are letter-writers, and some people aren't. It doesn't mean they don't care. Luckily for them all, Harry was always keen on the letter-writing...

Thanks for another nice review! I've certainly enjoyed sharing this story with you!

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Review #22, by forsakenphoenix Twenty-Two

3rd August 2011:
Yay, Draco's finally got some of his memories back! I like how you described it - like the sand in an hourglass. Very clever imagery. :) It must be frustrating to be Draco, though, to remember not remembering, as you put it. His concern for his son was endearing though. I'm glad he at least remembers Scorpius.

I think what might be even more frustrating/devastating is not being able to use magic still. I think that would be a killer, especially if you were a wizard. Look at Hagrid whose wand was snapped - he took the pieces to still use them. It's not like Draco has that option. He can't just take the snapped pieces of his mind and whatever else is wrong with him and use bits and pieces to try and make him whole again. So sad. :(

And then he passed out! I was all tense with anticipation when they Apparated to St Mungo's because well, duh, someone's bound to recognize him. Then they did and were shooting spells at them! I love a little bit of action tossed in there. ;)

I was a little confused as to why Harry called out Auror Miles name though. That part didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

I hope Harry figures out what's wrong with Draco and gets him fixed up, and they can figure out who's attacking them. But I'm assuming it won't be easy as nothing has been for them.

Author's Response: Yes, finally some memories! (o: But I agree with you - the most difficult part must be not having magic, and not being able to be around magic... He's a wizard, but is he really now? It's quite sad...

Hehehe, glad you liked the action in St Mungo's as they were being chased, but I'm sorry if it was a bit confusing. Harry calls out Auror Miles' name because he recognizes his voice using the 'Impedimenta' spell. And Miles, likewise, recognizes Harry's voice. In that scene, there are 3 separate groups - Harry and Malfoy, down on the lowest level. Above them are four unknown wizards chasing them and throwing spells. And lastly, above those wizards are Aurors who had just arrived on the scene.

Anyway, let's do hope that Harry can sort all this out and somehow get down to who's attacking them...!

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Review #23, by forsakenphoenix Nineteen

1st August 2011:
“If I tell you, I can’t un-tell you,” Harry said solemnly.

Heh, I loved this line for some reason.

Malfoy took the news a bit better than I thought he would, though I snorted when he said: “A wife?” Malfoy squeaked. “But I’m gay!” It's unfortunate that Harry doesn't know about Malfoy's marriage troubles - at least that could've been one thing he could've explained.

I hope they can get his memories back, but it's hard to imagine this Malfoy turning back into the old Malfoy. Their personalities are just so different. It'd be interesting to see the transformation. He made an excellent point about being injured already when Harry was worried about injuring him in the process of trying to regain his memories. So really...what does he have to lose?

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked that line. (o:

Yes, Malfoy took the news well enough, but I think it's because he'd been living without his memories for so long, and things were starting to get scary. I think it had to make sense that there was something more going on, maybe even something unbelievable... And maybe those glimpses of dreams, nightmares fell into place once he started to wrap his mind around what Harry was saying.

Or perhaps, the idea of a wizard was so hard to grasp that he put it away for a moment to deal with the more tangible and yet still outrageous ideas of comprehending having a wife and son. Hehe.

As for Malfoy getting his memories back, I reckon in future chapters you'll see if a transformation takes place. And I'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on everything as it all continues to unfold!

Thanks heaps for so many reviews!

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Review #24, by forsakenphoenix Eighteen

1st August 2011:
My 200th review! I love the addition of Luna to this chapter. Her quirky little comments and her insight into the situation that otherwise would have been lacking was fantastic. I love how she just blurts out that Malfoy was gay - but it does confirm my suspicions that that was why Astoria and Malfoy had originally filed for divorce! Ginny is still frustrating me - don't think I'll ever like her in this fic, but you said that was to be expected so I really don't feel bad about my dislike for her character. Why is she so adamant against Harry searching for Malfoy? It's like she can't possibly fathom the idea of him going off to save a Malfoy so she won't even consider it as a means to find him. I just want to throttle her and hope I shake some sense into her! At least she made SOME effort to find Harry when she sent Kreacher - I didn't even think about him still being the family but I'm glad you kept him in! And his loyalty to Harry's children is precious. :)

Author's Response: Ha, yay, happy 200th review!!! (o: I'm glad you enjoyed Luna in this chapter! I adore her and she's fun to write, but I always worry that I won't be able to write her character well enough. Indeed, Luna blurts out that Malfoy's gay, and yet because it's Luna, that often makes people doubt anything she says. Even if she sometimes knows better than everyone else!

As for Ginny - yes, it's alright if you never like her in this fic. I do hope I'm at least able to make her understandable, though. We shall see... As for why Ginny is so adamant against Harry searching for Malfoy... Well... I may have to do some tweaking or keep this in mind as I work on future chapters, because I'm not sure how far we get to look into Ginny's mindset, but I realize it may help the reader understand better... Ginny may have her own ideas, her own fears...

And yes, Ginny did make some effort by sending Kreacher after Harry. Ah, Kreacher. I think in the end, he would have had an undying devotion to Harry... or at least, Harry would have learned how to cultivate this, and earn the house-elf's devotion, where other wizards merely demanded it with power and threats.

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Review #25, by forsakenphoenix Seventeen

1st August 2011:
Ah, so leaving the Scamander twins behind was not intentional! Well, it's better that it's just Scorpius and Al anyway...more "bonding" time. ;) I mean, seriously, Scorpius has his doubts but Al is so determined to find their fathers that he follows him blindly. True friendship there. It reminds me a lot of the Golden Trio.

They sure are clever for a bunch of fourteen year olds! I like how you brought up the enchanted Galleons again, and the Marauders Map and the Invisibility Cloak - I was confused about this at first because I thought maybe Harry had given it to Al, but then I remembered he was using it himself. But I'm glad that was cleared up! I wonder...if they said the cloak of invisibility was one of the Deathly Hallows then how do you imagine they have more than one? It's not like there's more than one Elder wand or Resurrection Stone. Maybe I missed something, but I am curious... Anyway, I'm glad they have one for their mission and they have Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes to help them along the way. Clever, clever...

Author's Response: Hahaha, more "bonding time" indeed. LoL! And I think you're spot on about Scorpius having doubts, but following Albus blindly. A mark of their friendship. (o:

Yes, a clever bunch of fourteen-year-olds, but also fourteen-year-olds raised by a clever batch of former DA kids who had to step up when they were just teenagers and face the larger Wizarding world, outside of the Hogwarts grounds. (o: They aren't infallible, but I think when you put them together, they can cover their bases pretty well, this lot, anyway. As for the cloak of invisibility - there is only one Invisibility Cloak from the Deathly Hallows. But when Harry first receives his cloak at Christmas in the first book, Ron mentions that those kinds of clothes are rare. As in - they do exist, but he's hardly ever seen them. And in the 7th book, it seemed to me that there are lots of cloaks which are enchanted to hide the wearer, but none so powerful and forever-lasting as the Deathly Hallow's Invisibility Cloak. So what the boys are using is an old (and rare, expensive) enchanted cloak from the Malfoys' that will make them invisible, hide them, but it will not have the same seemingly perfect features that Harry's Cloak has. It seemed to me that this fit into canon, but without clarifying with JKR as to how rare other kind of enchanted hiding cloaks are, then it's hard to really know...

Anyway, I hope that makes some sense. But I like your keen reading. (o: And thanks for another review!

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