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Review #1, by Emmeline More

1st August 2009:
This was a really great start to a story. First of all, I loved a) that you chose to write about Regulus and b) your characterization of him. He felt truly, vitally human, and your writing was spare but still managed to convey all we needed to know about character. I loved these two sentences: "He wasn't going to 'pick up his attitude' for an old fraud like Slughorn" and "Regulus slowly stood from his seat, took a few long seconds to stretch in hopes it would annoy the Professor just a bit more, and slowly took off in the direction of his first class." He just felt so--so teenaged, and that's incredibly important. The dream sequence at the beginning was also excellent--you really managed to convey the sometimes deeply disturbing, otherworldy effect of dreams. I'd love to see more of the other Slytherins--the character of Celina was a bit confusing, but I'll trust that'll be cleared up. Great start!

Author's Response: Thanks for the long review hun, I really appriciate it! I've been working on this story on and off for almost two years, and I figured I'd go ahead and post it to see the reaction from readers, and I like the response a lot and I'm nearly done with the second chapter all ready!

Regulus was terribly hard to write, but after HBP came out I kind of used Draco as inspiration. Regulus seemed like one of those boys who'd always want more and more, just as I imagine Draco circa HBP. I'm glad he's working out as I was hoping he would X)

Celina is a very different character in many ways, actually. She's outrageous and she doesn't have a care in the world. She's is, as she stated in the first chapter, rather insane and not afraid to admit it. I wrote her because she's not quite like all of my other OCs, she's a lot more like me and she's really one of my favorite characters to write. The next chapter will have a lot more of Celina and more of some other characters as well!

I'll post the next chapter sometime this next week! I hope you look out for it!

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Review #2, by thebakerwhowouldntcook More

31st July 2009:
I've taken a liking to Regulus stories lately and your story is definitely one of the better ones I have come across :D
I can't wait to read more...soon?

Author's Response: Oh Regulus has definetely turned into my favorite character whilst writing this, I enjoy writting him so much that I am actually almost done with the next chapter. It'll be out this next week I think!
Thanks for the review, hun!

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Review #3, by bluebell More

31st July 2009:
Oooh...very intriguing start to the story. loved it, loved it, loved it :) Hope there's more to come!

Author's Response: Thank you! (X The next chapter is almost done, I hope you continue reading!!!

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