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Review #1, by stella15 Summer of depression

4th December 2011:
that was a really great intro! im excited to read more xD

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Review #2, by DracoGal Take me in your arms

9th October 2011:
OHHH i love this!! Please update soon!

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Review #3, by ykai Take me in your arms

5th March 2011:
Ha! Finally! And now the inevitable yet anticipated how-will-Ron-and-Harry-react question.. Hmm..

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Review #4, by ykai Halloween's a'comin

5th March 2011:
Vampires? lol.. As long as they don't glitter like fish scales in the sunlight.. Whoops.. :)

Author's Response: hahaha, this totally brightened my morning! so funny, i'm gonna hopefully start to continue this story again, hope you'll stick with me! :D

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Review #5, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Take me in your arms

28th January 2011:
omg love it so far.cant wait til the next chapter.

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Review #6, by Lilliandrgonstone2 Take me in your arms

28th October 2010:
ohh this is good. hope you update soon. i love the story line.

Author's Response: Thank you, i just posted a new chapter and i'm currently waiting for it to be validated. Deffinitely hate the wait. Hope you keep liking the story and any advice you wanna give i'd be happy to take in to consideration. :D

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Review #7, by sharpasDOH Take me in your arms

25th June 2010:
more please I really enjoyed this one

Author's Response: Thank you so much and i'll be sure to update as soon as possible and check out my new story if your interested! :D

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Review #8, by Red Moon Halloween's a'comin

12th November 2009:
Ha, this cracked me. Love the outfits.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by mikalily Halloween's a'comin

10th November 2009:
nice vamps! keep going very good :)

Author's Response: Thank you!!!

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Review #10, by Lynnlana1 Halloween's a'comin

8th November 2009:
Love it love it love it. Please update soon.

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Review #11, by pendragon Of books, looks and a bit o' Whiskey

6th November 2009:
good story, but you need to watch the spelling. I've notice this is a problen with alot of the stories.

Author's Response: Thank you and i'll try my best, normally i write them out in word and then post them up but sometimes i don't and then spelling errors occur but thank you very much! : D

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Review #12, by pendragon Summer of depression

6th November 2009:
Wow! You got my attention!

Author's Response: Thank you and hopefully i'll be updating as soon as my new story's chapter is validated :D

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Review #13, by Lynnlana1 Letting them in

3rd November 2009:
I think it should have been longer I mean there is no way that the three of them would have left it at that. They also would want to know why Draco was rubbing circles on Hermiones hand. That was just streching the reality a little bit. Other wise it was good. I think it could have been alot longer though. This had some really good potential.

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Review #14, by Lynnlana1 Facing the issue

15th October 2009:
Please update soon i can all ready hear what the boys will say but I want to see her response if she will even give one or if it will be the ever lovable draco.

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Review #15, by pure angel Facing the issue

15th October 2009:
aw Draco is so sweet when he's not evil I personally think that they complete each other.

update soon I really like your story btw.

pure angel

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Review #16, by Lynnlana1 Not ready to go yet

13th October 2009:
You cant end it there, oh please update soon.

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Review #17, by A.M. The Drinking Game

30th September 2009:
I`m curius to know what happened to Draco`s home and his parents now that he spent the whole summer at Hogwarts. Same goes for the fact that is Draco capable to bring Hermione back to "normality" - to relize that it really wasn`t her fault that her parents died in such a horrible way.

Also I`m looking forward to read if Hermione`s cousin (Eric) gets what he deserves and to find out if Harry, Ron and the rest of the school will recover from the shock of Hermione and Draco befriending during their final year at Hogwarts.

Oh, and a minor typo at the beginning of the chapter 4: you`ve typed Draco`s name as "DRaco" right on the first line. The rest is beautiful language. I especially loved the description of the "new" Hermione.

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Review #18, by pure angel Of books, looks and a bit o' Whiskey

16th September 2009:
this is really good

can't wait for the next update


xoxo pure angel

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Review #19, by mikalily Of books, looks and a bit o' Whiskey

14th September 2009:
short but good keep going

Author's Response: Thank you and i'll try my best to make the chapters as long as possible :D

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Review #20, by Lynnlana1 Of books, looks and a bit o' Whiskey

14th September 2009:
Please update soon, this story is pretty good.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! :D

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Review #21, by California love Summer of depression

1st September 2009:
I like it =] its short, but I can definately tell this is going to be a good story.

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Review #22, by Jayden Joshlin Back to School

30th August 2009:
Keep Writing!

I would love to hear what happens when she wakes up

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Review #23, by ? Back to School

29th August 2009:
i didn't want it to end!
update soon

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D and i'll update as soon as i can, i just wish they'd let us post as many chapters as we possible could lol :D

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Review #24, by NotSuchAPrincessAlex Summer of depression

11th August 2009:
this is good cant wait to see what you do next. now that you know people like it you should make longer chapters whats the worst that can happen? :)

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Review #25, by pure angel Summer of depression

8th August 2009:
Okay so I like this so far it has feeling in it.

I'm going to add this as a fav. so I know when you update.

It's really good.

update soon. Can't wait!!


xoxo pure angel

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