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Review #1, by Indigo Seas Blue Bird of Happiness

26th August 2009:
Here as requested! ^_^

I really enjoyed this! It moved pretty fast, so it definitely didn't lose my attention, and I couldn't help but get sucked into your plot. :)

Haha, I didn't find Pansy's characterization too OOC. I mean, she has grown up, after all, and is bound to be a much different person than she was in the books. You've taken the fact that her father is in jail and that the Death Eaters lost the war into account, so I think her changes weren't too out of the ordinary. Besides, you do have creative license. :P

I'm not much of a Dramione fan, and I don't think I've ever read a Pansy/Ron before! I really liked the odd pairing in this piece, just because if was so different! Plus, you set it up quite nicely. It wasn't as if the two ran into each other randomly and decided to snog for no reason. XD Kudos to you for pulling that off.

All in all, I really enjoyed it! It was definitely a fun read. :) Thanks so much for requesting, and don't hesitate to ask for another review on any other one-shots you may have.

- Rin

Author's Response: Thanks! I was hoping that people weren't going to complain about how fast it moved...I'm glad you liked Pansy! I like Pansy..more than Hermione.. :P I'm not too much of a Dramione fan, myself. Most of the time, I can't even spell their 'ship name right ._. Also, I really didn't want Pansy and Ron to all...mostly because all relationships take time and no matter how distressed he was at a situation - they would still need time to build a relationship!

Anyways, I digress. Thank you so much for your review and I'll definitely come back for any other one-shots! ^^

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Review #2, by DracoFerret11 Blue Bird of Happiness

22nd August 2009:
Hey, it's DarkRose!

Great job here! I really loved your characterization. The whole plot flowed nicely. (YAY DRAMIONE! haha, even if it wasn't center stage...) Anyway, greay Pansy-characterization. She's fun to write, isn't she? :] I've written for her a couple of times. Also, good Ron-characterization. I love that the pairing worked out in an unexpected way. Splendid interpretation of the title... All around good job. Thanks for participating in the challenge!


Author's Response: Aw, thanks! :D It really was fun to write (I might have a new love for Pansy :P) - despite the fact that the first time I wrote it, I totally forgot about the 'clothing store' bit so I had to rewrite the end but all in all, I'm pleased with it! Really, thank YOU for the great challenge & lovely review!

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Review #3, by Little_My Blue Bird of Happiness

22nd August 2009:
naw, a cute story:) I liked this Pansy;)
I liked the way you wrote it too, which scenes you chose and so on. And the ending. A very nice one-shot.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my Pansy! She's always sort of been a rather interesting character, I think. Thank you so much for the compliments & the review. :D

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