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Review #1, by Alopex Introduction

30th October 2009:

I loved the beginning of this story. The way you wrote Bellatrix was scary and very much the way I imagine her. I thought your characterization of her was superb. I thought you captured Snape well also. He really projected his presence. You did a decent job of writing the scared-boy side of Draco and the I've-had-enough side of Narcissa as well.

The conversation between Draco and his mother flowed and developed well. I suspected what the result would be, but you didn't just spring it on the readers without developing it. You showed that Draco is still wanting to please his parents and receive support and mothering from his mother. The dynamics between them was very believable.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I thought for the first time I wanted to write something that was completely in canon, because quite often I prefer to juggle with the characters a lot.

Thanks, yeah I wanted to show that Draco and Narcissa have just had enough but that Draco still wants revenge on Harry if he can. I think that would happen if he could loll.hahahah the element of surprise! loll. Thank you

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Review #2, by pennyardelle Introduction

30th October 2009:
Happy Staff Appreciation Day! This is a really interesting and well-written story; I can't believe it doesn't have any reviews! I really think the part in DH where Narcissa pretends Harry has been killed is so powerful. It really reinforces the theme of love in the books--in this case, love between parents and children--that you've hooked onto in this story!

Author's Response: loll aww thanks I think that's partly because it doesn't have a banner. It's not attractive for Hppfers! I need to work on that. Thanks. Yes, it was essential for me to get that across in this. It was my ultimate canon story.

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