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Review #1, by Zoe Lovegood smile

4th November 2009:
I like it. "Smile it confuses people" I'm think I'm going to try it :)

Author's Response: Yeah its The name off an album You knwo the girl that did punk rocker? well her album XD

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Review #2, by dan_emma_rok smile

29th October 2009:
omg! such a sweet story. keep it up!

Author's Response: thank you x

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Review #3, by Alassie smile

5th October 2009:
Hello! I know I am not logged in, but my penname is the same on this site, so if you need help you know where to find me. :) I have a few reccomendations that I think could really generate some more interest in this piece. First off, type out your main summary on something that spell checks it. Many people on this site are obsessed with grammar and spelling and wouldn't even consider this story due to typos. Second, definitely get a beta, like you mentioned. They can help with so many things, from grammar to the general flow of a story. I would also reccomend to practice, practice, practice. It's the only way you can improve as a writer. Drop by and leave me a review if you need any help!

Author's Response: thank you and yeah your right they are! . i doo need a beta but i dont know were to get one from :( and i will change it soo everything is good :) . thanks xx

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Review #4, by shannon smile

19th September 2009:
ii know the writer nd although she is my best friend and people will be thinkin i will be bigging her up so what
ii think that this story is amazing and ii really would like to know how their marriage and relationship goes so ii am ratin this ...
10/10 ii thought it was absoulutely amazing

carry on writing sarah your doin a gud job xxx

with love
shanniiee x

Author's Response: thanks shan :) maybe i might right some more of there story but i dno lol

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Review #5, by shrink4U smile

25th August 2009:
really good plot line, you totally summarised alot in that may want to think about a beta for future stories, don't worry I'm in the same boat.bu it didn't take away from the main element.

good read.

Author's Response: Ld thanks but im confussed whats a beta?

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