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Review #1, by JohannaMarie 'SOAP'!

20th October 2011:
I suppose that's true... but i do recall having to clean up masses of bubbles and water after my sister overloaded the washmachine once...

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Review #2, by Ravenclaw deatheater 'SOAP'!

23rd January 2010:
LOL! These just keep getting better and better!
Snape the Evil snowman- I am so going to have my artist friend draw that! Too funny, now ive got to go read the next!

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Review #3, by didi4299 'SOAP'!

9th January 2010:
never mind about the P. Diddy thing in my last review...
i get now that Dumbledore is 'P Dibby'.


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Review #4, by Freefallinglaughter 'SOAP'!

6th October 2009:
Soap Soap Soap Soap Soap Soup Soup? noone's comming so FIRE *Dobby runs in wearing a firefighting outfit turns on the hose and get's blasted out the door.*

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Review #5, by BStone 'SOAP'!

5th October 2009:
Hilarious! Wonderful use of humor and situational irony! I laughed out loud in my dorm room when I read this, and all my suitmates who like Harry Potter crammed around me and read it, it was a wonderful experience :P. But I digress, excellently funny!

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Review #6, by Thewritingwitch 'SOAP'!

27th September 2009:
Very funny! I'm going to look for more of these now.

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Review #7, by PhoenixRoseQueen 'SOAP'!

6th August 2009:
That was... quite interesting, if I do say so my self... not quite as amusing as the others, but still... it's an interesting concept though... I swear, I though that Harry was smarter than that though... And you really are cutting Snape some slack, what with his fuse being so long and all... I wonder what we would all do when the day comes that Snape really does go cracked...?

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Review #8, by DracikinsLuver4321 'SOAP'!

4th August 2009:
That was HILARIOUS!! P Dibby got me! Ha! =)

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