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Review #1, by hermiones not so evil twin Perfectly Together

19th March 2011:
I'm a massive beatles fan, and practically a feminist extremeist, so obviusly I absolutley adore Audrey!! You should write more about her!!

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Review #2, by WeazleBee Perfectly Together

26th October 2010:
aww that's so cute! even though it was short, it was believeable, and the characters were great too. the best one-shot about percy-audrey I have ever read :)

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Review #3, by sammieoxox Perfectly Together

28th December 2009:
i love the quote. really random for her to say 'wanna go to Las Vegas?' but somehow still worked =P

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a bit of a random story, but I am hoping that is part of it's charm :P Thanks for the review xx

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Review #4, by Pistolsdrawnblindfoldson Perfectly Together

12th December 2009:
Your stories are good I liked this one quite a lot however there really isn't enough detail to them, and things do get very confusing in what's going on, and sometimes you seem to start on a topic and never finish it. Overall though the stories are very good, but there are quite a few mistakes in writing, mostly just writing he when you mean she, sometimes using the wrong person's name - at least I think it's the wrong name because it doesn't make sense at the time.

Author's Response: ah yeah, I see what you mean about the stories, especially the violet one, which I hate but cant be bothered to remove as it has 22000 reads. My grammar is crap, and a lot of my story lines are sketchy, but i was just turned 13 when i wrote it and it is the size of a full legnth novel so give me some credit please. Anyway, you should read my Minerva one, it is new and nowhere near so bad

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Review #5, by FriendofMolly Perfectly Together

29th November 2009:
I am amazed at the fun and depth that this one-shot provides. Of course Percy would marry someone totally unlike himself (otherwise he'd be a real tight A). But to marry a Lady version of the Twins is just so much fun to think about. Good One.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it :D I enjoyed writing this one-shot, it was fun but not very challenging. Have you read my most recent story? The mcgonagall one? I spent so long writing it and trying to make it perfect and it has barely any reviews :'( On that note, did you read my sequel to my violet story? My lily one? You might like it :P
Hope you enjoy them if you do read them xx

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Review #6, by NessaTelemnar Perfectly Together

7th November 2009:
I love the quote from Ice Age 8)
And the story of course ^^
It's lovely that Percy finds someone who is so different from him,
but in a good way though :D Haha x

Author's Response: thankyou so much, glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #7, by sinwillys822 Perfectly Together

2nd November 2009:
Very Cute One Shot 10 all around

Author's Response: thankyou very much, glad you liked it :D

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Review #8, by Harry and Ginny Perfectly Together

5th October 2009:
this one-shot was very cute and sweet.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: glad you liked it :D

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Review #9, by phoenixy_friend Perfectly Together

3rd October 2009:
Aaw, that is so sweet, rather abrupt marriage, but what the hey.

Author's Response: Lol, glad you found it sweet :D

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Review #10, by Binka Perfectly Together

2nd October 2009:
You should do this with all the couples. Like how they met and/or got married. Draco/Astoria, George/Angelina, etc. That would be so awesome. Audrey is amazing and so interesting. I really like her character. You did very well with Percy and I love how they get married. So cute. I hope you write more!

Author's Response: yeah, maybe one day I will write one for each couple, especially geroge/angelina, as they are both rally interesting charecters. Very happy you like my Audrey and Percy

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Review #11, by ParkerGirl Perfectly Together

29th September 2009:
I can't believe i just found this, it's brilliant!! I love how you've portrayed Percy and Addy, most stories just have them being snotty with bratty kids but this is great :D PG

Author's Response: Lol, thankyou, this is a kind of pet story of mine, and I am happy to see that people like it. I am also thinking of mentioning it in my Violet story as more poeple might read it, but it might seem light self-advertisement, hm

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Review #12, by irrelevant Perfectly Together

27th September 2009:
Love it! Also love Violet in the Sunshine, your other story, by the way :)

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked both stories !!

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Review #13, by Boots Perfectly Together

21st September 2009:
This is cute! I can't really picture Percy acting like this, but maybe I'm just shortsighted. You made it seem believable in the context of the story, though. I can just imagine what their kids would look like!

Author's Response: :P I am glad you enjoyed it, I guess Percy mellowed out a little as he got older, and he stopped thinking that the ministry was god. Thanks for the read and review x

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Review #14, by TheLittlestLestrange Perfectly Together

12th September 2009:
super cute! I loved it : )

Author's Response: glad you did! I like that fic a lot too, its less chichéd than my other storry :P If you do like it try reading Violet in The Sunshine, you might enjoy that one too

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Review #15, by Jaded94 Perfectly Together

9th September 2009:
Aww Its so sweet! -)

Author's Response: Lol-glad you liked it :D

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Review #16, by Fallon Perfectly Together

2nd September 2009:
Lovely story. Though, I would like reading more of it. Ever think of making it more then one shot?

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you liked it and want to read more, its very kind of you :D. I dont think I will make it more than a one shot as I want them to be totally happy and there is no story in that.

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Review #17, by ems25 Perfectly Together

22nd August 2009:
loved it!!! Absolutely brilliant, its a shame it just a one shot though.

Author's Response: thanks, I am glad you liked it so much, I couldnt really make it into a longer story as I had no wish to add bad things into their life to make it interesting and storyworthy

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Review #18, by Janey994 Perfectly Together

17th August 2009:
I checked out your page and having loved the other story thought i would read this. It is yet again fantastic! The way you bring the characters to life is sensational and as I don't really read any Percy/Audrey stories (I am more of a Ron/Hemione or Dramione girl, hence my own story!) i was really interested in what angle you took it from. I love the way you portrayed Audrey as young and a little is very different to how I would have imagined his life to turn out.

Loved it!

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, I dont know how on earth I decided she would be like that but ah well, I think it suits her. I am also actually thinking of writing a story which is both dramione and ron/hermione once my Violet story is completed (I have finished writing it! Dont worry, you still have 14 chapters left) Thanks for your reads and reviews

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Review #19, by pinwheelgoddess Perfectly Together

14th August 2009:
Perfectly together was perfectly awesome writing. Now I'm able to see Percy in a new light and like him a bit more. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thank you so much, I am glad you liked it so much :D it is my second attempt at a story and a decent amount better than the first. I am happy you liked Percy, I tried to show him as being different that how Harry percieves him

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Review #20, by Alex Perfectly Together

12th August 2009:
I really like the way how you've described the way they met, it's an unusual circumstance and very unlike Percy to do something like that :D

Author's Response: Is this Alex as in tall buddy? or alex as in some stranger who now has no idea what I'm on about? Anyway, thanks for the review and I am very glad you liked it :D

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Review #21, by Evil Sami Poo Perfectly Together

5th August 2009:
Brilliant!! That was great!!! See I do review you =P... I really like your style of writing and this plot. It was brilliantly pulled off. It's a perfect length so that it isn't to draggy and it isn't to short... I love it! 10/10

Author's Response: I am so glad you liked it so much :D I like this stroy too, its a bit of a change from writing Violet but it also gives depth to that story as well. Thankyou very much awesome reviewer :P

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Review #22, by pallas Perfectly Together

4th August 2009:
Pleasee write a sequel. I want to see how the Weasley's are going to react

Author's Response: Hmm, I'm not going to write a sequel but I might possibly make it a little longer to include the weasleys reactions. Thanks for the review :D

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Review #23, by WitnesstoitAll Perfectly Together

3rd August 2009:
oh wow!!

This was wonderful. I loved your version of Audrey. I loved your characterization of Percy. I... I loved it all!! I was hoping to get to see his families reaction to Percy and his impromtu bride, but I guess I'll live without it. On a side note, which one of George's assistants did she date??

Wonderful story!

Author's Response: Yay! A brilliant review! I am really really glad you liked so much of it. I was worried that people would think that I wasnt following Percy's charecter, but I did try to show him accurately, but a little nicer than he is in the book. I love Audrey too, I wanted to kind of create an antithesis to percy that would still be able to like him.
Thankyou for you brilliant review :D

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Review #24, by Infairi Perfectly Together

3rd August 2009:
Haha, that was really cute! Their personalities go together so well, which makes this seem very plausible.

I love the descriptions at the beginning - painfully accurate of air travel! Some people aren't the best at writing conversations, I've found, but this one flows blissfully and I love how Percy just wants to keep her talking. An only too true feeling.

I'd love to see more with the Weasley's reactions and such, you should think about continuing this! As I said, very cute. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thankyou so much, I'm glad you liked it. I was worried about making it seem plausible- as she is a little bit too funny and cheery for what we know of Percy, and I didnt want to go too out of charecter. I actually love flying so much, but only the views- I hate everything else.
If you like this, then you might like novel that this is an accompaniment to, which is about the Next-Gen of Weasleys and about Dudley's daughter at Hogwarts. Percy and Audrey are only slightly mentioned but it gave me the idea to write their story.

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