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Review #1, by Lottieloo Always, I Promise

1st October 2009:
AW he's a cutie!!! Can't wait for more! It's been way too long! :)

Author's Response: i know right...sorry it took so long, life has been getting in the way and i had to fix some stuff for validation purposes

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Review #2, by Roonyskatoony A Life Changing Scream

20th September 2009:
That was so sad! Good though, I loved it, I absolutely love maurauder fics! lol.

Author's Response: i know it was rather depressing...marauder fics are pretty awesome :) trying to get the next chapter up, but it was rejected at first for a couple words, but it should be up is becoming harder to find time to write, life is getting in the way :(

thank you so much for the review, it means the world to me :P

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Review #3, by marauders_girl11 Realization and Rememberence

24th August 2009:
this was a bit of a filler chapter, but good all the same. you might want an editer for this one. i spotted a few mistakes in the over-all.

well, upgrade soon,

Author's Response: you're right, it was a tad bit of a filler chapter...and i guess you might consider the next one that i will post also a filler, but i guess it just depends on the reader.thank you for responding, it means a lot to me

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Review #4, by Lottieloo Realization and Rememberence

18th August 2009:
Another good chapter can't wait for the next one :)

Author's Response: thank you so much for sticking to the story and reviewing...if you're interested in a Rose/Scorpius fic, i have one of those waiting to be validated as we speak...thanks again for reviewing, it means so much to me...i am glad you enjoy this fic :)

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Review #5, by Smith_Babe_1 Realization and Rememberence

17th August 2009:
Aww this is so sad. I am nearly crying. I can't live if I lost my family. I nearly lost my sister and that was another for me. This is great, I can't wait to read more. So in other less suttle words update soon, please.
10/10 :)

Author's Response: I don't think I would live if I lost my family either, it would be terrible. *snifs* I am glad that you are ready to read more, however the site is shutting down for about 9 days in a week so it might be a while before the next update. I am so sorry that you almost lost your sister. :'(

Your review means so much to me, thank you.

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Review #6, by marauders_girl11 A Life Changing Scream

5th August 2009:
this is a really sad story! waiting for and upgrade, and adding to fav's, aNd hoping for a maybe lighter chapter two,


( i know, i sure am demading, aren't i? hehe! )

Author's Response: i know that this is a sad way to start out the story, but if my writing classes have taught me anything then i know that i need a good attention grabber in the beginning...the next chapter is being written as we speak and should be up in about a won't be as sad..i promise...thanks for reviewing, it means a lot to me

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Review #7, by marauderqueen A Life Changing Scream

4th August 2009:
Really good! Powerful emotions.
Do update as soon as you can ^_^

Author's Response: i will dont worry...i am going to try and write another chapter tonight and get it validated glad you like the story :)...your review means a lot to me

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Review #8, by Lottieloo A Life Changing Scream

4th August 2009:
Oh no! That's a slightly depressing way to start a story but it's gotten me interested lol. Keep updating :)

Author's Response: i know its sad, but i felt it would be a good attention grabber, (writing class has taught me something)...dont worry i will update soon :)..your review means so much thanks

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