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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Blood

2nd May 2012:
That was brilliant 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #2, by Ember Blood

17th August 2011:
That was incredibley and unbelievsbly well written. Your language tugged at the heart striongs of my soul to such effect that i actaully didnt mind the unhappy ending. well done.


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Review #3, by DemetersChild Blood

20th October 2009:
Good grief! Always ending with the blood and the death? >.

Author's Response: I'm sorry! Lol I can't help it sometimes! :D I promise you that I am a perfectly sane (ish) and happy person. XD

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Review #4, by ashleigh Blood

12th August 2009:
i loved it. it was the only draco/harry slash i've seen on thie website.

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Review #5, by gocnocturna Blood

24th July 2009:
aww. I liked it. It was a funny moment, believable and nice. good job.

Author's Response: :) Thank you !

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Review #6, by Lovely_Slytheriness Blood

22nd July 2009:
Wow. This was astonoshing. The intesity, the language that you've used here - it's nothing but utter perfection. I could feel both of the characters, really feel them - you've got Draco down to a T and Harry's reaction to him is extremely realistic and fascinating. The whole built up to the kiss was so intense and a true joy to read - you could feel all the tension that's been bottled up over all these years mingle with Draco's desperation and Harry's confusion. Marvellous.

I very much enjoyed this part:

"In horror, Harry flung Draco from him, his eyes looking away from him in shock. He would slip out of the bathroom, and he would forget about this – feeling anything other than hatred towards Draco – no, Malfoy – was not something he wanted to endure… but as he saw Malfoy standing there, wiping tears from his grimy face, his skin grey beneath his white blonde hair, his grey eyes watery and fearful – he looked like a diluted version of himself, colourless, and looking exactly like Harry felt when everything ever got – too much… but he never let himself cry like Draco was doing… he couldn’t give up, yet Draco was showing him a tantalising glimpse about what “losing control” could be like… bliss, at never having to worry."

That was amazing, it truly took my breath away the way you had Harry indentifying himself with Draco.

I could write much more, but for now I will just think you for creating this well-written twist of my favourite part out of all the books. Well done, dear. I hope to see more D/H by you soon. 10/10 + instant favourite.

xx, Lovely_Slytheriness

Author's Response: :D Wow thank you so much! This review means a lot, especially as it was my first go at anything like this, sort of like an experiment, if you will!

I was trying to go for an intense build before they kissed each other, but I tried to make the transition between their anger and hatred, to sudden tenderness realistic, because sometimes I think it can be too rapid. So I reckoned that Harry would need to identify with Draco before he felt any sort of compassion for him, and then move onto... "other things" :D

Again, thanks so much for reviewing this!

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Review #7, by Lilith_of_elder_days Blood

21st July 2009:
Wow...this is very good. I'm a big proponent of slash, and don't think it's recognized nearly enough as a respectable genre of fanfiction. Your story portrays the pain felt between these two very delicately. I enjoyed reading it. A few suggestions--go through the story and cull the cliches. Phrases like "only time could tell" don't really add anything to the story and you have so many great lines--I loved the one where you compare Draco's breath to dust--that I'm sure you can think of an adequate replacement.

Author's Response: :D Thank you for reviewing this!

I've never really done anything with slash before, but I've enjoyed reading some of the stories on this site. The thing I tried to aim for in this story was a realistic transition between their mutual hatred and suddenly wanting to be together, if only momentarily.

Yes... cliches can ruin stories, so I'll go through it and have a rummage around for any that could be lurking there! :D

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