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Review #1, by julie DOV Day Ball

12th May 2013:
Honestly amazing! I love this story.

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Review #2, by Laurae DOV Day Ball

17th August 2012:
Your story was brilliant! I really enjoyed it and not to worry the ending was not too short.

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Review #3, by Completely_Loony_Luna DOV Day Ball

6th April 2012:
I just found this and read this all in one go, and i absolutely loved it! it's not at all what i was expecting, but it was so much better! i'm sorry you had to stop this story, but i think it worked really well at this length, and i feel often storys with plotlines "like" this tend to feel dragged out, and it gets a little tedious, so this was perfect :) really great writing, great character development, keep it up :) 10/10

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Review #4, by Cata DOV Day Ball

2nd January 2012:
The story was amazing. My fave Rose/Scorpius so far.
It's so sad things had to end so abrubtly, cause I was looking forward to know what happened.
Keep up :D

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Review #5, by Magicalromione DOV Day Ball

24th December 2011:
this story is amazing, probably one of the best rose/scorpius stories i've ever read!

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Review #6, by Michaela "Tweety" Byrd DOV Day Ball

29th July 2011:
YAY!! Happy endings make me want to "snog." (In quotes because I'm american, and we don't have awesome words like that) Loved the story, there is always a fine line between love and hate. It was all portrayed well :). Now I must seem like SUCH a flibbertigibbet. Ah well.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now, because T I double-guh Er is amazing)

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Review #7, by busybusybeta DOV Day Ball

10th June 2011:
awww. i LOVED this conclusion. =)
it was so sweet and perfect. i'm gonna miss this story. =(
it really is a shame that you didn't have more reader interest. i really would have liked to see what other types of challenges you came up with for the games.

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Review #8, by busybusybeta Poison and Love

10th June 2011:
'nuff said. hahahah

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Review #9, by busybusybeta The Breaking Point

10th June 2011:
wow. of course scorpius is the one that ends up paying for these games and comes to his senses. rose's common sense left the building HOW many chapters ago???

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Review #10, by busybusybeta Riddles and Resolutions

9th June 2011:
rose weasley, you did NOT. really? really girl? i'm going to say what i said to your cousin: COME ON!
there are choices to be made in life, and you can't always have a win-win situation! you need to make the decision that's right for YOU, not KYLE.
scorpius, buddy, don't worry. in the world of fanfiction, you HAVE to end up with rose. there is no other option.
sorry, i must sound completely nuts to you. hahaha. maybe you can take this as a compliment? one that means that THAT is how absurdly good your story is, that i am going insane! =D

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Review #11, by busybusybeta Together and Apart

9th June 2011:
oh, COME ON, al!! seriously, dude?! =(

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Review #12, by busybusybeta Happy Christmas

9th June 2011:
hmmm. wonky physical descriptions aside, i pretty much adored this chapter! what is it about revealing letters around the holidays that screams "USE IN FANFICTION FOR OPTIMAL AUDIENCE TRANSFIXION!"? hahahaha.

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Review #13, by busybusybeta Confined

9th June 2011:
LOVED the kiss. can't say the same for rose in denial. they just can't make this easy, can they? i can't wait to see harry, ron, hermione, and ginny's reactions, rofl.

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Review #14, by busybusybeta Plan of Escape?

9th June 2011:
WOW, i can't believe they didn't have a plan out. sheesh.
favorite part:
["Albus how'd your father get out of here?" Fiona asked frantically.
"On the back of a phoenix."
"Oh darn, I left mine in the dorm!" Scorpius snapped, sarcasm seeping through every word.]
~ i laughed SO hard, especially because it's true. i mean, the great harry potter WOULD have escaped such a miserable place on the back of a phoenix. XD
rose is right. they are in SO much trouble. hahaha

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Review #15, by busybusybeta The Broken Charm

9th June 2011:
drat. i was really counting on rose and scorp being stuck together the whole night. but HOW they broke the charm was a great.
oh, and jealous scorpius was really hott. ;D
favorite quote:
["That's funny because someone once told me kissing isn't okay without the permission of your cousin!"]
~i couldn't stop laughing. over-protective male cousins have the BEST reasoning skills in the known universe. trust me. i've got 5. LMAO.

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Review #16, by busybusybeta Kiss and Tell?

9th June 2011:
ROFL. scorpius, why would you take the ditzy girls with you?! i know albus brought two girls with him on the task, but they both happened to be GENIUSES. *sigh*
i liked that mysterious passageway to the dungeons.
lol. after gwen, fiona, and thalia left, and rose and scorpius were busy having their verbal duel, i was thinking "hang on, isn't there someone else there with them? why did he just mention the kiss -- oh. and there goes albus..."
i totally squeed when al kissed thalia. maybe she'll finally get the picture now. sheesh. she IS pretty dense for such a smart girl...
as a self-professed slytherin, i am very disappointed with a certain scorpius malfoy right now. that is NOT slytherin "cunning and cleverness" at it's finest. yes, things HAVE changed at hogwarts.

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Review #17, by busybusybeta Let the Games Begin

9th June 2011:
ADORED scorpius pov. Especially since rose was WAY badass in it. =D
somebody needs to tell quinn to chill back before girl gets in trouble, lol.
these games sound great. i NEED to know what ezzy's going to come up with!

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Review #18, by busybusybeta Defense and the Duel

9th June 2011:
I actually really loved this chapter! Can't WAIT to see what midnight brings.

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Review #19, by busybusybeta A New Generation

8th June 2011:
This is a really interesting intro chapter. But i have to aggree with what's already been said: all of these other characters are a bit superfluous. I find myself resorting to making out a list of who belongs where, who's seeing who, and what they all look like.
I'm intrigued to see where this goes.

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Review #20, by phoenix DOV Day Ball

12th April 2011:
awesome story!! wonderful! try writing an epilogue!

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Review #21, by DwellingInDreams DOV Day Ball

23rd March 2011:
This story was fun. I really enjoyed it. :)

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Review #22, by mileyo123 DOV Day Ball

24th February 2011:
I absolutely loved your story! Great job! :)

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Review #23, by yazzers DOV Day Ball

10th October 2010:
I'm so annoyed that more people weren't interseted in this story, especially when it's so good. I happen to absolutely love it and I just wish you could have continued, especially since there are so many places for the plot to go. I mean, they haven't even told the parents yet!


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Review #24, by X-rayLady DOV Day Ball

5th October 2010:
Nice story, too bad you rushed the end due to a lack of interest...

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Review #25, by ethereality88 Confined

8th September 2010:
Uh oh, drama. I'm really loving your portrayal of Malfoy. He's the perfect Slytherin!

Author's Response: wow thank you so much for all of your reviews! haha incase you haven't noticed, i love drama. thank you so much, i've been working really hard on his character. KEEP READING

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