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Review #1, by lil_hermione_at_heart Reconciliation

24th July 2011:
Great job. I think you did well enough on the fights to make them understandable. Don't worry about it :D

Author's Response: Both my editor and myself thank you for that.

I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by spencefa Reconciliation

9th September 2010:
I thought that it was pretty good, the story kind of went all over the place and then jumped back to the nice Dudley, I did like the freindly Dudley.

Author's Response: I like friendly Dudley, too. Thanks.

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Review #3, by harryhermione4evah Reconciliation

2nd September 2010:
i loved having dudley and his family as the good guys and i liked how you made harry not care about dumbledore :D

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I just wanted to try to redeem Dudley; I didn't think anyone would like it.

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Review #4, by HG_HP_fan Reconciliation

24th August 2010:
I like it. There have been other stories that I read that have Dudley change after protective custodyin the wizard world. In one he is actually dating a witch.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

In this case, Dudley isn't in magical protective custody, he just decided to give his only cousin a chance, especially once Harry asked him to teach him to fight.

I considered having him date a witch, but I thought that would be taking things a little too far, considering his upbringing. It would be like Draco Malfoy marrying a muggle after renouncing his father.

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Review #5, by super ash.... Reconciliation

23rd February 2010:
i liked the plot and way the story had gone. but it would be nice if you would elaborate it more. though ,it was a lovely reading. Thanks.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Let's see if I can answer your question:

1.) Dudley helped bring Harry and Hermione together by giving him the confidence he needed to possibly go behind Ron's back.

2.) This story wasn't meant to be long and drawn out. Just the key points. Harry's reconciliation with his family, getting Hermione, Snape's treachery, and the obligatory wedding. Dudley was best man after Ron became a Death Eater during the war and tried to kill Remus.

3.) I can write a one-shot detailing that last bit.

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Review #6, by pixiegold Reconciliation

28th August 2009:
This was a great little story. Usually I don't like it when the Dursleys and Harry "Kiss" and make up, but this was great. I especially liked it when Dudley called Dumbledore a crazy old coot. That was funny. LOL Actually you provided several laughes, so thanks for that.

Author's Response: Dudley can be really fun to write, especially if you manage to nail his character. Like Luna. They really are unique.

And I wanted to prove that blood is thicker than water.

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Review #7, by Gen of the Highlands Reconciliation

25th August 2009:
i really like this story it's hillarious
and i like how you made Dudley and Harry friends, something that could've happened if Harry had realized that it was a teacup he stepped on and not Dudley trying to set up a boobey trap.

Author's Response: Yeah. At the end there, right before they never saw each other again, there was the spark. I just moved that spark earlier and gave it a different catalyst than it would have had in the books. Then I threw in Dumbledore to complete the reaction. And because I had a message for him and chose to use Harry's family to deliver it.

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Review #8, by hlpur Reconciliation

18th July 2009:
I enjoyed it and there is no way that Ron can claim that they were dating. Maybe before, but not then as he was doing whatever with Lav Lav.

Author's Response: Since before the whole "Lav-Lav" incident, he never asked Hermione or anyone else out, he still can't claim they were dating. He just accepted it as understood that he and Hermione would be together, even if she loved someone else.

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