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Reading Reviews for Legend
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Review #1, by aryasun Epilogue

21st September 2017:
Hi! I came across this awesome story and enjoyed it so much. Though it had been ended for a long time, I do wish to share it with others. So could I have the chance to translate it into Chinese? I promise it only for non¨Ccommercial use.

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Review #2, by heartjily4ever Epilogue

4th February 2017:
This story was completely amazing, I'm really really impressed. I kept waiting for the moment where it might link up with the Founders story in the HP Universe and finally at the end! It's such a good end and such a well written story. It actually made me quite sad that he changed her story so much, but it's really poignant.
I almost wish this was the real story in the books.

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Review #3, by thecla Epilogue

29th March 2016:
i just read the entire storyand i loved it, you should be so proud of yourself! the way the storyline fits with what i already knew about hogwarts is incredible.The last scene was very slytherin of salazar.

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Review #4, by FT Epilogue

23rd September 2015:
Very enjoyable read. I enjoyed your characterisations, I enjoyed your plot, I enjoyed your settings, I enjoyed it's originality of it.

Not sure that Salazar would be the only one to know the truth as Ravenclaw taught at the school and I imagine she would have told people how it went.

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Review #5, by Conor Chapter One

16th July 2015:
Excellent first chapter. I'm hooked.

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Review #6, by Gumbo Yaya  Epilogue

19th June 2014:
Great! Now I don't feel so bad about being a Hufflepuff!

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Review #7, by Gumbo Yaya  Chapter One

18th June 2014:
Oo, this is very good so far! This is the first story I read on the founders. I really like it! Question: was the goblet Hufflepuff's cup?

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Review #8, by kreacherteacher Epilogue

2nd June 2014:
I'm going to read this now, and am pretty much looking forward to this. Thanks for writing!

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Review #9, by RedHairGinny Epilogue

17th April 2014:
My Gods!
This was amazing!
I wasn't able to understand at first how this would fit in with canon, but it's perfect!

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Review #10, by Godric_the_gryffindor Chapter Eight

5th January 2014:
Hi, I just wanted to say that I started reading this last night and I think that you write really well and I am really enjoying the story, I just hoped you could explain Helga's character to me as she feels so distant from what I've always believed her to be like. Why have you made her so vicious, ruthless and hungry for power. She feels as through she embodies the traits of the other three houses yet does not portray that of her own. I always believed Hufflepuff's to be slow and gentle yet your Helga is so dark and murderous. Please don't take this as a criticism, as I said, I am thoroughly enjoying your story, I just found that it struck me as rather odd.

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Review #11, by theoneads Chapter One

15th November 2013:
Holy cow, this is great! Even if it isn't historically accurate, the writing itself is really, surprisingly, historical! I'm probably using the wrong words. I just LOVE how it's not modern!

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Review #12, by Dobbys_Sock_7812 Epilogue

13th April 2013:
Oh my god this was fantastic, I can't believe I only just found this story. It is by far the most original founders story I have yet read and the writing is intellectual with no notable mistakes. Even the AU parts fitted well with the original story as well, e.g the parts about Helena being Rowena's adopted daughter. I often found myself stumbling across parts of your story and thinking "I wish I had thought of that"


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Review #13, by Anon Epilogue

25th August 2012:
Hello. Just wanted to say that was briiliant and the best fanfic I have read. I especially liked the epilogue and the battle scene partly because I always find action difficult to write but mainly because you could piture everything that was going on. Well done :)

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Review #14, by LillyRoseanne Epilogue

12th August 2012:
*in a yorkshire accent* That were well good that were...

Brill, really liked it.

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Review #15, by expelliarmus_obliviate Epilogue

23rd July 2012:
I just read your entire story... it was fantastic!! I'm just wondering, have you read A Song of Ice and Fire? idk if it was a coincidence but this story reminded me of that for some reason. Anyway, you're an excellent writer!!

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Review #16, by Maybe Chapter One

18th July 2012:
This is simply brilliant! So well written and I'm drawn into the story already! The way you weave your words together flows so well and it really sets the scene for the era. I don't know much about this time period, and you said that it is not historically accurate, but I think the way it's written, with the vivid descriptions, the dialogue and the references to Vikings and Celts and such really paints this picture that I can place the story in.

I love reading Helga as this strong woman here, conquering Britannia and the origins of all four founders are so interesting here. Queen of Cornwall and Salazar being from Constantinople especially. The idea of Salazar as a servant from the East seems such an obvious choice now that you've written it that way, although I would never have thought of it on my own - I can imagine him like that from now on. Everything you've written makes everything so believable, which is always brilliant in AUs. Mostly, I am blown away by how elegantly written this chapter is. Amazing start!


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Review #17, by Goddess182 Epilogue

6th April 2012:
fantastic retelling of the founders! a worthy read

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Review #18, by deluminator Epilogue

7th March 2012:
The Four Founders- you have truly turned the genre on its head and made the story and its characters your own. It is all so captivating and you had me enthralled from the very beginning and right up until the very end.

It is not only the overall story that is to be complimented but also the legend behind the smaller things- like the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, the Sorting Hat and so on.

And I love that no matter how completely AU this story is, you still managed to melt it with canon and create this wonderful and surprisingly rational account of the founding of Hogwarts.

This story was such a pleasure to read!

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Review #19, by deluminator Chapter Ten

7th March 2012:
Excellent chapter. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Helga's final moments, her final musings were so insightful and Salazar forcing Riol, of all people, to kill her was disgustingly cruel.

All in all, this chapter had me so agitated. I was so hoping that Godric would see reason and spare Riol or that Rowena would speak up and expose Salazar. This story is so amazing though, in that it is not predictable and can stir such feelings in the reader.

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Review #20, by deluminator Chapter Nine

7th March 2012:
Incredible chapter!

You have skillfully paced this story. I feel like everything is coming together now and that the next chapter is going to be nothing short of remarkble.

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Review #21, by deluminator Chapter Eight

7th March 2012:
This chapter is brilliant!

I found the action of battle to be so incredibly well written and I also loved the raw emotion and heart in Conall's speech about Hogwarts. Really fantastic.

And the twist of having Rowena in disguise as Ailbhe- I did not predict that and albeit marred by the loss of her men, I must admit that it was a pleasant surprise to learn that she had not completely abandoned Hogwarts.

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Review #22, by deluminator Chapter Seven

7th March 2012:
A battle? I sure hope so!

You know, I am so happy that I am reading this story now that it is completed because I am so painfully curious as to what Salazar has planned and what role Rowena is playing in his plans and also what it will all mean for Helga and Godric. It is all so enthralling, I think I would have a hard time waiting otherwise.

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Review #23, by deluminator Chapter Six

6th March 2012:
So Helga has another book for the shelves of Hogwarts and if I am not mistaken... the Sorting Hat?

This chapter is great and illustrated just how well you handle multiple point of views. The story is always moving forward and flows so fluidly, it is such an incredible read.

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Review #24, by deluminator Chapter Five

6th March 2012:
Another great chapter!

And like I said in an earlier review, I am really enjoying your potrayal of the four founders. Each of them are equally compelling but they are so in very different ways. It makes for an engrossing read.

Also, you have now introduced the diadem, cup, locket and sword (in very creative ways, I might add) and I am excited to see what other objects might make an appearance. Really brilliant writing.

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Review #25, by deluminator Chapter Four

5th March 2012:
And so the plot thickens. You are really setting this story up for quite an ending. I find myself insanely curious as to what exactly Salazar has planned and what role Rowena will play in it...

All in all, great chapter! And I apologise if my reviews begin to get repetitive but each chapter really is as brilliant as the last.

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