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Review #1, by Nikki Epilogue----Dawn Flight

3rd September 2017:
What a wonderful story you have woven! I have just finished reading "Broken Wings" & "Two Hawks Hunting" and am enthralled with them. Thank you! If you are still writing for this world, I hope that you will continue with the next sequel. Wishing you peace. Nikki

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Review #2, by a maude Epilogue----Dawn Flight

8th July 2017:
i really enjoyed the story and hopefully they will be a squeal

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Review #3, by Emma Growing Up Tom Riddle

1st October 2015:
It was kind of creepy. Like what the hell kind of dagger does /that/?

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Review #4, by Narcissamalfoy394 Epilogue----Dawn Flight

19th September 2014:
Hey are yo now working on a sequel or have you already written one ???

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Review #5, by kotasmom Epilogue----Dawn Flight

10th April 2014:
Eagerly waiting for the sequel! I've read and re-read all your stories. Your simply an amazing writer. Keep it up please.

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Review #6, by sam Epilogue----Dawn Flight

2nd March 2014:
i really wish there was a sequel

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Review #7, by ScoRose4eva Epilogue----Dawn Flight

8th February 2014:
I have read most of your Harry and Snape stories many times over. I am still eagerly waiting for the sequel to this story. Before reading your stories I never realised how well Snape adopting Harry would work. Please keep writing I cannot wait for more.

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Review #8, by loyal luna Those Mysterious Muggle Ways

21st December 2013:
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard-there were tears running down my cheeks! Great job.

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Review #9, by loyal luna Victory's Price

21st December 2013:
You are an amazing, creative writer! I love your stories.

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Review #10, by Tisha Epilogue----Dawn Flight

10th November 2013:
Hi :). So I am a fan of your writing all the way from South Africa and I just have to say that I really enjoyed this series . You are a brilliant writer. I love your ideas and plots and I have read most of your other stories as well. I would love to read a sequel to this :) and definitely one with Harry/Sasha. Just thought you might appreciate another person's thoughts :). Keep Writing and Stay well!!

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Review #11, by Potterfan2012 Of Fathers and Sons

2nd April 2013:
What's with the weird words in the last few chapters? Like puppies instead of eyes, eyebrow in some words, banana instead of wondering, etc.? can you fix this? It's really confusing otherwise

Author's Response: It wasn't me, it was the website, they did some strange thing with my stories, actually everybody's stories and THEY need to fix them, not me, since I tried and it doesn't work. They used some kind of program to change words out for April Fool's yesterday and they need to change it back. I guess they haven't done it yet for all my stories.

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Review #12, by ajharrypotterfan07 Winning Over Hedwig

1st April 2013:
loving the story so far, but Merlin this chapter is hard to read. It appears that you typed it in some form of program that corrects words automatically. Took me a while to decipher. But still, good story and im enjoying it immensely.

Author's Response: This was NOT me it was the website doing a joke for April Fool's and changing words like a Mad Lib game. Hopefully they'll fix it soon!

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Review #13, by Arcinine Lupin Home To Spinner's End

29th December 2012:
Ah Harry I dream of beating the procrarstinating Fudge into a pulp some nights.

Author's Response: So do I! He's such an idiot!

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Review #14, by Arcinine Lupin Growing Up Tom Riddle

29th December 2012:
I literally threw up when I read about the dagger of Discord.

Author's Response: Me too, and I wrote it! That thing is nasty!

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Review #15, by kotasmom11610 Epilogue----Dawn Flight

4th September 2012:
I have simply fallin in love with your stories and would love to see the sequel to this... I never truly liked Snape before but you have changed my view on him totally from a snarky a** to a misunderstood saviour! Keep on writing.

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Review #16, by Travis AKA Wolf25 The Request

25th July 2012:
Q: What did you think of Harry & Meadowsweet here? Would you like to see them become a couple?

A: Yes Yes Yes Hell yes!

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Review #17, by Dahlia Black Epilogue----Dawn Flight

20th April 2012:
AH-MAZING! I really loved your story! The way you draw a reader in! You are totally awesome! :D

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I have some small companion pieces to this, one called The Greatest Gift and the other called Worth Saving.

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Review #18, by Lisa Epilogue----Dawn Flight

10th April 2012:
Did you write the sequel? Pleasee doo , i really would like to read more :)

Author's Response: No, I haven't yet.

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Review #19, by Lovethestory Epilogue----Dawn Flight

1st January 2012:
i love this series so much pls write a sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks! I will start to work on it soon.

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Review #20, by Lovethestory In A Tight Spot

1st January 2012:
why didn't they use their amulets to communicate?

Author's Response: Because Harry wasn't wearing his since he was in a Muggle neighborhood and didn't think he'd need it.

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Review #21, by Lovethestory The Request

27th December 2011:
couple? yes way, like ten times over!!!

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Review #22, by Neytirihime Orphanage on the Hill

15th October 2011:
Hi I totally love your stories and this is in fact the second time I'm reading this story and now I noticed that your third spell the Firestorm in order to be gramatically correct in Latin it would sound better if you wrote Incendia Tempestate since you got the Incendia part good but Tempestate literally means Storm in latin I just thought you should know but no sweat its still a great story though I wanted to make a friendly suggestion

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Review #23, by spencefa Epilogue----Dawn Flight

30th September 2011:
This story was excellant, I know you wrote it a while ago, but it is never too late for a sequel, would love to see what happens w/severus and his lady friend, ginny's jealousy and who knows what else.

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Review #24, by spencefa Past Regrets

29th September 2011:
Excellant vacation, the way Dumbledor acted was very believable, very interesting and good story

Author's Response: Thanks glad you liked the vacation. That was fun for me to write, as well as poor Sev, who ended up embarrassed about all of it.

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Review #25, by spencefa Bearding the Minister

28th September 2011:
excellant chapter, never did like fudge, should be interesting what happens

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