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Review #1, by SugarAddict Nonverbally

28th August 2010:
I think Lesleigh should be Slytherin and Kesleigh Gryffindor. Awesome story, btw. Are you still continuing it? Please continue it! *begs*

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Review #2, by MazK The Mystery of Mum

21st August 2010:
I love it =D

It was quite sad, but still really great ((;


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Review #3, by TheGryffindorLioness Nonverbally

12th July 2010:
I think they should be together in gryffindor or ravenclaw

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Review #4, by sara Nonverbally

12th July 2010:
so i read: No one really knows exactly what a Hufflepuff is.

and instantly i thought of: "hufflepuffs are particuraly good finders!"
"what the hell is a hufflepuff?"

if you haven't seen a very potter musical-you should :)

but besides that, i'm in love with this story, it's really really great.

Author's Response: ahahaha. where do you think I got it from? The people that understood the reference are getting double points in the next chapter :)

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Review #5, by B Nonverbally

6th July 2010:
Love it! I think Lesleigh would definitely be in Gryffindor because she's so out spoken but I don't think you should split them up.

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Review #6, by RavenclawBeater Nonverbally

6th July 2010:
Did I detect an AVPM quote? If you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical, I'd recommend it then you'd get why no one knows what a Hufflepuff is. This is a really good story idea. I like it a lot. I don't know which House they should be in. Maybe if they were in different Houses, it'd give them more independence, but I don't know. Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: "What is a Hufflepuff?"

Yes. That was going through my mind the entire time.

But you know, I find that Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders.

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Review #7, by LilyandJames4ever Identity

6th July 2010:
they sneer way to much... it makes them seem bitchy

Author's Response: They are bitchy :)
Especially Lesleigh.

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Review #8, by ochalke5 Nonverbally

6th July 2010:
Okay first off, i have to say, that i'm sorry I didn't review the first four chapters. But I am now, it was a really great story! I like this story so far. It's interesting. And I like the twins. My favorite so far is Kesleigh. and I think that they should be in Gryffindor. I mean it seems a little cliched but, i think it'd be a good idea. Or perhaps one in Ravenclaw and the other in Gryffindor, but i'd like to seem them both together, no matter where you put them.

I think that the other twin and Sirius would make a good couple and Kesleigh and Remus would make a good couple, although, it would be funny if Sirius really liked Kesleigh while she liked Remus, but the other twin liked Sirius, a twisted love triangle. But i'm sure you've got all that figured out.

But it's a really good story and I can't wait to see where you take this story. But about the Houses, I don't know what to say about that, except what i have alreagy suggested.

It's really great! I can't wait to read more! Good stuff!

Really good stuff, doll.

Author's Response: Thanks for the input! You're already catching on to my masterplanss!

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Review #9, by Havent Read 1 HP Book Nonverbally

6th July 2010:
I think Lesleigh should be in Gryffindor, that or Hufflepuff. She seems to me she'd be the popular girl. Definitely Kesleigh in Ravenclaw. That way I at least have separate identities. I say this being a twin, and always being lumped with my brother. Can't imagine what it'd be like being identicle. I really like the story so far :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your input. I was thinking of putting lesleigh in gryiffindor with all the guys and Kesleigh in ravenclaw. Personally, I'm not a twin, but every single teacher I had in high school had at least ONE of my brothers (if not all of them) before me, so it was annoying to be grouped together with them.

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Review #10, by ValFish Nonverbally

5th July 2010:
Hi. So I love this story so far! Lesleigh and Kesleigh are written really well and the dialogue is just about perfect. Waiting to read more! Oh, and I think it'd be better if they were in different houses, just because of the contrasts in their personalities.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your input! I'm glad you're liking this.

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Review #11, by jman7693 The Mystery of Mum

16th August 2009:
Aw that's so sad :(, but I'm eager to read on to see how they take their new family. That will be interesting. ;) I think your writing is lovely and your characters are already starting to intrigue me, which is a good thing. :D And a very nice idea, I must say, having these twins being related to James.


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Review #12, by Pretty Purple Pelican Visitors

5th August 2009:
PPP again from the Forums!

James seems nice and curious like he should be, but I think it was a little unrealistic for him to not know what a guitar is. After all, the Weird Sisters use them in the third book, don't they? I don't think instruments are something that would be very different in the wizarding world, only maybe they would have more gadgets to them.

I enjoyed your Sirius, too. He's refreshing. He's not too hyper so far, but he's not the fantastic stud that people often make him out to be. In fact, he's acting like the four-year old trapped in a sixteen-year old body that most young teenage boys usually are.

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Review #13, by Pretty Purple Pelican Identity

5th August 2009:
PPP with another requested review!

Sheesh, Lesleigh's kind of a brat, huh? You seem to be overusing the phrase "you lot". It appears about four times in this chapter alone. Just vary it a little ;)

The explanation of their mother's past is excellent, though. I really like that she was a Dark wizard who changed her ways. It was very well thought out and it shows that you took time with your writing. Nice job!

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Review #14, by Pretty Purple Pelican The Mystery of Mum

5th August 2009:
About a million years after you posted in my review thread, I'm finally here! I'm sorry that I've taken so long. I finally got a break from work today, and now I'm here!

The first thing I noticed was that you have very good writing skills (grammatically speaking), but I was a little put off at the often-used cliche of having twins with rhyming names. I think it's cute, though, that they're mirror-imaged with the birthmarks and dominant hands. I think there should have been a little more description of their lives before you launched into the action. I feel like I was being thrown into the story more than lured in, if you know what I mean.

The descriptions are pretty decent, and I'm not saying that you should take paragraphs and paragraphs, but your pacing is a little too quick right now. You're not giving your readers enough time to absob what's going on. I liked the great-grandfather, though. He was very saucy, haha.

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Review #15, by sweetpeppermint Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

20th July 2009:
Yay! I'm on the Awesome List! Er, I'd offer to be your beta, but I'm sort of bad at beta-ing...

Haha, yes, Lesleigh can have the stupid one. Smart girl, Kesleigh.

Author's Response: Haha, yes, Kesleigh is the smart one ^.^

Someone already offered to be my beta! Thanks for the thought though :)

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Review #16, by rachm34 The Mystery of Mum

20th July 2009:
Ah, hey there dear! This is such a refreshing read after the story I just reviewed for someone else that had some grammar issues. Yours was spotless- no errors. I love how original this is! Great new idea. I love your characterizations! I'm so sorry how short this is! If you want another review come and request again in three days! love it

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, Rachel! That means a lot.

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Review #17, by LadyLaughalot Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
thank you for another remarkable chapter! i love how everyone mixes the twins up! its hilarious! please please include some pranks when they get to hogwarts! love it!

Author's Response: Well thank YOU for another remarkable review. I can tell you right now that Sirius and James already have plans brewing in the mischievous little brains of theirs. Baha.

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Review #18, by listen_to_the_silence Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
Tehehe, I'm on a awsom list... Anyways, great chapter. I deffinatly prefer Kesliegh to Lesiegh (sorry if that's not how you spell their names.) Yes things are deffinatly happening. I wonder what houses they'll be in... Laughed if one of them was in Slytherin, Oh well bye!


Author's Response: Haha. In all honesty, Kesleigh and Lesleigh are based off of me and my best friend (people constantly mistake us for sisters, sometimes even fraternal twins). I would be Kesleigh, the more reserved, self-conscious, well read one, and Emily would be Lesleigh, the out going, outspoken, extrovert that everyone is automatically attracted to. And yet somehow they're so much alike.

Haha, anyway, we've got the summer of learning to get through before they can be sorted, my dear ^.^

Thanks for your review!

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Review #19, by xquisitely_sirius Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
I love this story it's great but i have to say i think i like Kesleighs character more than lesleighs. I hope she gets sirius instead of her sister!!

I would love to be your beta and i've tried to get on your forum but for some reason its not letting me. My member name is xquisite so if you haven't got one yet i'd be happy to just get in touch and i'll do it.

Update soon please and you're a great writer x


Author's Response: ZOMG! Thank you so much! I've sent you a message. I don't know why the stupid forums won't allow people to send me messages. It happened to someone else also. 'Tis quite strange, indeed.

But thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #20, by poppy Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
im liking this alot lol save under favourite lol

Author's Response: Awww. Thank you so much :)

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Review #21, by Mrs lily potter wannabe Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
Awesome writing! I think that the only other story about twins that is around is Parent Trap! Genius, get back to work! People-who-made-this-aggravatingly-awesome-web-site, validate faster!

Author's Response: Haha. The Parent Trap...

Anywhos, a little secret? I'm a trusted author! My chapters go up right away, so you don't have to wait! So if it takes a long time, that would be my fault. Haha.

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Review #22, by Jenny Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
Yay! I loved it! It wasn't too long. I've read longer, but those just end up getting boring when they are too long. But I think this chapter was a good length. Sorry I can't really tell you about other stuff with your writing. Writing isn't really my best subject. I just have opinions on peoples writing. Well, keep up the good work! This is a great story.

Author's Response: Ah, well I'm glad it wasn't too long. It was like 10 pages on MSWord and I was like "oops...?" Hahah.

Anyway, I'm glad you like it! Thanks for your review!

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Review #23, by Honeybee Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
Hey (",)

Wow this is an excellent idea for a story.. very novel and somethng to giggle at...

I think you are doing a fantastic job and CAN'T wait for Remus to meet the sisters ;)

If I can have a lil guess here?!? I think that Remus will fall for Lesleigh and Sirius will fall for Kesleigh... *lol* but that's just my little brain overthinking things as always (",)

Hope you update soon and don't you DARE make it any shorter!!! *lol* I totally LOVE the fact that your chapters are long!!!

Keep up the great work :)

Honeybee :)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm glad you like the long chapters :)

I can't wait for Remus either. He's my favorite.

You and your guesses. Lol ^.^

Thank you so much for the lovely review! It's greatly appreciated!

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Review #24, by miss little angel Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
i love it, it's brilliant, and you know what they say the longer the chapter the better the story (well actually noone says that apart from me but still it should become one of those famous sayings! xD)

Author's Response: I'm glad. Haha. I've never written that much for ONE chapter. I usually get to 1000 and am like "eh..."

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Review #25, by xMonkeyx Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
I really like how you ended this one.
"We were witches. Witches, with wands."
aha, so cute.
update soon.
it's starting to become really intresting
Can't wait to find out what happens next/

Author's Response: Aw, thanks. I'm glad you liked it ^.^

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