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Review #1, by Mandy Aspen No Other Option

17th February 2017:
Happy Meal? #yourockmysocks

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Review #2, by Emma No Other Option

29th July 2012:
His story is so good!!!
You should deffinatley continue with it - I really want to know what happens next :)
Update soon,

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Review #3, by BluEyedAngel No Other Option

23rd July 2009:
First of all, this is a very sweet story. I like how you've characterized Rose. She rambles on and on and on ... but she says she never does anything without planning. Very interesting combination! Normally I'd suggest that you "tighten up" your wording to be more concise and crisp, but I think the flowing, rambling style is perfect for Rose and what is going on here.

Secondly, in your "description"/story info you asked for readers to let you know if it's worth continuing on with the story. I strongly believe that you should write because you want to and because you love it. NOT because you get enough reviews/ratings/feedback, etc. Don't wait for those things. How many great authors were never truly appreciated until after they died? What if they'd stopped writing because they weren't famous enough? Well, I'm rambling now, sorry. :) So, (if you agree, of course), do me a favor and take that part out of your intro. Thanks!

I'm definitely interested in your next chapter. Thanks for a good read! (Sorry for the long, crazy review. ;)

Author's Response: thank you:)
my first review!

i have an idea for the rest of the story but i just wanted to know what people thought and if it was worth posting anymore or just to keep it as a bit of a one-shot snippet thing!

haha it wasn't too long! but it was very helpful thanks xxx

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