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Review #1, by ruby_slippers Tuesday

2nd June 2014:
That was quite sweet. I love the title, so beautiful. Kind of like Casablanca in the we'll always have Paris sense, just without the war and threat of police haha. Loved it

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Review #2, by cammzbbz Tuesday

24th November 2010:
This was beautiful!
Please either make a prequel or a sequel!

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Review #3, by Cherry Bear Tuesday

8th May 2010:
I know you're probably sick of my reviews by now, but this is the last one you'll have to endure (at least until I finish off the giant list of reviews I have to do for other people and decide to check out your other stories or you update A Certain Lady). This is very different from the style of writing in A Certain Lady, because I think your writing has improved since you posted this and also because your sentences in this are much less formal. In fact, they're mostly simple and sweet, but I think it's fitting with the story.

I'll start at the beginning, which is of course the logical thing to do. You did a good job of reeling me in with the first paragraph, I think because the blunt statements in it gave Gabrielle a really distinct voice. I was worried that, since Gabrielle is such an unknown character (which is your specialty, of course), you would make her a carbon-copy of Fleur. Thank you for not falling into that cliche trap; it was a pleasant surprise.

Those first few paragraphs really established an idea in my mind of Gabrielle being this innocent still sort of childishly dependent woman, particularly because she obviously valued other opinions so much more than her own. I liked how, as the story went on, this innocence sort of contrasted with her pessimism. It seems like she bounces back and forth between this childlike innocence and this pessimistic maturity, but even though it should make her character inconsistent, it doesn't; it works.

There were a few grammar mistakes, mostly what I mentioned in my reviews of A Certain Lady about dialogue punctuation. I do think that dialogue is definitely your strong point, but I also think that sometimes you need more of a break in between dialogue. In some parts of this you go on back and forth with just dialogue for quite a bit of time, and I think it might make it a bit easier and more realistic if there was some more description intertwined with the dialogue. This is purely a stylistic preference though, so feel free to ignore me.

The only other critique I really have for you is the way Gabrielle poured her heart out to Theodore; it really confused me. One second, she was talking about how she knew Walter wanted that song and then the next she was explaining how they first met, without any sort of transition or explanation between the two. It also seemed sort of uncharacteristic of her to just so suddenly go off into that explanation, without showing any sign of wanting to pour her heart out or any indecision about whether it would be wise or anything like that. I suppose this goes back to what I said about more description; I would've liked to know more about what Gabrielle was feeling and thinking when she said all this.

I do feel a bit ridiculous offering critique on this, though, because, as I said, I think your writing has greatly improved since you wrote this so it's rather obsolete. I saw no problems with the balance of dialogue and description in any of your other pieces, so don't take my criticisms to heart.

I feel like I ramble quite a lot about the relationships between your characters, but I really do think you have a talent for establishing realistic yet twisted relationships between people, and what you have between Theodore and Gabrielle here is definitely twisted (and, in response to your author's note, I would love to see a prequel of this; I trust your ability to not spoil the story you have here by expanding upon it). I think what makes it appeal to me so much is how sad and complicated it is, and how you didn't give them a happy ending. As strange as it sounds, I'm a sucker for sad endings. There are so many happy endings in books and movies and everything today that reading a sad ending is a refreshing treat for me, despite how depressed they can make me feel. I'm a bit like Gabrielle in that pessimistic way, but it makes the story seem more realistic to me. But I liked how you gave them that one small comfort to hold onto - the fact that they had 'a lifetime and today' and 'Paris' (sort of reminds me of Casablanca's "We'll always have Paris").

And, because I value endings just as much as beginnings, the last line of this really stood out to me as incredible in how sad it was. I'm not sure I can call it conclusive though, because I think there are parts of this story (including that last line) that are just really inconclusive and I feel like there are ends left untied. But I think that's what makes it so strong and so poignant and so amazing.

Really, you have such an incredible talent. It seems like you can take any plot, any genre, any ship and turn it into something excellent. So far, I've read your Humor, Romance, Angst, Drama, General, and Fluff, and the crazy thing is that you can pull each one off with a distinct flair in your writing that's completely memorable. So, really, thank you for giving me such incredible, original, captivating, fantastic, well-written reading material.

Cherry Bear

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Review #4, by shadowycorner Tuesday

17th August 2009:

This was one of those stories that perfectly fit into the description of beautiful. I loved the short sentences. They really made the flow so easy and the feeling so forward but deep at the same time. I also liked how we, at first, had to do a bit of figuring out as to who was who and such. I thought they were actually on a wedding, and then I became confused like...wait, two weddings...AT ONCE? Then it got to me. ^_^

The interaction between the characters was flawless and so mesmerizing. I would never think of writing a Gabrielle Delacour, really. Theodore Nott, yes, but Gabrielle never struck a chord with me. Until now. You created a wonderful, deep and interesting personality of a woman. I liked her voice and her thoughts. I loved that for her life you used this great colorful diversity. When there's an OC as a partner for some character, they're usually very alike. Underdevelopped. Uninteresting. But Walter...I'd like to read more about him, too. Just that he's older and already has children that are pretty old is so unique and interesting. So, that's another reason why I think this should definitely have a sequel.

The whole wedding description and the way the characters went around it was lovely to read. Once again you took such a cliche subject and turned it into a solid plotpoint, matter of discussion that later leads to different and deeper waters.

I wish I had something more to say, I really do. I loved reading this. You know, I can be the most pathetic reader and reviewer there is. Because it's so difficult to grab my concentration. I always start reading something and either drag myself through it or just quit. But this piece is one of those that had my full attention, through and through, and I loved every little bit of it.

Wonderful work, Rita. Please, write more. I would definitely read it. Gabrielle/Theodore for the win!


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Review #5, by Margravine Tuesday

15th August 2009:
Beautifully written, evocative and heartbreaking
Definitely worth a prequel AND a sequel

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I shall definitely think about it! I love this pairing very very muchly and I think there is more to be said about them XD If the muse allows, a follow up oneshot shall arrive XD

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Review #6, by GubraithianFire Tuesday

14th August 2009:
You do have a penchant for writing about Paris, don't you? But I can't imagine anyone doing it better. And now I kind of wish that I hadn't nominated fics for Best One-Shot and Best Romance, because this so would have been in the running for both of them. At least, it would when I was trying to decide what to nominate in the first place. But really, this is just... ugh. I can't describe it.

I'm so out of practice reading unique ships, so it took a while for me to figure out what was going on; but that's entirely my fault, not yours. I don't like being force-fed everything in a fic, I like figuring things out for myself. For example, does Gabrielle still love Theo? I think not. I think this is very reminiscent of Brief Encounter. You do bittersweet love very well, now that I think about it, better than anyone I've read in a very long time. Anyway. I love the ship - not one I would have imagined, but I like the characters chosen. Their respective backgrounds, as far as canon goes, are not alluded to, which I appreciated. They really could be any two people, but the extra dimension that the names provide just really made the fic work. Not that you understood that, but yeah, I liked the ship, and the premise: the flowers, the song, the stories, it was all done perfectly.

Should you do a prequel? I'm not sure. I would love to know how they both got to this point in their lives, how they met and got together and drifted away, but isn't that half the fun? It is for me. Maybe it's better left unsaid. But that's my opinion, and in the end, it's your choice.

I really, really loved this. Beyond belief. Your stories have this odd effect of kind of sitting in the back of my head and from there, spawning half-realized plot bunnies that I wish I could chase. There really is no one who can compare to you, Rita. Superb.

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Review #7, by collette michelle Tuesday

14th August 2009:
First off, La MÍme Histoire, is one of my favourite songs ever, off one of the most beautiful soundtracks, from a truly marvellous movie!

This was a unique ship indeed, one that I would very much be thrilled to read more of. I would love if you did a prequel about their time in Paris, because I am curious about how they came to the point in which they are here in this story.

It was a heartfelt story, I believe you conveyed their emotions very well, making them believable. A bittersweet memory, I reckon. And I do particularly like Gabrielle's choice is fake name... though, I may be just a bit biased ;]

Excellent job, I really enjoyed reading this. I do hope you make a short story, of this ship. I am in love with them already, you write both beautifully.

Author's Response: Isn't that song amazing?! This story was originally going to be titled: Let Me Say Last Goodbyes, a line from one of my favorite Smiths songs, Girlfriend in A Coma. But then I heard this song again (finally found the Paris Je T'aime soundtrack after looking for so long) and I knew this just had to be the title :) I am glad that I'm not the only one in the world who knows this song.

The prequel in Paris. Yes, I have been contemplating on that. Personally I would love to tell how they met and how they came to this, being separated and married to different people, but I haven't had enough juice to write it all. Maybe in the future (near future, hopefully).

I am glad you like both the story and the ship! I hope to see yo around if ever I post the prequel!

Thank you so much for this review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #8, by Juliet Worthington Tuesday

14th August 2009:
Wow this was a really great first chapter! Theodore and Gabrielle is a very interesting ship, and I'm sure that it will make for a unique story! Well done and update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing Juliet! I seriously appreciated it :) Haha, I guess my obsession with Theodore and Gabrielle both paid off.

Unfortunately this is a oneshot, so it's already completed. However, I am contemplating on making a prequel story (their time in Paris) so here's hoping that I get enough inspiration for that :)

Again, thank you for the review!

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