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Review #1, by Rawr-chan Chapter 2

26th January 2010:
Hey..good idea for a story. My only complaint is that the crushes are a little too mary-sue and you develop the relationship too fast

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Review #2, by rileypotter Chapter 4

19th December 2009:
ooh.whats going on with mione? we'll see.cute chappie

Author's Response: thank you heaps!

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Review #3, by rileypotter Chapter 3

19th December 2009:
aw! adorableness.looks like the twins are getting everything they want. is there a catch?

Author's Response: there might be!
how could you not love the twins:)

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Review #4, by rileypotter Chapter 2

19th December 2009:
awww... so cute. i love fred, and i love the way you wrote in his point of view! great job!

Author's Response: thank youu

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Review #5, by eliseelove Chapter 6

29th November 2009:
kidding ?
you CANNOT just leave it there!
please continue!
i loved every line
i think annie and malfoy suit eachother, friendship wise, but no one beats fred and annie.
10/10 :)

Author's Response: thanks leesyyy
you make my day:)

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Review #6, by mikalily Chapter 6

29th November 2009:
keep going i really like it!

Author's Response: thank youu so muchh:)

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Review #7, by Aashna Chapter 5

9th September 2009:
Well, d chappie started well n i really prefer George's point of view among d twins.. Ron is bein such a dunce, hurtin Hermione but den keepin wid d story, it has 2 b dat way.. n i just kept on thinkin as 2 wat is wrong with Annie n my speculation couldn't graduate enough 2 d reason which was revealed.. Hmm.. but i think dere is sumwat more 2 it.. 'cause Annie being wet n all.. pretty intriguing i must say.. u really have indigenous ideas n of course i look fwd 2 d next chappie eagerly. Good job on dis one!

Author's Response: thanks so much for your fab review!
as for Annie, she is finding out a different side to Malfoy
thankss again!

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Review #8, by eliseelove Chapter 5

8th September 2009:
again, i hate you for leaving it there, god i wanted to keep reading!
you've got talent, rammie :)

Author's Response: aw
thank you leesyy

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Review #9, by mikalily Chapter 5

7th September 2009:
keep going i like it

Author's Response: thank you sooo much!
next chapter under construction

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Review #10, by ILoveYohBaybee Chapter 4

30th August 2009:
WOOO. that was awesome, i cant believe you have already written 4 chapters. To be completely honest i loved it and as you know i am a Dramione fan so this should get pretty good for me. I cannot wait to see the next chapter!

Author's Response: thankss heapsss:)
next chapter will be up soon
(yeah, right after this closure!)

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Review #11, by Aashna Chapter 4

29th August 2009:
Definitely very intriguing..d last punch was completely out of d blue n it has got me curious. I hope u update soon after d que opens of course. Anyways, i liked d very first scene when Fred took Annie out for their lill rendezvous by d lake, i cud imagine d nightly ambiecne but one thing which worked like an icin on d cake was d way u described d candles, floatin n spellin those 3 magical words with Annie's name.. It was so-romantic n sweet of Fred. Another thing which i liked was d funny n a casual way u prsented ur chappie in.. i liked d lot of humour in it, particularly d 'I am George' prank from Fred.. Overall, it really was very good n has my interest.. So, very good job!

Author's Response: Dear Aashna
thank you thank you thank you
your fab reviews keep me going!
It made my dayy=]

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Review #12, by dracoishot Chapter 4

24th August 2009:
please,more!!tis cute story!i like it!!

Author's Response: Thank You heapsss:D
next chapter is under construction atm
thanks for reviewing

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Review #13, by eliseelove Chapter 4

24th August 2009:

but i loved it ;)

Author's Response: LOL
thankss leeseyy;)

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Review #14, by Aashna Chapter 3

18th August 2009:
Hi Rammie
Well, another gud chappie.. I liked d way Annie handled Malfoy, made her sort-of a strong-headed gal.. serves her personality rite. Then, in d end, it was nice too n finally George got sum1. I liked ur story but i guess one thing which i wud say is dat Pov's sure r really nice but i guess u must do a chappie on narrating-basis too. It'll flare well wid d story. Nonetheless, good job till now!
PS: Would u please be kind enough to comment on my new story in the form of a review of course. I wud really like 2 know ur thoughts abt it. It is called 'A Trsyt With Destiny'
Thank You.

Author's Response: Thanks!
Annie sure is a strong headed girl!
Next chapter is awaiting validation:)
p.s. Sure thing I'll read your story;)

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Review #15, by Aashna Chapter 2

18th August 2009:
Hi Rammie
well, its me again. Aww.. i feel bad for George but i liked d way Fred handled it n talked abt it n i also liked d confession from Annie n its gud dat u finally found sum1 4 George as well.. now, we don't want him 2 feel all aloof n morose. The chappie was nice n i liked d lill dialogue between Fred and George at d end.. it was funny 2 read. I am on2 d next chappie!

Author's Response: Hey Aashna,
Thank you heaps!
I enjoy writing about the relationship between Fred and George because it isin't shown much in the books and movies.
Thanks again!

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Review #16, by Aashna Chapter 1

18th August 2009:
Hi Rammie
Well, i certainly like d plotline of d story.. it sures sound fun n good. First chappie was very nice n i really like d shy Fred. The twins r portrayed well n i am on2 d next chappie. Well done!

Author's Response: Dear Aashna,
Thank you heaps for your lovely review!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it

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Review #17, by eliseelove Chapter 3

16th August 2009:
spring = hayfever
me = hayfever
me 5 minutes ago = bad mood
me after reading your story = very very good mood

i loved it so much and fred and george make me giddy :)

Author's Response: ahahaha!
i'm glad it put you in a good mood
they make me giddy too
thanks muchly!

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Review #18, by silvergreen Chapter 2

11th August 2009:
Dear RAMMiE,
A very entertaining second chapter!:)
I like the way you portray the twins and the way you show their relationship through the dialogues, the funny lines, etc.
Poor George... I hope he will get together with Madison soon :)
Update soon, please :)
Hugs xxx

Author's Response: Thank you heaps for your lovely review!
Next chapter awaiting validation:)

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Review #19, by paris Chapter 1

9th August 2009:
i love it is gorgeous love you

Author's Response: thankk youu pariss

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Review #20, by ILoveYohBaybee Chapter 2

8th August 2009:
This story is hilarious, you've shown how strong the brothers bond is, if i am correct, in your story George said that they are best friends. That made me smile as the relationship between the twins, we never really see that in the Movies/books.
I hope you keep continuing your story! I am usually a Dramione fan but this is definetly the best fred/george story i have read.

Author's Response: aww, thank you heaps nicolee
yeah, i agree you don't see much of their friendship.
There is Dramione coming for you soon;)

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Review #21, by eliseelove Chapter 2

8th August 2009:
oh rammie
i seriously want to marry fred.
i love this chapter


Author's Response: thankk youu leesyyy
LOL you can marry fred:)

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Review #22, by silvergreen Chapter 1

24th July 2009:
Dear RAMMiE,
The cute first chappie of your story made me smile :)
The dialogues were well written, with a good sense of humour, really suited the characters.
I loughed out loud reading the line 'Well, if you look like me, of COURSE you have a chance' :))
It is a great idea to write a story about the twins falling in love and keeping their fingers crossed for each other, of course often pulling each other's leg... It has a lot of potentials of a funny and entertaining story.
I hope you'll update soon! :)
Hugs xxx
PS: the banner matches the atmosphere created in your story :)

Author's Response: Hey silvergreen,
Thank you very much for your lovely review.
I'm glad you thought it was humorous.
The next chapter is awaiting validation

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Review #23, by eliseelove Chapter 1

20th July 2009:
oh rammie.
i think i'm actually in love with a story.
i really love how you've portrayed the twins and annie and freds dialogue made me smile

Author's Response: Glad you like it:)
i knew you would like it:)

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Review #24, by ILoveYohBaybee Chapter 1

20th July 2009:
Ohh My Goodness, awesome story.
i enjoyed it alot and you've showed the funny side
to the weasley twins which was shown very well.
I cannot wait until you next chapter, usually i am more of
a draco/hermione fan but this story is awesome!

Author's Response: thankk youu nicolee:)
ill put the next chapter upp soon:)
glad you liked it

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