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Review #1, by anonymous Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

5th January 2011:
i think that an update is necessary.

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Review #2, by Princess of Paris Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

19th July 2010:
I love this story! Can't wait for more! I think the prequel would be really good, maybe for the title, 'When I Met a Caterpillar and a Girl.' 10/10 Keep up the good work!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the suggestion!

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Review #3, by blimmchen Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

26th June 2010:
Yay, update! I loved the confrontation/fight/thing at the start of the chapter... I was like...What? Roger has feelings? lol. I do understand what it feels like to slip back into "familiar territory" as Cedric so nicely put it...it is all too easy *sigh* But anyways, I loved that Alex thought Cedric was referring to Oliver when really he was talking about Roger...excellent!

Ok, honestly... I don't know what it is about guys offering their jackets to a girl but it's gotta be one of the sweetest things ever :D

Aw...that's cute...the whole caterpillar scenario, I mean... ARGH!!! Curse Cass and her bad timing *grrr*

I love the idea of writing a prequel from Oliver's POV and I love the title you have chosen. I will most definitely read and review it if you decide to write it. And I am so excited about the Quidditch match. I am really looking forward to your next update!!

Keep up the marvelous work you're doing.

PS: Did you get my message about Scotland???

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much for the amazing review as always! I will definitely be writing a prequel, but when is the bigger question.

And no! I completely forgot to check that website for a reply... it usually sends me an email to say I got one, but it never did! I will go and check it now, thank you so much for the amazing support!

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Review #4, by Marauderette Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

24th June 2010:
Awesome chapter! I loved it. I also think the prequel would be amazing. It sounds like it would be really cute! I can't wait for the match. I know it won't be pretty for the winner and loser to interact with each other. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review, and yes the prequel will be very cute!

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Review #5, by RandomRyter Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

23rd June 2010:
hmm.well, first off, this was an amazing chapter, I love it dearly. Though I had a sudden jolt of dislike towards Cass.I wonder why :)

I'm extremely excited for the match, and it's fanfiction, don't worry if the match is a bit...off.

And the separate fic idea, I love. I really can't wait for some of Oliver's Pov, though I'm not getting any ideas jumping at me for the title. Maybe something describing the difference between them as Hufflepuff and Gryffindor...yet the Quidditch similarities and childhood friendship? Or a play on the 'future captains of opposing teams'...heh, just throwing out random ideas. As of now, I like the catapillar idea you have going!

Update soon, I'll be reading!

Author's Response: Thanks for all the input. It is very helpful, even if you don't think so. The Hufflepuff/Gryffindor match will pretty much follow the book, it's the future ones that will be much different.

I'm not sure if I will write the match or the prequel first, but today I am working on a 10+ page paper that is due in the middle of my study abroad. So hopefully that won't hinder this too much.

Thanks again for the wonderful review!

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Review #6, by DownWithTheCarrows113 Floating Pumpkins and Mass Murderers

21st June 2010:
Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by Marauderette White Daisies and Weird Spasms

14th June 2010:
I am so jealous of you. Your trip sounds like it will be so much fun and I am so so so so jealous! Even the golfcart sounds cool. Haha.
Anyway, awesome chapter! I really absolutely loved it. The Oliver bit was so cute! I can't wait for their date!!! 10/10! Have fun on your trips!

Author's Response: Don't be jealous! I will probably be so homesick by the time this is through. True, I am 20, but I have never been away from home (and my boyfriend) for more than two and a half weeks... ok, so I doubt I am going to start sobbing. But I am trying to make you feel better!

And since you can't wait for their date, and you wrote such a nice review, I will try my very best to write the next chapter tomorrow before I leave for my grandparents. Thank you so much!

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Review #8, by LeaMalfoy White Daisies and Weird Spasms

14th June 2010:
You have one heck of a busy schedule. XD I absolutely love your story. Glad Oliver and Alex are getting together. Have a happy trip. ^__^

Author's Response: Well you may not want to say they are getting together yet, what kind of story would this be if there wasn't many fun-filled chapters of drama? Thanks for the review, and yes I do have a busy schedule!

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Review #9, by blimmchen White Daisies and Weird Spasms

13th June 2010:
Hey there!!! So happy to see you've updated :D I loved this chapter...seriously. It was so funny, cute and sweet. I especially loved the quote: I think you need to get your eyes checked sweetie, because Oliver Wood is anything but a kid. He is a fully grown man, and by Merlin he is a sex god to boot. Let's just say...I totally agree with that quote, rofl. I still loathe that Roger Davies though. How dare he expect that Alex will forgive him? I really hope she doesn't because even a bunch of her favorite flowers should not help her forgive him for cheating on her. But as you might have guessed I love Oliver. He is so sweet to Alex and producing that charm to keep the rain away.and he is such a flirt. Loved it loved it loved it. And I really thought he was going in for a full snog, but the way you wrote it was even better!!! Well done :D Who is this Alistair guy that can exceed the love for both Oliver and Sirius??? And where can I get him? lol. The pictures from the chapters are really really nice btw. I hope you have a lovely summer and enjoy your trip. I am uberly jealous that you are going to Scotland. Having lived there for four years, I dearly miss it, especially Aberdeen...maybe that explains my obsession with Scottish accents and everything Scottish lol. I hope you have a bloody brilliant time and I can't wait for your update. Take care x

Author's Response: Awww, you are way too nice to me. I am so glad that you liked this chapter so much. Alistair is the sweetest and funniest video game character ever created. I mean I nearly cried when he wasn't in the expansion. But enough about that, that's so cool that you lived in Scotland! Any tips on where to eat, what the see/do? Thanks for the amazing review!

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Review #10, by emlover White Daisies and Weird Spasms

12th June 2010:
1. Have fun on your trip.
2. Right now even though I love Oliver, I don't know if I want Alex to make up with Roger (drama drama drammy drama drama) or just go for Wood.
3. YAY Quidditch.

(This has been an Infamous K Izzle Production)

Author's Response: 1. Thank you very much
2. Ha! I knew I could sway people to start liking Roger again. Heck, I am going to make people think he is a sweetheart soon!
3. Agreed!

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Review #11, by blimmchen To Scrimmage, or Not to Scrimmage?

28th May 2010:
Hey, I am up to date with your story now! I just have to say it is brilliant...no make that bloody brilliant!! It just has the right mixture of everything. I really love it. So comments on it... I love how Alex and Oliver are catching up and all, and also loved how they forgot time over Quidditch.so ya know...time just flies when you're having fun. I also love that Davies still thinks that Alex will go back to him (please don't disappoint me here) and I really want Oliver and Alex to get together soon. So my final words are...keep up the good work and update soon xxx

Author's Response: Well I know exactly where this story is going, and all I have to do it get my butt in gear and actually write it, but I do hope it turns out the way you like. I currently have half the next chapter written and will try to get it up soon. Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews, if this isn't motivation, I don't know what is.

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Review #12, by blimmchen Of Uncooperative Seekers and Twat Brothers

28th May 2010:
Another lovely chapter!!! I really like the little brother, he is quite something, isn't he? So clever how he got himself into their practises. But that ain't the only reason I am reviewing. I really do like your story and even though this was a filler chapter, I think you achieved your goal in showing that Alex can be sweet off pitch but is hard ass on the Quidditch pitch, just like a true captain needs to be... now I am looking forward to more Oliver/Davies activity in the next chapter. Keep up the lovely work :D

Author's Response: Yeah the little brother thing came out of no where. But I figured, how can I have a family obsessed with their last name so much and not have her parents have a male heir to pass the name on? Really, it was unrealistic. So along came Peter. That could be a story title. Right well, thanks!

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Review #13, by blimmchen Step One, Procure a Boyfriend

28th May 2010:
Oh yay!! I loved this chapter!! That date was really nice... I am quite jealous lol. It just seems lovely that they had such a wonderful time together. I would really like to see Alex get her revenge on Davies, but hope she doesn't end up hurting Oliver in the process. I also love the flashbacks you're building in. I know what it's like to have a guy being really nice and sweet at the beginning of a relationship only to turn into a real jackass some time later... but anyway good work and I will definitely read more :)))

Author's Response: Yes, well such is life. I would say I wish I had some one like Oliver, but I think my boyfriend would get upset. And while he is lacking in a Scottish accent he is still a very sweet guy, so no complaints here.

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Review #14, by blimmchen Shall we Ms. Parkin?

28th May 2010:
Hey there again!! I totally love your story and am so glad I gave it at try. A few comments on this chapter first: The idea of the Easter Bunny shitting out Chocolate eggs is just brilliant!! I laughed so hard when I read this. What I found a bit sad was that apparently Alex stopped being friends or just talking to Oliver cos he "hurt her image" but hell, she sees the stupidity in this now doesn't she? And once again, I do love that they were friends before Hogwarts, just excellent. Since I am not reading your last chapter at the moment, I dunno what you've done so far, but just in case, I would love to read some facts from Roger's or Oliver's (especially Oliver's I may add) POV. So off to the next chappie for me :D

Author's Response: Well she was an insecure eleven year old, what can you expect? Every pre-teen just wants to be popular and doesn't think about the consequences of their actions yet. But yes, she realizes how stupid she was.

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Review #15, by blimmchen No, This Is Not About Quidditch!

28th May 2010:
I love the plan, to get Alex together with Wood. And I still think his Scottish accent is cute...even though I have been living in Scotland for four years lol. I also love the fact that they were friends or at least aquaintances before Hogwarts...really great, so I am off to the next chappie :D

Author's Response: yeah the whole pre-Hogwarts friends thing came up last minute when I started writing this story, but I am very glad it did. It fit very well.

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Review #16, by blimmchen Roger Davies- The Bane Of My Existence

28th May 2010:
Hey, I just stumbled across your story and really wanted to leave a review. I love the way you started off the chapter with the breakup and all. It really made me want to read more and it definitely convinced me to give your story a go. I love Oliver Wood stories and I hope yours will turn out to be good. So I'll just quickly leave this review and move on to the next chapter...btw I love rewiewing, so don't mind me leaving some comments at the end of each chappie ;))

Author's Response: Why would anyone mind having someone leave reviews at the end of every chapter? I sure don't, and I am very glad you found my story.

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Review #17, by Marauderette To Scrimmage, or Not to Scrimmage?

24th May 2010:
Wonderful chapter! I loved the Roger drama and the cute-ness of Oliver and Alex (also Peter last chapter, since I forgot to review it). 10/10 Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Yes, well I think everyone loves drama deep down. And Peter really is adorable, thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Ciara512 To Scrimmage, or Not to Scrimmage?

18th May 2010:
Love it! Go Alex! :D Roger is an ass, I love Ollie in this story! x

Author's Response: Yay, another review! Thanks for taking the time, I am glad you liked it. Next chapter is 3/4 done.

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Review #19, by miss_aurora To Scrimmage, or Not to Scrimmage?

15th May 2010:
You are amazing! Oh, let me re-write that sentence, actually Alex is amazing. I mean, shoo shoo, go away Roger, she doesn't care about what you think anymore. I think it's great that Alex was able to stand on her ground and well, Roger doesn't worth her anyway. I love how Alex and Oliver play together and are actually not noticing the time. That should mean something has started to spark between the two of them, maybe?

Thank you so much for the wonderful update and can't wait for any future updates :DD

Author's Response: Oh dear reader, there is so much in store for you that all your opinions might change. I mean, at least about Roger. But who knows. I am not even sure what to think about him right now.

Don't be too sure about sparks between Alex and Oliver as of yet. Well maybe there are sparks on Oliver's end. But I think Alex is a bit too hung up on her ex right now to think about Oliver romantically... okay well I don't think I sort of know, since she is my OC. Ok, I am going to shut up now before I give away the whole bloody plot.

I am a third of the way through with the next chapter. I have 1700 words written so far, and I must say she is a beauty. At least in my own personal opinion. I really am on a roll with all this updating though. Next chapter should be up around Monday, maybe tomorrow. Who knows! But at least I am a trusted author, so you don't have to wait for the queue!

Really am shutting up now, later! And thanks so much for the amazing review!

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Review #20, by RandomRyter To Scrimmage, or Not to Scrimmage?

15th May 2010:
haha, I loved her monolouge at the end, and I completely agree with Wood, that was bloody brilliant. Great chapter, and I would've mentioned it in a review for the last chapter, but I wanted to read this one.so, um, I honestly love her little brother already, and I hope he makes another apperance. That's basically it, keep up the good work on this, I love Quidditch fics.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the support. And yes, he will be making a reappearance. After all, he gets to practice with her once a month so yay for little bros!

I am trying to get going on chapter seven, but this is all I got so far: ch 7. no joke. I even started a whole new word document, saved it and everything and that is all it says. But thanks again. I'm going to go watch youtube then write some more. Yay for having a life!

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Review #21, by miss_aurora Of Uncooperative Seekers and Twat Brothers

14th May 2010:
Both Roger and Oliver for the next chapter? Well, that's tempting :p

I love this chapter regardless how pointless it might be. At the very least it demonstrated Alex's authority for real while it also showed a young character, her brother. Alex is well respected by her team though somehow she succumbs to her brother's beg.

But anyway, thank you for the update! :)

Author's Response: Like I said, she has split personalities of sorts. She is a completely different person when Quidditch isn't involved. That's why she succumbs to her brother, because he isn't on her team. Also because he's her brother and knows how to manipulate her. But at the end, you see how she gets back into her Quidditch mood, and turns into the same authoritative figure with her brother.

But anyway, thank you so much for bringing all of that up. I love getting reviews, especially when they actually say something. Next chapter is almost done. And yes, both Roger and Oliver are in it. Hooray!

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Review #22, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Of Uncooperative Seekers and Twat Brothers

14th May 2010:
I loved this please update soon!

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks so much!

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Review #23, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Step One, Procure a Boyfriend

14th May 2010:
davies is an arse's arse. no he's the crap that the crap of crap craps! love the story, not even within a eighty three month plan ride of crap! it may sound weird, but its a genuine complement

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for that. I am just finishing up the next chapter. :) I'll make sure it's up soon just because you've made my month with that comment. Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Shall we Ms. Parkin?

14th May 2010:
it wasnt boring it was funny!

Author's Response: yay! My motivation, I love you reviewer!

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Review #25, by SexyDoorFrames Step One, Procure a Boyfriend

15th April 2010:
I really enjoyed this. I like how it's different to the other Oliver/OC I've read before. Excellent chapter and I hope you update soon :D

Author's Response: yep its definitely different. And I am glad some people are actually taking the time to read it, and review it, so thanks!

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