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Review #1, by ImarriedGEORGE Prefect Baths and Denial

22nd June 2010:
wow i really like it.. hopefully you will update soon =)
cant wait for the full moon :P

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Review #2, by spam_up_sam Prefect Baths and Denial

1st June 2010:
I'd nearly forgotten this story, how awful of me is that!? BUT alas I have rediscovered it and I'm happy I have =]
I do like a nice long chapter me, I hope you update soon

Author's Response: Haha, it's not awful at all. It definitely took me long enough to get it up, unfortunately. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked it. Also, if you have any suggestions about my story, I'd really like to hear them. I'm kind of in a writing slump at the moment. x_x

Anywhatsit, thanks for the review. :D


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Review #3, by andie Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

4th November 2009:
you have a great idea for a story
i would like to read more of it
please continue, it is really great

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so, so, so sorry that it's been so long since I've updated my story, it's been a crazy few months, yuck, haha. I really appreciate the review and hope to get another chapter up soon. Thanks! :D

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Review #4, by moon_light Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

18th September 2009:
please update soon!!!
cant wait to read some more, need 2 know what happen next

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! And sorry, my computer has been in and out with viruses and I've been buried alive in homework, plus I've been back and forth to the doctor's office recently, too, haha. I've lost all of my pre-written chapters on my computer, so I've been trying to re-write them, so it'll be a few until I can get them all up and running. Sorry. ^-^"


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Review #5, by moon_light Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

24th August 2009:
im loving it do far
keep it up, cant wait

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Good luck and happy reading! :)


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Review #6, by MRss_TOmm_FELTOnn Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

21st August 2009:
ok so i just read your other review replies annd...
I think the Hat should be all witty

and..!! oh no a longer waiit?? ahh

oh and sorry if my reviews r annoying this is the last..i swear :)

Author's Response: Hahahah, no, no, your reviews are definitely NOT annoying hahahah. In fact, I greatly appreciate them, and your criticism. It helps me as an author to step back and look at what I'm doing; it helps me to re-evaluate the situation and draw on basic ideals to create a totally spankin' story! :)

Also, I think I'll take up your suggestion and make dear old Monsieur Hat all witty and awesome hahahah. Thanks! Good luck and happy reading! :)


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Review #7, by MRss_TOmm_FELTOnn Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

21st August 2009:
ahh i still love it and update soon please :) its one of the better stories ive read

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! *hugs* I tried to weave a fresh spin into an old plot, you know, like when people write forbidden love stories that take you by surprise 'cause it isn't what you expected? Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do, although I wouldn't call the theme Forbidden Love, hahahah. Thanks for the review! Good luck and happy reading! :)


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Review #8, by Amelia Bones Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

21st August 2009:
i don't want to sound weird, but this is amazing!
i'm hooked already!
please, please, please update soon!
i hope she gets with remus (:

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks for the love! Trust me, you don't sound werid at all. :) Also, I'll get the next chapter up as soon as I get done editing it, which should be soon, and I am not giving away any of the plot lines hahahah. Good luck and happy reading! :)

- Peridot

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Review #9, by Mrsstommfeltonn Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

8th August 2009:
Absolutely amazing I love it loove it

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)


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Review #10, by Emily Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

5th August 2009:
This is great! I'm looking forward to seeing what the hat says to her!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm debating on making the Hat an all-knowing s.o.b. who goes wah wah wah like in Charlie Brown or if I should just go all Rambo with the Hat and make him grunt a lot, or maybe I should go all Sarcastic Envy on 'im and make 'im all witty and junk or maybe he could be, like, all insightful, and be all, like, "Pretty is as Pretty does," or "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder," or something like that hahahah. Sorry, I'm a bit hyped up on after-school caffine, you know, two GIANT Monsters (Monster: Unleash the scrumptiousness that is the Beast hahah) and all, so yeah hahahah. Anyway, thanks!

Happy reading! :)


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Review #11, by Emily Prologue: The Beginning

5th August 2009:
Oh my goodness that was SO cool! your story is very well written. and the plot is so original.
ps. way to go on having Johnny on your banner. I always thought he made the perfect Sirius. oh I sure so love Johnny Depp. Way to go on being such a good writer!!

Author's Response: Thank you SO much! I tried to incorporate as much from my already-muddled mind as I possibly could to get the plot down hahah.

I love Johnny Depp too! I mean, like, if he was within a fifty-mile radius, I would chase him down and stalk him kind of love. O_O No, really, I'm serious, hahah, Sirius. Sorry, it always makes me laugh no matter how many times I think about it hahah. Also, I'm SO glad to have gotten a photograph of Johnny when he was so young so he could actually pass for a teenage Sirius, of course to me, Johnny C always looks, like, twenty. *enter the Amazon River of drool here* Anyway, I hope to see you as a repeating reviewer (wink, wink, nudge,nudge) and I really hope that you like where my story goes hahah. Also, it may be a while until the next update 'cause my laptop broke and it'll be a week until I get it back, plus the validation time, so it'll be about another two to three weeks until I can get another chapter up, but after that, it'll all run smoothly until chapter eight, which I'm still writing hahah. :)

Anyway, thanks and happy reading! :)


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Review #12, by spam_up_sam Meetings, Money and Nonverbal Magic

1st August 2009:
Second chap! =]
That was an interesting twist in terms of her life, that she gets the chance to start again but its not all peachy
Oh and her keeping her memories and knowledge could turn out perhaps quite troublesome for her because she is primarily still an old lass who has to hide all her years of built up talent
I foresee some humourous incidents coming from her trying to cover that up
And ahh the Marauders never fail to make me happy
It was a good chapter, the only tiny, winy niggling thing was the spacing but that can be completely overlooked so no real worries =]
I'll make sure to look out for the next chapter
spam_up_sam x

Author's Response: Hahah, thanks! Sorry about the spacing. I wrote it in Word and cut/pasted it into the box and it wasn't like that when I submitted it. It must have been a malfunction or something. O_O Anyway, I count on her memory to keep things in check and to bring humor into an otherwise dull plot hahah. I must admit, even when I'm ninety, I'll still be reading and gigling over the Marauders hahahah. Oh, and the next chapter will be a while. My laptop broke and I had to send it in the be repaired via snail mail plus the validation period so, sadly, it'll be a while. But I plan on combining chapters three and four to make it extra long to make ip for the break. :)

Thanks for the review and happy reading! :)


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Review #13, by spam_up_sam Prologue: The Beginning

29th July 2009:
You reviewed me so I thought I'd return the favour =]
The plot sounds great, I don't think I've read anything along the same lines so you definitely have my interest
The writing style was really good, it flowed nicely and it was quick
Elsie was lovely (and a cat lady, come on, what's better than that. It is my own future after all lol)
The whole idea of her coming back and having a second chance is clever
I hope you update soon, you've got me intrigued

Author's Response: Hahah thanks! I'm really glad you like it. :) Every time I write something and I'm going for a certain genre or something, it always ends up sounding the same. I mean, I can never, ever do any fluff or horror or anything lol. I started writing and when I actually looked at what came out, I was like, "Oooh, groovy biscuits!" So I posted it lol. Anyway, the next one should be up soon, still awaiting validation. x_x Happy reading! :)


P.S. If you have ANY suggestions, just tell me and I'll take 'em into consideration. I ALWAYS need help lol. :)

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Review #14, by Lady_Livia Prologue: The Beginning

26th July 2009:
That made me cry!
Infact, I'm still crying.

Very Moving.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I hope you like the new chapter. I had a few problems with the validators with the second chapter, but it should be on its way. (That means roughly two weeks). Thanks! Happy reading!


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Review #15, by FreakOut13 Prologue: The Beginning

19th July 2009:
Wow. This is something you don't really see much, huh? :)
I really enjoyed reading this. At first I was confused about the fast pace in the beginning, but I realized you were just trying to get to the point of this installment loosely. I think you managed it quite well. Good job. :) I'm not entirely sure Sirius would have just accepted the truth that she got him out of Azkaban without skepticism, though. That's my only real concern, though! :)

By the way, Eyre is her last name in the summary and Caulfield is her last name at the end of the story? I'm not sure which one you meant, but I personally like Eyre better. :)

I'll be favoriting this to see where it goes!


Author's Response: Thanks! I was worried that it was going too fast, but I was trying to tie up everything so that I could start the actual story hahah. Oh, and I wasn't sure how to do the confrontation, but I just leave it to Sirius being an old man with alzheimers (even though that really makes me want to cry. Alzheimer's sucks TT-TT) but anyway, originally, Caulfield was her name, but I changed it to Eyre at the last second because I thought it fit better, and I thought I changed it in the story, but I guess I didn't hahah. Anyway, I'll make sure to go back and change that right now. :)

Thank you so much for your feedback! *hugs* Oh, and I'll have the next chapter up sometime tonight. :) Happy reading!


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