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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest A Year Later

24th May 2016:
Great story & loved the ending... I think anyone who's lost someone would love to believe that happens.

Author's Response: I wrote this when I was having a very difficult time. It is so comforting to think that people we lose stay with us

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Review #2, by MalfoyMannor A Year Later

24th May 2015:
Hi I love how you wrote this alternate ending and also hate you for it, but I'm so happy that you didn't end All Is Not Lost like this.

I love your writing

Author's Response: Hi :) I wrote this when I had just had a very close bereavement and it helped me get my feelings straight a little bit. I would never have actually finished All is not lost in this way as it was my 'happy fic'.

Thank you, I'm really happy you're enjoying xxx

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Review #3, by Lilley_Weasley A Year Later

19th March 2010:
I just want to say this made me cry because I feel like through reading all of your stories about Terese and Sirius that I've grown to know them as a character, and this truly broke my heart. You're a brilliant author truely. I hope to read more from you.

Author's Response: Aw I'm sorry it made you crry- but then I cried writing it!! Thank you so much, thats a lovely review, and I hope you continue to enjoy my stories :)

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Review #4, by Rachel_Black A Year Later

14th January 2010:
That is a sad story. I literaly cried. Thats really sad. You should do a story where Sirius has to raise Allegra all by himself. I would kinda like to know how that turns out. And maybe Allegra could see her mothers ghost.

Author's Response: possibly. We'll see. I've got another one I seem to be focused on at the mo...

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Review #5, by ginnyxoxoharry A Year Later

15th September 2009:
This was wonderful. Super sad, but so good. I am sitting here crying! I don't cry during fics usually!

Author's Response: It was a challenge to write most definately. I'm so pleased you liked (if thats the appropriate word) it. Thanks :)

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Review #6, by nina Funeral

20th August 2009:
that was the saddest stort in the world if u could see my face its all red from crying

Author's Response: It made me cry to write it but it was just something I had to do. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by Leent A Year Later

20th July 2009:
Right. The end has completely demolished me. Makeup running all over the desk, scaring my co-workers even further. Unbelievably beautiful and moving, what more can I say? Except that I do hope it helped :)

Author's Response: Oh dear!!! Thats an image and a half (o you could use something like that in 'evolution' LMAO).
I had to round it off somehow, and this was inspired by the song 'Fall to Pieces' by velvet revolver.
And it did help a bit, though obv will be a while til I'm relly ok again. Thanks for your lovely words of wisdom and support. Really meant a lot.

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Review #8, by Leent Funeral

20th July 2009:
"Steven sat next to his sisters and he and Francesca held hands; like when they were children and both scared of something." You're killing us here! But again, it was lovely, and James' speech was full of powerful love and emotion. Going to get a kleenex before I read anymore...

Author's Response: :(
I wanted to make it clear how close they are, and its similar to my brothers and I in times of sorrow.

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Review #9, by Leent Later On...

20th July 2009:
So, I have been putting off reading this for long enough. It's not because of you, but because of the way you have made us readers adore your characters so. I'm crying right now, thinking about poor little Allegra, and Sirius shutting down without her. Absolutely broke my heart reading this, and my mascara is running, fortuntately I decided against the white eyeliner today ;) - though I'm at work, and everyone thinks I'm nuts.

But it was lovely, very tragic, and wonderfully written.

Author's Response: Thank you, my most awesome banner maker ;). It was odd how I suddenly had to write this. I'm glad you liked it though. Debated for a long while whether or not to post, but it felt right when I did.

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Review #10, by Andromeda Black Later On...

16th July 2009:
I have been a terrible, terrible person, and not reviewed you for a horrifically long time, mainly due to stupid internet at school. But, I just have to say:
I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU KILLED HER! You had better make AINL extra happy to make up for it!
I loved her letters. Beautifully done x

Author's Response: I know I know. I've been having a bad time of late and that was a catharsis. Sorry :(

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Review #11, by MorningMoon A Year Later

10th July 2009:
Aww, I didn't even realize I was crying until the end. Poor Steven, he's the one I felt sorriest for with all this.

Author's Response: Aww. I know, poor Steven. He does seem to be the loner doesn\\\'t he? bless him. It was very emotional to write it has to be said. I\\\'m glad you liked it :)

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Review #12, by MorningMoon Later On...

8th July 2009:
Honestly, I really liked it. I thought the letters were a lovely idea, and I liked how she signed them all differently. Can't wait for an update; I wonder what Sirius is going to do now.

Author's Response: I have this one all written so it won\\\'t be too long. I\\\'m so glad you liked it. The letters were great to write cos I got to put a lot of emotion into them.
Thank you

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Review #13, by Leent The Morning

7th July 2009:
A very nice start hun! Lots of tension and drama, always makes for a great read. And, yes, people probably will be a tad upset. But, hopefully your fantastic writing will pull your own emotions together, and bring things full circle.

It's good to see a different side than all the happy happy joy joy stuff, because it's all about balance. So carry on with your story, because it will be great despite reactions :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I thnk you know how much your support means, especially as you know whats going to happen! I am going to keep on, I jusgt hope yo\\\'re right and people don\\\'t hate me!!

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