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Review #1, by Bubbles :) OOOOO twitching and torture

18th March 2012:
HA! I actually laughed out loud they were so good I going to try those ones now :D HA!

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Review #2, by Ravenclaw deatheater twitching and torture

23rd January 2010:
XD! Harry just had to share his memories with P Dibby.
Did Dumbledor aprove of being called P Diddy? Lol, so great!

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Review #3, by didi4299 twitching and torture

9th January 2010:
isn't it P. Diddy?
anyways, i like it!

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Review #4, by weasleyismyking17 twitching and torture

29th December 2009:
That was the funniest Harry/Snape story EVER!!! Oh wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole twitching thing! Keep making me laugh! Keep Writing! :)

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Review #5, by Freefallinglaughter twitching and torture

6th October 2009:
This Freefallinglaughter find's this Story Funny

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Review #6, by Tash2Unknown twitching and torture

1st August 2009:
lmfao that was funny

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Review #7, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee twitching and torture

31st July 2009:
Gooseness, you are trying to kill a girl! I loved the entire thing, especially the whole, "Professor, do you think someone should be punished for something they didn't do?" bit. And how Harry ran to Dumbledore's office. He really will drive Snape insane one day, I just know he will. *luffsit*
10/10 all the way

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Review #8, by Isabel Black twitching and torture

27th July 2009:
wow! After such a long time you wrote again! I was very glad to read it, it was awesome!!! Please write more soon!

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