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Review #1, by guest Meet Hermione

16th February 2015:
Nice! Again, I liked how you introduced Sirius and Hermione into the story.

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Review #2, by guest Raising Inky

15th February 2015:
Awesome! I like how Harry manipulated Sev into keeping Inky. That was bloody brilliant! Good story!

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Review #3, by Arcinine Lupin Just the Way You Are

27th December 2012:
Harry run and don't stop running for hell hath no fury like a Snape.

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Review #4, by Jenn Kelly A Mother For A Day

11th November 2012:
:'( the last part was so sad I wanted to Bawl!! "But it had been nice to have a mum again, even if it was only for a day." SO SAD! :'(

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Review #5, by Jenn Stallion Meet Hermione

10th November 2012:
AWWW six year old friendship! LOL XD

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Review #6, by JoannaK Happily Ever After

6th August 2012:
This is my favorite story ever! i loved the ending. please do write a sequel. i would love to see everyone at hogwarts.

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Review #7, by windy Happily Ever After

25th June 2012:
all i can say is...WOW!!!

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Review #8, by m-dawg A Stranger Is Watching

27th February 2011:
i bet it dan or 1 of hims friends

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Review #9, by m-dawg The Bedtime Prank

26th February 2011:
it gunna b thems butts

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Review #10, by m-dawg A Trip to the Dentist

24th February 2011:
i want inky i want inky i want inky!

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Review #11, by bella trixie Who Let The Wild Things Out?

19th November 2010:
ha when sev says ''i could use a good shot'' then when harry said ''dad why would you want to give yourself a shot'', i was crackin up then when i read it ta my cousin he was rollin on the floor for real

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Review #12, by Dallas Happily Ever After

3rd August 2010:
your a really good author and I loved the story the only thing I didn't like was that it was very predictable. I could predict most of the things that happened in the story but then again it's only fanfiction. I judged a little biased and too harshly because I hate snape. I'm a Harry potter geek

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Review #13, by epsilon A Light In The Darkness

7th September 2009:
I know its already been written but i don't think Dan should die death is the easy way out prison would do more damage to him than death ever would, plus we don't want Sev or anyone else killing him because hes a muggle and doesn't have any real way to defend him self.

a few months of solitary confinement would be 1000 times worse than death its just too quick, and yes i know what solitary confinement can do to a person.

Author's Response: If he stayed in prison. But he has a lot of money and connections illegally and legally. He didn't stay in jail after brealing his restraining order against Alaina the first time. So while it could be damaging to him if he stayed in prison, there's also a chance he could get out early. And he's not helpless, a gun can kill a wizard just as quick as a spell. Sev would not be able to kill him, since a Healer can't kill with magic. Tobias might be able to though, he killed Lucius in Never Again. But then again, he might not. You'll see in the next chapter.

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Review #14, by epsilon A Stranger Is Watching

7th September 2009:
Not to say that i am unhappy with any of your stories but dont you think you would be better off concentrating on one story or 2 story's at any given time because something i have noticed is that when you start off a story it will be totally awesome but then they just become alright and i may be wrong but i think its because you spliting your talent over to many stories if you could control that wonderful mind of your enough to be able to just sit down to one story and not deviate i think you could put a lot more sub text into your work which i think that something that your stories are missing, subtext takes a lot of time to get right and your usually pumping stories out every day or so, i suppose your writing about young people and there's not much going on beneath the surface but i think it could do with some.

Author's Response: Currently I'm only working on 3 stories and I had left IC alone for a long time because I wasn't sure where I wanted it to go, but I don't like leaving stories alone for too long because then you lose the urge to work on them. You'll notice that it's taking me longer to update them because I am writing a chapter every couple of days.

GP was already written before I posted it here, I wrote it a year ago, which is how I posted it so fast. I know this series is different from the others as it is told, mostly, from a child's POV and so not a lot of deep thinking goes on, it's a story about a family of wizards and relationships, not about killing Voldemort or the great quest or that kind of thing, and so it lacks the action of the other series, and not everyone enjoys that sort of thing. You can't really get subtext with a little kid, they live in now, they don't think out things like an adult, they react. If you want something deeper than that, read Broken Wings and Two Hawks Hunting. Or Snow Girl, which I haven't finished posting yet but which is also complete.

The whole point in the NA series was to have Harry and Severus in a normal father/son relationship and to give Harry a normal, or as normal as it can get, childhood without making him into the Boy Who Lived and to give Sev happiness. That's why Voldy is destroyed in this universe. And the issues here are ones that would face a real family--alcoholism, child abuse, losing a mother to illness, a single parent dating. But they are no less powerful for being "real" situations. This whole series is focused upon growth and change in a family, told mostly from a child's eyes. So the pace is slower and not as charged with adrenaline a some of my others, but that's how I want it to go. If you keep reading GP you'll get some action coming up

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Review #15, by Wanted Free7 Happily Ever After

21st August 2009:
You should TOTALLY write that sequel. I love little Eileen. Ah, Sev's fur-kid. Nice name for Inky. The fur-kid. Amazing chapter. I think I like writing in short sentences. 10/10 *races to read Severus's Christmas Wish*

Author's Response: Yeah, I will be doing that soon. After I finish the other ones. Hope you like the rest!

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Review #16, by Wanted Free7 Love You Forever

20th August 2009:
Indecent exposure and Sirius do NOT go together. I feel sorry for Lexy, she's never going to get a boyfriend with Tobias as her grandfather and Severus as her father. I loved the weddings. It was sweet when Sev gave Alaina the flowers. 10/10

Author's Response: Scary thought, huh?

You're probably right about that. No boy would survie them!
I loved that part too.

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Review #17, by Wanted Free7 A Very Special Christmas

20th August 2009:
I absolutely, positively LOVED the snowball fight. It was SO hilarious. I was laughing SO hard. 100/10!

Author's Response: This was one of my favorite chapters too! Snowball fights rule!

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Review #18, by Wanted Free7 Recovery

20th August 2009:
They're probably going to get engaged. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story. Sirius really does like to make comments about Sev's love life, doesn't he? At least he won't say anything in front of Alaina. 10/10

Author's Response: Yup that's Siri for you! No, he would never embarrass Alaina. And you're right they will get engaged.

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Review #19, by Wanted Free7 Showdown

20th August 2009:
So Magnus is really Regulus Black? I love his shirt, "This Is Your Last Warning." It fits so well because they're all probably going to end up dead. I love this chapter. Poor Inky. 10/10

Author's Response: yes and wasn't that a shock? That's right it does mean that.

Inky, I'm so cruel to you aren't I?

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Review #20, by Wanted Free7 A Light In The Darkness

20th August 2009:
Are people sold on the black market? I'm just wondering. Magnus is a wizard, right? That was pretty good acting for a seven-year-old. 10/10

Author's Response: Yes. they are especially children. And women too.

You'll see what Magnus is soon.

harry is a good actor, just like his alter ego Dan Radcliffe.

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Review #21, by Wanted Free7 Where Are the Children?

20th August 2009:
That would be SO horrible if the kids were sold to that exotic person. I looked up the word and they'd never survive. Amazing chapter. A parent's worst nightmare. . . . 10/10

Author's Response: God, yes. It is and I'm so glad this is only fiction but things like this have happened to real people, sad to say.

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Review #22, by Wanted Free7 The Meanest Man in the World

20th August 2009:
Let me guess, if Dan sold them to someone, they'd have really horrible things happen to them, right? That would be terrible. Dan should go to jail for a LONG time. 10/10

Author's Response: Oh yes, too horrible for words. Ah . . .something will happen to him for daring to hurt those kids. Keep reading!

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Review #23, by Wanted Free7 Stolen Away

20th August 2009:
OMC! (Oh my Carlisle, from Twilight. Right now my obsession is Severus Snape and Carlisle Cullen.) I knew it! AMAZING!! 10/10!

Author's Response: I like both of them too!

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Review #24, by Wanted Free7 A Stranger Is Watching

20th August 2009:
Well, Lexy is lucky to have Sev as her "dad" and Harry as her friend. I wonder who the watcher is. I think its Lexy's dad. Great chapter, 10/10

Author's Response: I think so too. That's a good guess.

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Review #25, by Wanted Free7 An Appropriate Punishment

20th August 2009:
Wow, poor Sev. His father must of felt very freaked out to see his son cowering like that. Amazing chapter. 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, it was very unnerving. But now I think Tobias has learned his lesson and won't be trying to tell Severus what to do anymore.

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