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Review #1, by HDLM If Only, If Only...

27th June 2015:
HOLY MERLIN! THAT WAS EPIC! Damn that was perfect. I got nothing. GREAT JOB!

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Review #2, by hermione2008 If Only, If Only...

27th June 2012:
Omg! Amazing story amazing ending better then I thought it would end! Just wow!

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Review #3, by Isabella May If Only, If Only...

1st June 2012:
That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I cried. A lot.

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Review #4, by HPlovergirl16 If Only, If Only...

31st May 2012:
You should have just left it the way it was, before the whole lie thing, but besides that it was a good story. I think instead of the lupin lying part at the end, you could have gone on like it was a happy ending, and then write another story on their lives after this, but too late now. ok so anyways, you really are a gifted writer, thanks for the entertainment!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the story anyways. I know that sometimes the endings aren't what you would have liked, but I felt like this was a different take on AU, and an interesting look at Lupin as a character. Sometimes I felt like I would forget when I was reading the books how much anguish Lupin must have felt being the last of his friends alive. I would love to write a continuation to this story, regardless of knowing that it was all a lie. I needed that ending because I wanted to remind myself, and my readers, how much loss they actually suffered. That's why it's called "The War." A war did happen, that is sometimes overlooked, and so many people suffered from it. That's why this ending was needed. I wanted everyone who was willing to read it to be reminded of it. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it regardless.

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Review #5, by doyoulikewaffles If Only, If Only...

25th May 2012:
That was gorgeous, not even joking i fucking loved it

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite pieces, and it came together so quickly... I'm sad to see it over. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!

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Review #6, by lann If Only, If Only...

24th May 2012:
O.O indescribable.if you aren't in college yet, you'll get in with this kind of writing...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I actually just graduated college (sigh) but I do hope this kind of writing gets me somewhere :)

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Review #7, by HartOfARebel Bittersweet

7th May 2012:
Yay! James is back!! Whoop =]

Oh you need to update soon because I need to know where they go from here and how Regulus uis getting on etc =]

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Review #8, by HartOfARebel The Deafening Silence of Solitude

7th May 2012:
I've never read a Remus/Hermione story..any recommendations?? =]

Great few chapters, the way you capture everyone's emotions regarding what happened on the mission. The fact that Lily and Sirius are falling apart without James. Must read on!!

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Review #9, by HartOfARebel A Tale of Two Sides

7th May 2012:
I know I've read this before and then I saw you updated but couldn't remember what happened before hand so I'm rereading! I haven't reviewed this chapter but I might have on chapters ahead of this. Oh well.

I love the possibility of Snape/Bella!! I think it's ingenius! =]

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Review #10, by vengeance Bittersweet

15th April 2012:
I'm loving this story. You've captured each character so perfectly. Your writing style is excellent. You've brought Hermione back! (I love Hermione/Remus) This story is just a massive combination of everything Marauder Era I love. I can't wait to see me. To see Lily with James again, hopefully :)

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Review #11, by HartOfARebel An Orderly Christmas

8th August 2011:
You're just torturing us now!! Why isn't James waking up yet?? I'll be really happy if Petunia and Lily can make up =]
I really liked the way you did this chapter, the way it flicked from person to person.
You know what would make my day? If Sirius and Regulus would make up =D

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Review #12, by HartOfARebel The Deafening Silence of Solitude

5th August 2011:
That Hermione thing sounds very familiar! I'm sure there's a story on here somewhere about Hermione having an accident with her time turner and going back to this time and falling for, I think, Remus. Is that one of your stories?? I must go look that up!
This isn't the end right? No it can't be 'cause Hermione just turned up and James is still out cold and Lily's falling apart.
Phew, that's ok.
Update soon please =D

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Review #13, by HartOfARebel Dark Realizations

5th August 2011:
I'm so confused!!!
If Lily found out that Peter was the spy does that mean that they stay alive? Or do they still die just at a different time? And Regulus Black going to Dumbledore!! With the locket destroyed =O
So this is clearly not HBP compatible
Is it even HP compatible.
Need to read on!!

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Review #14, by HartOfARebel Rooks and Knights

5th August 2011:
Did Lily recognise Peter's voice???
Blah, it sucks knowing how this is going to end and knowing that Peter still betrays them.

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Review #15, by HartOfARebel A Tale of Two Sides

5th August 2011:
Bella and Snape??? How weird is that? And her not being crazy at the beginning. I wonder what happened to change her..
I'm glad James doesn't think that Remus is the spy anymore =D

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Review #16, by HartOfARebel Saving Red

5th August 2011:
Seriously good story line =]
Although I really wish that they didn't have so many morals and could just torture Avery until he told them who the spy was. Then everything would be different =(

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Review #17, by HartOfARebel Into the Night

5th August 2011:
So far so good =] I like that Lily didn't give in when Avery had her trapped. She spat and laughed in his face. I've always thought she was like that =D

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Review #18, by ihavealife iswear The Deafening Silence of Solitude

7th February 2011:
hey the whole Hermione bit was a bit unexpected, but that is not to say i didn't LOVE it. i'm really interested in how your going to use that.
amazing update. honest, i loved the description you had of Lily's sadness and loneliness. and i loved the part where Lily caught Sirius leaving, and her saying that they were trying to not let James feel the way they feel.
anyway, thanks.
ihavealife iswear

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Review #19, by heyITSme Life and Death. Love and Loss

26th September 2010:
this is an utterly fabulous story that i have been reading well into the a.m. i could leave some really well thought out review, praising your writing, and your plot, and james and lily (who i'm obsessed with); but i'm tired. so i think i'll just ask for an update and be done with it.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoy this story, because personally it's my favorite one to write and I just don't think enough people are fans :/ The whole thing is already written so I'll get on updating as soon as a chapter from one of my other stories gets through the queue :)

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Review #20, by emily Life and Death. Love and Loss

28th July 2010:
please hurry up and write some more this is so good i love it i really want to see what you do with the whole harry voldermont thing i love what you did with james and lily so far i also can`t wait to see if voldermont does come back and how james and lily raise harry because what you have here is bloody freakin brilliant

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Review #21, by ataxaphobia Life and Death. Love and Loss

5th July 2010:
This is beautifully written and very well thought out. I tend to back away from AU stories, but this is great. Keep it up!

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Review #22, by Jessica N-M-Z Dark Realizations

18th May 2010:
Wow!! this is my first fic set in the first war, and now the bar has been set high! i really really like this, i really don't know how this could be au. i really like the dorcas/augustus/remus triangle...i never really felt the remus/tonks ship cuz jkr never really gave us enough details and background i felt more bill/fleur. this is just a really great fic, the, like, 1 or 2 OCs you have have acutally have names that jkr would have used, not names like zach or joey...(i simply hate bad OCs with popular names:D ) . great job, i look forward to your next chapters! :D


Author's Response: I'm so glad to have gotten your attention first then! It's very AU, which you will understand as the story continues. I have, however, made sure to stay as close to canon as possible with the characters. So far I'm pretty sure the only OC is Maggie McGonagall. Everyone else is mentioned at some point somewhere in the books :) I'm glad you're enjoying the story (and completely agree on your remus/tonks comment), and I plan on updating as soon as possible :)

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Review #23, by crazyformarauders123 Saving Red

5th October 2009:
i love this story so much!! it's probably my favorite on the whole website! please hurry up for more!!!

you're amazing!

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Review #24, by Lily123Evans  Sirius-ly Dreaming

27th September 2009:
My gosh. This is one of the best Marauder fics I've read. You've captured Lily and James' personalities perfectly! Everything is so precise and amazing and stuff... AMAZING writing, too. Keep updating... otherwise I think I might die! You're so talented! JEALOUS! :O) Lol! Keep it up! :O)

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Review #25, by crazyformarauders123 Sirius-ly Dreaming

27th September 2009:
this is soo good!!! i love how accurate all the facts/names are to the series! please hurry and keep writing! i've been waiting on a good story like this one about the first order...

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