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Review #1, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Starting again

20th August 2011:
It has been far too long since I left you a review :P so sorry about that..

So, about this story... DESPERATELY in need of an update methinks :P although I haven't done a whole lot with Cassandra Prince recently.. PLEASE add something soon?

Candy x

Author's Response: Haha ok when I finally stop dying over homework (Christmas) I'll write another chapter, but only on the condition that you write one of Cassandra Prince? pleeease? :) x

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Review #2, by someone Starting again

3rd October 2010:
please update, this story is far too good to be abandoned! i will die if you don't update it soon. kay? thanks.

Author's Response: Hahaha well we can't have that! :D Well I have good news I am on holiday soon and I am going to the country so I will have lots of time to write. I do have this all planned out it's just getting it written down that's the problem. So don't worry I'll have one up in a few weeks I think. Thank you SOO much for sticking with this and keeping reviewing, I know how much of a pain I'm being by taking so long, so thank you so much! :D :) :P

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Review #3, by magicalteacups Starting again

17th August 2010:
Hello there, just wondering when you'll put up another chapter... Because I hate the suspense. And I love this fanfiction, so PLEASE get writing b*tch :D

also, theres a new chapter of raven boy up, or it will be up, in 5 days so yeah:) ITS YOUR TURN TO PUT UP A NEW CHAPTER. :D

Author's Response: Fine :) I shall update next :D YAYY! A new chapter!! I can't wait to read it :D Thanks for the review :) xx

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Review #4, by lilyluna Starting again

25th June 2010:
Yes is the the lilyluna... I had to sign-out because I couldn't post a review. But I was wondering when you were gonna post another chapter to the story!!

Author's Response: Yay! You reviewed twice, that's so nice! Don't worry it's the holidays in like a week so a few days after that maybe? Because I'll have so much more time :D I really AM sorry that it has taken me so long :( Thank you so much for reviewing! :D :) :P

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Review #5, by lilyluna Starting again

6th June 2010:


Author's Response: Hahaha I know exactly what you mean it's weird I usually love the marauders but in this story I'm making them horrible Ok I promise to update really soon and don't worry I know this was really fillerish but the next chapter has a really important bit of the plot in it! :) That's quite spooky how close you were in bits of that review to what's actually going to happen. :P I'm really happy you like it, this made my day, thank you so much for reviewing! :) :D :P

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Review #6, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Starting again

8th May 2010:
:O:O I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! I've been waiting for this for SO long! SO happy you finally got another chapter up here! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT WAS UP? Thanks for the mention in the Author's note.. Made me feel all special and stuff :) And, even though all but one of my reviews here have disappeared I will keep going until I get what I want :P I'm a little bit stubborn like that!

So.. Cassandra Prince... the next chapter is coming on very slowly.. I just don't know what I want to happen next so its taking longer than I expected it to.. but I'll let you know when I put it into validation.. Thanks for putting up with the slowness by the way :P

ANYWAY back to YOUR story. James and the rest of them are REALLY going to regret doing that to her.. Especially when Pettigrew gives Volde information about them and gets them all killed or thrown in Azkaban! Oh he just makes me so angry!

So.. Thanks for updating your AMAZING story :) even if it did take a while it was well worth the wait :P I look forward to your next chapter.. hopefully it'll be up soon?

Clouds x

Author's Response: YAY! YOU LIKE IT!! :D Hahaha yeah sorry I will let you know next time promise! And you have to let me know when you update, please update SOON!!! :) Ahh that's because you ARE special!! Lol :) I know it's so sad :( I'm very glad you are stubborn it definitely helps me write and I love your reviews they always make me smile :) Hahaha yeah the idiots they won't know what hit them! I know he's just awful!! It's ok I know it took way too long, sorry I'm glad you liked it so much, it will be up very soon, don't worry!! :) And something exciting will hopefully happen in the next chapter and not be as much as a filler chapter, as this one was!! Thanks for reviewing!! :D xx

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Review #7, by Harry and Ginny Starting again

30th April 2010:
James and the others are going to deeply regret what they did when they learned that it was Peter who was the spy 4 Voldemort. will u update soon please?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Hahaha yeah they definately will! I will, I still feel so bad about how long the last one took! :) Thanks for reviewing!!! :D

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Review #8, by magicalteacups Starting again

25th April 2010:
yay! a new chapter! about time my dear! this was really amazing, poor old layla Dx



Author's Response: Yeah finally! Lol I know :( At least it's up now :) I know I feel sorry for her too, but hey she was never going to have it easy :( I'm really happy you like it! Thanks so much for updating, thank you!! :) xx

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Review #9, by CheerLachlan Discovery

12th April 2010:
Poor Girl! Wow, James with a sister... I liked the way you made her a spy, it totally fits in with the times. Please update - this story sounds like it's gonna be reeealy good! 10/10

Author's Response: Hahaha thanks! I am actually updating on thursday sooo yeah we'll just see how long it takes to validate it! :D Yeah I thought that at that times they would need loads of spys and I always liked the idea of James having a sister so I thought, why not :) lol Thank you so much! I really hope I can live up to expectations! :D Thank you so much for reviewing! Wow 10/10 not sure I deserve THAT! lol :D :) :P

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Review #10, by magicalteacups Discovery

4th April 2010:



Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I am updating thursday and no I'm not Katiee lol :D :) :P LOVE YOUUU! See you soo hopefully x

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Review #11, by Harry and Ginny Discovery

1st April 2010:
wow! this is awesome! i never read a fic like this and i hope u'll update soon!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Awww thank you that's such a nice thing to say! :) And don't worry like I said to Lilyluna, because it is now the holidays I am FINALLY getting round to somewriting and am already halfway through a chapter :) Although I am now terrified that it won't be as good as the last chapter, but oh well :) Thank you SO much for reviewing so nicely :) I will update soon promise! :D

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Review #12, by lilyluna Discovery

26th March 2010:
I really like where this story is going!! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Ok first of all I want to say THANK YOU so much for still reviewing even though I haven't updated in months and thank you for leaving such a nice review too! :) Secondly I know you and everyone else who reads this story must hate me so much because of how long it has been since I updated, and I know I've said this countless times before, but I am going to update soon. Because in English class recently we had to write a short story and I wrote loads, which has really gotten me wanting to write again, so because it's the Easter holidays next week I am going to try and write two or three chapters and update them so at the latest there'll be a new chapter up in two weeks probably much less than that, and I know, again, that I've said this before, but I PROMISE! I am so sorry it's been so long since I updated and thank you again for such a lovely review! :D :) P

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Review #13, by amortentia18 Discovery

6th November 2009:
Great chapter! I decided to read it cos I thought the summary sounded really interesting and it really really was. You really should post the rest of it, its brilliant :D
(PS- My lily story is now fully posted and my mcgonagall story is up to if you want to read either :P)

Author's Response: Awww thanks I'm so glad you liked it, and don't worry I will be posting the rest of it REALLY soon!! Is it up oh right, I am going to read it RIGHT NOW!!! ;) I'm so glad you think the story is good and interesting that means a lot coming from someone who has written such great stories!! Thank you SOOO much for reviewing!! x :D

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Review #14, by angelchaser13 Discovery

9th October 2009:
There are some grammatical errors, and this is slightly too long--or too much info packed into too few paragraphs--but it's a good start =)



PS--new stories up of mine if you're interested =)

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for reviewing!!! I know there are a lot of gramatical errors, I'm really sorry!! I'm really bad at that stuff, sorry!! I'm glad you think it's a good start though!! :) Thanks for letting me know about your stories, I'll go and look at them right now!! :) Again thank you so much for reviewing!! :D

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Review #15, by gliter girl Discovery

28th September 2009:
how are you gettting so many reviwes! not fair!
*mad face*
love your storty! it reallly outside the box! you get the thumbs up from me!
gliter girl (who coincedently also has hazel eyes)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! :) I have no idea how I got so many reviews I am even more shocked than you are!! :) I am so glad you love my story!! And it's always great to hear your idea is unique!! Yay, thumbs up!! :D Hazel eyes rule, they are the BEST eye colour, no offence anyone who doesn't have hazel eyes! :) I am halfway through my second chapter, so it should be up soon!! :D Again thank you so much for reviewing!!! :)

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Review #16, by Queen of chocolate and cookies Discovery

25th September 2009:
Love this chapy but plz add more chaps soon or i will get sad and bann u from cookie land!!!(btw i am a friend of twinklinghazeleyes)

Author's Response: Thanks!! Glad you like it!! Don't worry I'm halfway through next chapter so should be up soon!! Yes I know, I am amzingly slow at writing! :) Please don't get sad and ban me from cookie land, it's what I live for!! :) Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #17, by LunaTheDeathEater Discovery

21st September 2009:
Oooh, this might get exciting :)
I just thought I'd check out your story since you reviewed one of mine =D

If I was James, I wouldn't trust Pettigrew instead of my own sister, but I understand him anyway. I mean, Pettigrew is a friend. He thinks... =P

18 years old and double agent... Wow.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!!! Yeah I know he should trust his sister, but she's the one who's meant to be playing double agent not Pettigrew, so he's not really sure who to trust. And, yeah she's very accomplished for her age!! :) Thank you again so much for reviewing, and please update your story soon!!! :)

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Review #18, by Voldy wants a rabbit Discovery

31st August 2009:
i love this story :D its amazing, update again soon please

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!! This review made me so happy!!! I'm so glad that you love this story!! I will update really soon!!! But I've got school starting tomorrow, so it will be harder to update!! Please update your story soon too!! Again thank you so much for your review!! :)

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Review #19, by marauderqueen Discovery

30th August 2009:
Ah!!! I loved it! It was soo so very good! I just did my first fic too and I love getting reviews ( all 2 of em! :P) but I always panic when I think it's a bad one lol
But I really did love this. Can I expect more?

Author's Response: Yay!! You liked it!! I love reviews too!! I'm really glad you liked it!! Don't worry, I will try to update really, really soon, though I've got school tommorrow so, I might not have much time!! Thanks so much for your review, it made me SMILE!! :)

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Review #20, by AHHHHmandax3 Discovery

27th August 2009:
Interesting plot line. I'd never read/thought of James having a sister! Very creative! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!! I'm really glad you like the plot, and yay it unique!! I'm updating as soon as the queue opens!! Again thank you so much for your review!!! :P

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Review #21, by la belle lune  Discovery

24th August 2009:
Oh snap!!! thats sad!! but realy good! :) cant wait fer the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!! I know it's sad, but the next bit will be up as soon as the queue opens!! Again thanks so much for your review!! :)

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Review #22, by AC_rules Discovery

22nd August 2009:
I really like the plot of this, and the whole idea as I don't think I've seen a story that starts from here. Are you going to add some flashbacks and stuff back to the time at Hogwarts because I really want to know more about that.

I'm not great at grammar myself, so I totally understand all your grammar mistakes (which they're were quite a few, no offence,) so you may want to go back and fix thoes ones. There were a few points when you swapped tenses slightly (I do that so often it's unreal! Cause I'm normally working on two stories of different tenses) then the dialouge needs to be more spaced out and better punctuated.

I really loved the last line when it said Abandoned.

The plot twist was really good and I think to make it even better you should have built up her anxiety of telling the others more, if you get me, to make us feel her dissapointmemt and shock when she realises she's too late.

This was a really good start :)

Author's Response: Thanks, so much for the review, I'm glad you like the plot! I really need to go back and fix all those things!! I'm always terrible at that stuff, it's so annoying!! I'm glad you liked the last line, and the plot twist, though you are right I probably should have built it up a bit more! I'm glad you like it so far, and it makes me so happy you've reviewed, thank you!! :)

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Review #23, by Erich Discovery

19th August 2009:
Wow.. I was really looking forward on how the Order members would react if they've been told about Wormtail's double-crossing, so I wasn't expecting that sudden accusation about Prongs' sis!

But I was a bit confused about the dialogues, about who's speaking. I think you'll do brillantly by making a new paragraph everytime the speaker would change--just like in the HP books.

But other than that, it's really really god !

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!!! I know, that was the twist, it was meant to be a surprise, glad it was!! I know the dialogue was weird, I'm going to try and fix that, but I'm a bit rubbish at that stuff and grammar, sorry!!! Thanks again so much for reviewing, I will be updating soon!! Thanks :p

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Review #24, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Discovery

18th August 2009:
Hey, this is brilliant :) I really hate Pettigrew! I'm thinking that an update is in order...

Candy x

Oh, P.S... I just posted another chapter to Cassandra Prince, it's in validation now... should be up soon, thank you so much for your review.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review, it means the world to me! I really hate Pettigrew too, well you could probably tell from the story!! :) I'll update as soon as possible, the reason it's been so long is I've been on holiday, with no access to computers, but don't worry, I'm back now and with a plot in mind!! Yay, you've updated, I love your story!! Now I'll be checking every day till it's validated!! Don't you hate how long validation is? So don't worry, I will update really soon!! Thanks again for your review!! :P

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Review #25, by itsmidnighthere Discovery

16th August 2009:
That was a good chapter.
Thankyou for reviewing on my story :)

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked the chapter!! It was my pleasure to review your story, it's great, and I can't wait for the next chapter!! :) Thank you for reviewing!!

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