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Review #1, by gigi "Masquarade, painted faces on parade."

4th September 2016:
So why didn't Aria get sorted too, she's supposed to be a new student isn't she? And how is she keeping up her false ID when she's staying in Kileys room and roams around with Kileys dragon?

Author's Response: frack if I know!

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Review #2, by SomethingWitty17 “What does puppies have to do with anything?”

12th June 2015:
What about using Ginny as the b-word?

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Review #3, by g "It was the fight of our lives, but we'll stand up, champions tonight"

8th March 2014:
I cried. This is a great story, so sad that it's over

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Review #4, by john “Do you think I’m insane?”

23rd June 2013:
good so far i like it

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Review #5, by :) “What does puppies have to do with anything?”

4th January 2013:
I think that the plot is good and you have the right ideas, but the characters aren't really round enough or whole enough. I mean lets take Harry for instance: he is just this really love struck boy who can only think about this girl, and i know that that is what people are like when they are in love, but what about Harry's shyness when it comes to girls? And his stubborness...? Shouldn't Snape be a bit more nasty to Harry because he is over protective of his daughter? And the main character is a bit too perfect, you know? I mean, its bound to be not just smiles and feeling at home at Hogwarts? I feel like it's not raw enough, but other then that, I think your ideas are very creative and entertaining, but maybe some more subtle hints about how the other characters feel about this?
I know you have finished the story already, but maybe for future refrence? C:
Sorry the review is so long!
A friend :]

Author's Response: i've since rewritten it a few times, a really need to update it :) i should probably start doing that. thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Lisa high ho the merrio, to Grimmauld place we go!

24th September 2012:
I love this fan fiction, so far! I really hope that you keep writing!

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Review #7, by Madison "time can never mend a careless whisper"

23rd September 2012:
You do realize, that its not possible to apparate or disapparate on hogwarts grounds? The plot is good otherwise. Except for other minor flaws, such as the fact that Harry hasn't passed his apparation exam by this time. And that Sirius is dead( but I can accept this, because he is awesome!)

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Review #8, by Z Sixteen Years Ago

11th June 2012:
This hurt me to read, though it was good. WHY DID HE DO THIS?! WHY?!

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Review #9, by X_Kezza_X Ninteen years later.....

9th February 2012:
Good story but you should really check on the spellings all over it. The 'to's are wrong and the 'know' and the 'no's are too

Author's Response: yeah, I wrote this a while ago, before i understood the mechanics :P thanks though :)

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Review #10, by Nikki Ninteen years later.....

3rd November 2011:
Amazing story. Loved all of it!!!

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Review #11, by WeasleyGirl03 “What does puppies have to do with anything?”

24th October 2011:
I like bitch-Hermione, I'm so used to liking her, I needed a change lol!!

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Review #12, by WeasleyGirl03 “Do you think I’m insane?”

22nd October 2011:
I'd forgotten how lost Kiley could get in her memories, I always liked that chapter because of it :)

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Review #13, by WeasleyGirl03 "Dear Merlin! She’s in love."

22nd October 2011:
Naaw, Harry and Kiley are so cute :D

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Review #14, by WeasleyGirl03 Sixteen Years Ago

22nd October 2011:
I love this story so much, I've decided to read it again! :D

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Review #15, by justafan Ninteen years later.....

23rd September 2011:
OMG!!! that was an AWESOME work!!! takes alot of creativity to write such a story that people won't fell asleep while reading it.only the ending was a tiny bit off. lolz... i look foward to reading more of your stories!!!

Author's Response: thank you so much :)

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Review #16, by Anonymous "Masquarade, painted faces on parade."

12th September 2011:
Really? "captains can't play?" Wtf?

Author's Response: again, fanfiction. I can make any rules I want, it's my story. Obviously you like it if you've read this much. I'm not going to defend what I write to you, so either read it or not. Don't read it and don't waste your time if it's to mundane for you. Don't stalk it if you hate it. Please and thank you.

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Review #17, by Anonymous she lives in a fairytale...

12th September 2011:
This is pathetic. Once again, you can't use muggle electronics in the wizard world. And sev would murder harry if he didn't ask permission first.

Author's Response: since when? this is fanfiction. Understand? you have a limited mind. Open it, and maybe you can enjoy fanfiction a little more.

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Review #18, by Anonymous Ex-boyfriends, Veritiserum, and the Dark Lord. Now that's not good.

12th September 2011:
Phones wouldn't work in hogwarts. Any one thats a potter fan should know that.

Author's Response: um, since when can't you use phones in Hogwarts? did J.K. Rowling ever say that? where phone's ever even addressed in the books? and Potter fan should know that.

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Review #19, by potterfan2012 “What does puppies have to do with anything?”

12th September 2011:
Youuu should have made jonny the b..., not hermione. she's his best friend, so it wouldn't make sense, since she's the one always trying to seee ther good in severus.

Author's Response: jonny? who is that?

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Review #20, by msKuhlena Ex-boyfriends, Veritiserum, and the Dark Lord. Now that's not good.

11th July 2011:
ok now i am worried, it would be just like Voldermort to use Kiley against Harry to get him to do what he wants. oh crap.

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Review #21, by bowtruckle "Dear Merlin! She’s in love."

13th June 2011:
You may want to use a few more adverbs. The story is all over the place and everyone is completely out of character, but for some reason I can't stop reading

Author's Response: that's the whole point, love ;)

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Review #22, by Carly Ninteen years later.....

8th June 2011:
First the bad news . . . there were 2 things I didn't like:
1.LUNA DIED!!! :( That made me really sad!
2. Draco didn't find someone, or he did but they left him, I felt really bad for him at the end!

Now the good news . . . I loved this story! It was an odd take on the series but it somehow worked and worked well! I thought Harry and Kiley were PERFECT together and I really liked the Kelly/Kiley(or Pauper/Princess) relationship, by the end they were practically sisters! Also I thought it was interesting to see the nice sides of Draco and Severus because we all knew they were there! Plus I thought seeing the b*tchy side of Hermione was pretty fun! Overall, brilliant story and I'll probably read the 2nd one soon!

Author's Response: i LOVED writing Severus's part, i couldn't stop laughin @ some points :)
the kelly character is modeled after my best friend, their relationship is modeled after ours :)
thank u :)

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Review #23, by Zoee Ninteen years later.....

22nd May 2011:
It was really good!!:) so there is going to be another one!??? May i just ask why you wrote nineteen years later if you have another book coming out of their 7th year???

Author's Response: because I had only planned on writing one book but then I had a dream that became the second book :)

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Review #24, by Zoee "How many times can I break and not shatter?"

21st May 2011:
Hi greAt book btw but i am kinda confused!!! Narcissa,Bellatrix and Andromeda are all sister riight?? And Bellatrix and Sirius are cousins??? Wouldn't that make Narcissa Sirius's cousin as well??? Cuzz if i understood properly they had two kids!!!? Draco and Kelly??

Author's Response: Narcissa is adopted, this is my reasoning behind this whole madness that is Sirius and Narcissa

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Review #25, by Alaina Ninteen years later.....

18th May 2011:
I loved this whole story you are were really good at coming up with it. But i hate that Sirius dies :/

Author's Response: thank u :) i hate tht 2. but it needed 2 b so :/

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