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Review #1, by cOoLiO_bEaNs1494 Midnight Rose

30th December 2010:
Wow this story really moved me to tears, the way you described Rose and Scorpius' relationship and his death really made me tear up.
Really powerful and emotional writing, I thoroughly enjoy your writing and your storylines are always amazing.
I have come to enjoy Rose and Teddy stories, somehow to me they just fit together.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for this review and the wonderful compliment you've paid my stories. It means a lot to hear this, and I really appreciate it. ^_^

I don't actually know why I chose to love Teddy/Rose of all ships, but it's a beautiful one to write, and I'm glad to hear that you like it too. :D

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Review #2, by Janhvi Midnight Rose

29th November 2010:
whoo. great end. Loved the story.
And i wonder why i am not studying.. i have my semester exam in 48 hours and i m studying ur stories instead of syllabus. But that's ok. I'll find time for the syllabus somewhere, somehow. :p

Author's Response: Fanfiction does this to studying. I'm responding to this when I should be working on essays, but this helps me take a practical break. ;) Hope you did well on that exam!

Thank you for reading and reviewing (and enjoying)!

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Review #3, by Squid7000 Midnight Rose

15th February 2010:

So, this was completely amazing and I enjoyed it to heck. My favorite part is simply all the beautiful description; I'm a sucker for a good adjective:)

The plot line (for lack of a better word) with Scorpius was very heartbreaking though. And, I think her feelings about him (and Teddy's about Victoire) were very relatable.

Wonderful ending, too. Like, really.

GREAT fic!


Author's Response: Wow, thank you! It's fantastic that you enjoyed this, especially the description (which was something I focused on for this story, just to get the right mood/atmosphere) and the ending. It was interesting to come up with a reason why Rose would not be with Scorpius - with the Epilogue, it's just about impossible not to see them as canon, hence having to "get rid of him". ;)

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate hearing from you! :D

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Review #4, by simi potter Midnight Rose

9th February 2010:
That was a beautiful story
loved it
simi potter

Author's Response: Thank you very much! ^_^

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Review #5, by Rose_Weasley123 Midnight Rose

10th January 2010:
I just realised something today. Having followed your work pretty much since I came here, it occured to me that I have never actually reviewed anything of yours. It's mostly laziness on my part (lack of time comes into it), but I felt, somehow, that I had to review this one (despite having a long list of jobs to do :P), for reasons that I hope I can explain.

Ted/Rose is SUCH an underwritten pairing, in my opinion, and reading this I really can't see why. It holds limitless possibilities, and you've done wonders with it here.

This is different from your other pieces in some ways. There's slightly less descriptive language/imagery than usual, but I don't find that to be a bad thing here. In no way does this story feel lacking of anything. Actually, I think it is the empty spaces that hold the most meaning. The descriptive language you did include was poetic and lyrical. I especially loved the references to the sky and the stars.

There was something ethereal to the writing, and I loved the flow that gave it. It felt almost dream like, despite the dark subject matter.

The characterisation was incredibly well done, and something I could never possibly cover in one review. One thing that always astounds me about your writing is your ability to tell so much in so little. Rose was amazingly characterised. I really didn't forsee that twist you put into her relationship with Scorpius. It's just so genius, yet true to life, and it's something rarely seen in fanfiction. Usually it's either all or nothing.

Teddy was lovely. I completely adored him. I love how you gave him sufficient flaws, but he came across as a caring, lovely person. The characters really come alive in this, and in turn it made the story come to life.

And, of course, their relationship. I loved how it was so fleeting- I don't think it could be described as true love, but as something that just was, a mixture of attraction, desperation, and maybe even a need for closeness.

Alone again, Rose looked up at the stars. So much alive.

I adored this line. I thought it was a lovely allusion to the fact that Teddy's eyes looked like stars. It leaves the whole story open ended, which I love. I love having the freedom to create my own ending.

Just a little CC- I spotted on mispelling of Scorpius (which I cannot find now>< ), but that is really it.

I loved this, and I think it is probably one of my favourite stories of yours. It's beatuiful in it's simplicity, and yet it is something more.

I hope you can find something in this sea of rambling :D.


Author's Response: Oh, thank you for coming to review! It's wonderful just to know that you like following my work, but this huge review is a great treat. :D Teddy/Rose is an addicting ship - it's come on slowly, but it's one that, because there's no canon basis for it, seems to have a lot more freedom about it: you can do anything with it.

This story is different, you're right, though I can't exactly explain why. I just read it and feel that it's different, simpler, not so much trying to sound "literary". And it also has something to do with the "base image" of the stars and the night sky. Each of my one-shots has a main image that resonates throughout the whole thing, and that image inspires the rest of the story, writing style and all. So I guess the darkness and beauty of the night got into this story, making it emptier, more ethereal, as you said. I never thought of the imagery affecting the style so much, but your review has made me think of it, and now I'll be obsessed with the idea. XD

Ooh! That line! It's one that I love as well because it sums up so much in just a few words, and there's the added ambiguity between the stars being "so much alive" or Rose being that way. That's as close to "happily ever after" I could get at this time. :P Which is, sadly, a triumph. I never thought of that line as being connected with Teddy's eyes as well, but that's perfect!

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this, Becca! It means a lot to hear from you! :D

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Review #6, by Gwenizzle Midnight Rose

29th November 2009:
Aww. Usually I'm a diehard ScoRose fan, but I adored this. The characterisation of Rose was particularly perfect, especially the guilt she felt over Scorpius dying (sob). I love your version of Teddy. He is very refreshing. A great job. Gwen x

P.S You said in your summary that this was for the 'SAYS Summer Story Exchange'...what is SAYS?

Author's Response: SAYS is a site - Serious About Your Skills - where they had a story exchange during the summer. :) It was a good excuse to write a Rose/Teddy story, as it's a ship I've been wanting to try for a little while now.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad that you liked the story, even as a Scorose fan. And Teddy was wonderful to write - I really love his character for some reason. XD

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Review #7, by henryjones Midnight Rose

3rd September 2009:
this story is a beautiful moment. i cant think of any better or other way to say that, so this will be a short review. anyway, brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It is just a moment in time, which suits the short story (one-shot) form. It's wonderful that you liked this piece!

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Review #8, by Elesphyl Midnight Rose

2nd September 2009:
Can I marry your Teddy? Please? He's so, so, so perfect. Just ... perfect! I love the fact that he could read Rose so well - that perhaps she did love Scorpius, but she had well gotten over the fact that he'd died. The lack of entertainment, perhaps not. The thing about Rose in this one-shot is that she's so complex. She's totally bored in my opinion, but is passing it off to her family as grief. I don't know, maybe I'm reading it wrong, but that's my interpretation.

I liked that Teddy wasn't fully appreciative of Scorpius, either. Especially this line: "Listen, I heard about Malfoy, and I'm sorry."

Oh, aye, he's sorry for her, but he doesn't seem compassionate enough to be sorry about the fact that Malfoy died. No. He's sorry that Rose is bored and (perhaps a little bit) sad. The fact that he calls Scorpius Malfoy is also a brilliant touch.

Really, Susan. One of these days you're going to have to share your awesomeness (to steal Shiloh's words), because right now, you're suffocating us. Your talent reigns over us all. I loved this one-shot. Well and truly.

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic.
XOXO, Kalina

Author's Response: If I may say so, I love the ambiguity of the last line, the last sentence actually. Because there's no subject, it's hard to say whether it's Rose or the stars that are so much alive. It wouldn't have been the same had that last part been connected to the previous sentence.

It's fantastic that you love the Teddy here. I like making him into a quiet, yet very passionate artisty sort of person. Perhaps it's because I see Remus as having the potential for that personality, and so his son gets it in a stronger dose. It helps that I love Teddy (almost as much as Albus Severus, but perhaps when I finish "Winner Takes All" I'll love Teddy more :P), so it's easier to make him into a "perfect" sort of guy. XD

The tension between the Weasley clan and the Malfoys is still there - Rose bridged it for a while, but it seems that her family was relieved when he died. That adds to her guilt in many ways, knowing that her friends and family weren't happy with the match. And perhaps Teddy is also jealous, though that would be extrapolating a bit too much, as I didn't have jealousy in mind when he said that (but author intentionality rarely matters these days :P).

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this, Kalina. It means a lot to hear from you. ^_^

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Review #9, by confusedlover Midnight Rose

29th August 2009:
very lovely.

wow, this was simply amazing. very, very different than what i have read before but in a good way of course. the bond between Rose and Teddy appeared to be a lot stronger and unique compared to anything that i have read in awhile and i believe that that is the main thing that makes this story stand out so much in my eyes. what they shared was unexplainable and stories that contain that sort of thing always hit me harder than all of those that don't.

your characterization appeared to be nicely done and molded. the next generation characters are ones that you can do a lot with but i noticed that you did not seem to do too much with them as some do. you created them so that their actions, emotions, and dialogue did not seem to travel everywhere or say too much and that is definitely a plus. you made Rose and Teddy realistic and i thank you for that.

overall, i thought that you did a lovely job on this little one-shot. your flow was perfect and it really set a beautiful pace for the story. feel free to request again on my review thread anytime that you wish. i would honestly love to read some more from you. beautiful job on this. keep up the amazing work.

Author's Response: Thank you for this! It came so quickly after I requested, which is wonderful, and I appreciate the time you've taken to read and review this story. :D

Wow, it's really wonderful that you enjoyed this story. When I wrote it, I was rushing and just trying to get it done in time as a gift that I didn't realise how it was turning out as I wrote it. This Rose is different from the one I have in a longer story, which made her a challenge to write. So I'm glad that she emerged as a realistic character who also shared a strong bond with Teddy. She seemed to angsty in her mourning clothes, but there is really more to her, I guess.

It's great that the non-romance of this story wasn't a let down or anything. I meant to make it romantic at the end, yet it didn't seem right with how the characters were acting - it would have been forced, unnatural. They have a bond that romance (or immediate romance, at least) would have damaged - but that's something I only see now, looking back at the story.

Thank you again for the review! I'll definitely be requesting you again. :D

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Review #10, by fashy Midnight Rose

22nd August 2009:
Beautiful story, though I'm so curious to know more haha.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D It's a weird story in that it comes after important events and before other important events - so I can definitely see why you want to know more. ;) I'm trying to write this ship again, so perhaps there'll be more to this story.

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Review #11, by Unwritten Curse Midnight Rose

20th August 2009:
Gosh, this is wonderful.

*ahem* Hi there, Violet! I'm here for the Round Robin over at INKSTAINS. :) And boy am I glad I'm here!

I've always admired your writing. Honestly, each time I read it, I fall in love all over again. You are so incredibly talented that it takes my breath away. The way you manipulate words is both beautiful and powerful. I was glued to my computer screen as I read this one-shot.

And the emotions you portrayed! While nothing physical happened between Rose and Teddy, I still felt their connection. It was so unique and refreshing. Not your typical romance. It was more of an... understanding between the two of them, that brought them together.

I really liked the twisted Rose/Scorpius 'ship that you've added here, as well. It's funny... because it's not only what her family and friends expected of her, but also what the world of fanfiction readers expect. ;) So you've messed with our minds a bit here, but in the best possible way. What a creative, entertaining plot.

And your descriptions! Wonderful. I felt like I was there. An easy 10/10. This was such an enjoyable read!

Keep writing,

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, Gina! It's wonderful that you thought the story wonderful! ^_^ And I'm having trouble trying to figure out what else to say. There's so much amazing praise in this review that I'll probably end up squeeing my way through this with a lot of verys and reallys and a slew of hyperactive adjectives. XD

It's not a very romantic story, you're right. The connection between them isn't passion or lust, just a sort of understanding - they've gone through similar issues and can, together, find resolution and solace. I've said in the summary that it's a "Teddy/Rose" story as though it's a romance, but that isn't quite suitable. :/ The potential for the romance is there, but it never quite happens. This is like the prelude to it. The original plan was to make them kiss at the end, but when I got to writing that part, it didn't fit anymore. The connection between them wouldn't lead to that - either that or Dom's arrival was very badly timed, interrupting what could have been a kiss. :P

I'm still trying to figure out why so many people write Rose/Scorpius. It's like Ron's warning from the epilogue is the entire basis of this ship in canon. So I enjoy messing with it, pushing the boundaries and making people think about it. :D

Thanks again for reading and reviewing this, Gina. It's fantastic that you enjoyed it and I really appreciate hearing from you. ^_^

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Review #12, by MajiKat Midnight Rose

14th August 2009:

susan im not even sure how to begin this review. im not sure it will be critical at all, because there is little to critique. there is only praise.

firstly, your command of poetic techniques is staggering. your work has such a beautiful rhythm to it - like waves. it pulls you and lifts you and drops you back down. as i was reading, i felt like rose - engulfed in sorrow and guilt, weighed down, until something came along and started to lift me up again. not many authors can do that to me - im far too cynical, lol.

the one thing that really stands out to me is your use of personification - its beautiful, and helps paint a realistic picture.

and what happened to scorpius - i have to commend you on your ability to show and not tell, and to leave enough space for the reader to infer what has happened. i like it when authors treat their readers as intelligent ^_^ thank you!!

okay so onto what you asked - flow, characterisation, language. i think ive covered language - you are a wonderful writer, susan, and you definitely know how to use words to capture realism and emotion. this piece flowed beautifully - never was i bored, and never did i want to stop reading. you always give just enough and don't saturate the reader in unnecessary words.

your characterisation was wonderful. rose was perfect - you handled her grief and her guilt with a steady hand - with real pathos actually. lovely work. and teddy was also perfect. ive not read alot of teddy-orientated fics so i don't have alot to base his character off, only that i think he was very human.

umm i don't think i have much more to say. i really enjoyed this little slice of your work.

kate xx

Author's Response: Wow, Kate! Only praise!? O_O That's amazing news and a wonderful compliment. Thank you! I didn't think that much about this story when I first wrote it, so I'm actually surprised that it contains all the imagery and poetic technique (I'll have to go back and look for it now :D).

But I am really glad that the emotion came through - Rose's guilt was very important to the plot, and how she chose to deal with that guilt held sway over the outcome. The ending was supposed to be more mushy, but by the time I got to writing it, having Teddy and Rose romantically involved didn't fit. While the potential for it is there, I just couldn't make it happen right away. It would have been too fast, and probably would have ruined the ending. It's great that ending was uplifting for you. I'm not one for writing happy endings at all, so this was an experiment, one that actually worked!

Someone else said something similar about Scorpius's death. It could be a whole range of things, and I didn't want to make it too specific (mostly because I couldn't decide how I wanted to kill him off). I'm glad that the mysteriousness ends up adding to the story. :D I also assumed that Teddy would know, therefore it seems pointless to have them say it, especially with Rose in the state she was. Any reminder would have been too painful.

Okay, I'm still wowed by this review, haha. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! I really appreciate hearing your opinion on it. ^_^

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Review #13, by GubraithianFire Midnight Rose

7th August 2009:
Rare enough as it is to find Teddy/Rose stories, it's rarer still to find happy ones. Not that this is happy, per se, because it isn't, but it's not a forbidden love, drowning in lust sort of thing. That is what struck me most when I read this for the first time. It isn't even really a Teddy/Rose story - it simply is. And in my opinion, the best authors are the ones who can write anything without infusing their own biases and expectations into their work. Which is why I love your writing so much, Susan; you do exactly that.

Instead of going the usual route with some secret tryst, you used another common motif in romance, the perfect couple. I love how we don't know exactly how or why Scorpius died, because really, what does that matter? Rose's "festering wound" is all that matters. Not the death, as you said, but the guilt. Teddy's situation is much the same - we all seem to think that he is "meant to be" with Victoire, but what does that mean? You take a wonderful ideal and didn't quite turn it on its head, but... twisted it, a little bit. I believe Teddy said something about Rose being the only one who could understand, and that is true. So in that context, their being "together" at all makes all the sense in the world. And - a minor detail - you have no idea how relieved I am to see Nicky as the mother hen. I've seen her as vapid, shallow, cruel, heartless, etc. Never nurturing. So thank you for that - small part though it was, it made me smile.

So thank you, Susan, for writing such a magical story that made Teddrose seem not only possible, but undeniable. I think I'm going to go write one myself, although I'll never match up to yours. Absolutely magical.

Author's Response: The "happy ending" is a rare breed for any story of mine, though I didn't know it was the same for Teddrose stories. That ship makes me think of happy endings, unlike Scorose. *tries to look innocent* But you are right in that this isn't a shippy story. It's more of a friendshippy story, with only the potential of it to go further. Teddrose doesn't seem very lustful to me, more comfortable, especially after the two of them have been off with their "perfect" matches (Victoire and Scorpius, respectfully). So I can't say that my own biases didn't come through, though I'm glad that they weren't overpowering. It was great to write such a simple, pleasant story, one that's still emotional, but in an uplifting sort of way. ^_^

It's funny you mention how Scorpius died because it was something I couldn't decide on myself, which is why it was left unnamed. It could have been anything, and like you said, it doesn't matter to the story how it happened, only that he is dead, leaving Rose to her guilt. I'm glad that Teddy and Rose being together makes sense. It took some wrangling to bring them together in this way - it's like trying to write Dramione, it's not an entirely natural ship. :P Yet, even with that, they do belong together, at least in my head.

It means so much that you liked this story, Gubby. The whole Teddrose thing is still a bit experiment for me, while I know you're more practised at it. Thank you so much! *huggles*

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Review #14, by SilverShadow04 Midnight Rose

6th August 2009:
This story was incredibly sweet and heartfelt, beautiful. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you! It's fantastic that you enjoyed reading it! :D

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Review #15, by Phoenix_Flames Midnight Rose

4th August 2009:
Aw! Susan! This was amazing. Beautiful and uplifting.

At first, I thought I had a fairly fluffy fic coming, but as soon as Scorpius came into the picture, that turned around and you had me in for quite a surprise. It was bitter-sweet and the scenes with Rose and Teddy are portrayed brilliantely. They show every little detail of Rose that we were trying to figure out from her reaction to Scorpius.

Susan, as always, this was amazing. Now, I didn't look at the published date, but I can tell the difference in your form of writing. I think this could do with a little update. The double spaces and indentions made it a little difficult to follow from line to line and made the read slightly rocky, but it was still brilliant nonetheless.

Amazing, Susan! Simply and truly amazing! Thank you for requesting! xD


Author's Response: I figured out what went wrong with the formatting. Instead of going to the simple editor right away as I usually do, I just pasted the story into the advanced editor here and it came out looking as I type it - with the extra spaces and indents. I write it that way out of habit (since I learned to type on a typewriter :P), but usually the HPFF editor removes those things. I'm aware of the problem now, have fixed it for this story, and will make sure to not be lazy and use the simple editor from now on. Thanks for that, Drue. I was so confused when you mentioned it, but now I've been schooled in modern typography. XD

Anyway, thank you for the review. That last part was insanely helpful, and I'm glad that the rest of the story turned out well. I wasn't sure because I'd written it so quickly whether the characters and storyline had worked. It was strange to see it come out entirely 12+, since I haven't written one of those in years. But it isn't really fluffy, a bit uplifting at the end perhaps, but still sad. And I'm glad you got that feeling from it. :)

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Review #16, by Lyn Midnight Midnight Rose

9th July 2009:
Oh, see, now thatís what I was looking for! A good love story with Teddy, and Rose seems so much better for him than Victoire. I wonít even discuss the Scorose couple. So I thought I havenít read a fanfic in a while, and I saw you had a new story. Iíll try to include some criticism as wellÖ

Your writing is just as I remember it: precise, only even more so, if thatís possible. In fact, I didnít find a word or sentence that was redundant or out of place. And you know how sometimes there are moments in a story that are predictable and overdone? Well, the moment that had the biggest potential to be cliched in this story was Teddyís presence in the middle of Roseís silent musings, and her tears would have called for his words of comfort and chivalry. Instead, I was very pleased with my own thoughts Ė of how much on the surface was actually true, and how many people felt like they couldnít talk about their feelings, even with their family, and how sometimes people can connect in unexpected ways. Ultimately, thatís what I love about good stories Ė the thought-provoking, as well as the emotion-provoking elements.

So I liked this story a lot: the reactions, the structure, and the general feeling of the piece. Itís sweet and interesting in its own unique way, and I can say this for sure because I hadnít been able to concentrate on anything today, but your story caught my attention from beginning to end. Hell, I even highlighted my favorite parts.

What elseÖ The structure is clean, conversation is far from dull, atmosphere is intimate. I especially liked the last sentence, but Iím not surprised, as I remember telling you once you were the Queen of the Last Line. :P

Anyway, Iíll make sure I read more of your last pieces, too bad there wonít be any further chapters of this story, I would have loved that. :)

Author's Response: Haha! I agree with you about the too-obvious next-gen couples that fandom has embraced. After only two years of seeing them around, I'm already bored of them. XD Rose is a far more interesting character for me, and Teddy is impossible not to love, so I thought that they'd be interesting together. :D This one-shot is a practise run for "Winner Takes All", which will also end up being Teddy/Rose in a rather similar way. I just wanted to try things out first with the couple, to see that it really could work.

If there's any reason I love writing one-shots, it's that I can be so much more artful than with longer stories. I can focus a lot more on the words and less on what's going on. :) Yet, at the same time, I'm not entirely satisfied with this story. It's not that it's too simple, but that it doesn't feel like I spent enough time on certain aspects. But oh well.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing, Lyn! I really appreciate it! And it's lovely that you've enjoyed this story. :)

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Review #17, by Rosalie Beckett Midnight Rose

8th July 2009:
So I try to usually avoid next generation stories, I don't really know why, they just don't interest me, I suppose. But this just stood out to me.

It was so incredibly beautiful and I could completely understand the guilt that Rose was feeling.

You take my breath away every time.

Author's Response: Thank you again for the brilliant review! *blushes* Your words are very kind and I appreciate them very much. I\'m just getting into next-gen stories myself, and they do get quite addicting. :D

The guilt was an interesting choice. I wasn\\\'t at all sure why Rose would be mourning for Scoripus beyond having loved him, but that would be a bit too romantic for my taste. :P So perhaps if she felt guilty instead for having not loved him enough... that might be the trick. And I\\\'m very glad that it worked!

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Review #18, by baletgir Midnight Rose

6th July 2009:
I really enjoyed that! Very interesting.
:) BaletGir

Author's Response: Thank you! :D It\\\'s great that you enjoyed it!

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Review #19, by insideout orange Midnight Rose

4th July 2009:
Hot damn, this is good. I don't know how you continue to surprise me, story after story, but you do. Everything just draws me in: the characterizations are original, but still realistic; the plot (even if there's hardly any to speak of!) is interesting; even the dialogue doesn't get too cheesy, like with other stories on the dramatic side. Sigh. All I can ask is that you, please, do not stop writing. Ever.

Author's Response: I don\\\'t know how I continue to surprise you, either. :P This story is getting a much better response than I ever expected, which is so amazing (not to mention gratifying). It really is a very simple story. Like you said, there\\\'s not much plot-wise, and it is a bit simpler in character depth than I\\\'m used to, yet it is something different at the same time.

And yes, definitely no cheesiness allowed here. ;) It was great to finally write a serious not any humour at all sort of story again. It\\\'s not angsty, but not light either. It made selecting a genre awfully hard, haha.

Anyway, before I blather on, I\\\'ll thank you very much for reading and reviewing and enjoying the story. It means a lot to hear from you! ^_^

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Review #20, by Margravine Midnight Rose

4th July 2009:
Breathtakingly orginal and well written, as always.

Stand out lines include "It had to be midnight now, night lying down to rest while morning woke in her mooncast bed"

You might want to skim through it again though - there are a couple of typos, such as "Bur" in the first paragraph

You continue to be one of the most talented and creative writers on this site - looking forward to reading more of your work!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! ^_^ It\'s great that it still turned out well. I wrote it rather quickly without really thinking it through beforehand, which means it could work or utterly fail. *sigh of relief* Glad I didn\'t write a failure with this one. :D

I\'ve fixed up the typos, thank you for mentioning them! Another symptom of writing too fast and too late at night. :P And thanks again for this review! It\'s wonderful that you like my writing so much and I appreciate that you\\\'ve taken the time to read and review!

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Review #21, by Liam R Midnight Rose

4th July 2009:
Once again you have managed to capture the reader in a way no other author on this site is capable.

You use such an extensive vocabulary to describe what is happening, to really make us feel in touch with the characters, with what you've created, and to make us so engaged and immersed in your writing.

At first, I was curious and a little confused a to what exactly Teddy was doing, it seemed like he was taunting Rose, and then we get to see his true intentions, and how he is just another lonely person who needs somebody. I loved how you hinted about what had gone on with Victoire, without actually going and telling us, that was a lovely addition.

I only have one little thing to mention:
She shook her head. "It's not as simple as that. I did care for him"

Just that you missed out a full stop after 'him'.

Perfect. As always, it's absolutely wonderful.


Author's Response: *hides* Oh gosh, Liam, I\\\'m sure there are plenty of authors here who can do it better. JKR definitely does it better (I can\\\'t even read a paragraph of hers when looking up something without continuing on to read a whole chapter :P). It\\\'s a wonderful thing to say, though, and my ego is appropriately inflated. ^_^

Anyway, thank you very much for this review! I\\\'ve fixed up that typo, as well as a couple other things I noticed, so it was really helpful of you to point that out. :D

Teddy did seem to be taunting Rose, and when writing this, I had no idea how it was going to turn out. It would have been too much for him to kiss her, but instead he was turning out too nasty. That\\\'s why I made Rose ask him why he was doing this - it seemed the best way to relieve that taunting feel to the whole scene. She has to look deep into him to find his pain, a pain that\\\'s an echo of her own.

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Review #22, by Jellyman Midnight Rose

3rd July 2009:
Wow, this was beautiful :) I really loved it! It was sad to see Scorpius dead, but you worked in the obligations felt by Rose and Teddy so well, I could almost forget. Brilliant work!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D It was sad to kill off a character, but I did want him and Rose to be divided without actually breaking up their relationship. It would have made Rose too bitter if he\\\'d left her, and for some reason, it seems that to avoid Scorose altogether would be impossible, haha.

Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it and am really pleased that you enjoyed the story. :)

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Review #23, by imaginetehfanon Midnight Rose

3rd July 2009:
this was lovely. I loved the personification of the morning and the night. A very diffrent refreshing take on Rose and Scorpius relationship :3

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D Oooh, I\\\'m glad you liked that part - I was worried that I was going too much poetical, but it does suit Rose\\\'s fascination with the stars and sky.

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