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Review #1, by The Riddler the start of a new life

13th October 2009:
I really enjoyed the fact that you began this chapter with a poem. Not many people do that ... I am impressed. It was very touching. You really should do that more often, Misha.

Author's Response: thanks i think i will keep that in mind. i had really just got bored and started to write a poem, i liked it so i just edited it a bit and made a story from it.thx again.

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Review #2, by Moments Reprieve the start of a new life

17th August 2009:
Hey Misha, it's me. You know who 'me' is, I presume? Good start - I liked how you began with the poem-esque thing.

Author's Response: thank you katy. and yes i know who 'me' is.


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Review #3, by Me the start of a new life

26th July 2009:
Please write more. This is a very good start.

Author's Response: thx. i really didnt know how i was going to go on with the story after the poem so i kinda just went with what i had and i liked it so im going to continue this story when i get the chance. i just started high school so i have a lot of homework.


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Review #4, by the_elder_wand the start of a new life

25th July 2009:
awww what a sweet chapter:)) awsome:) i am exited to read the next one so update soon:)

Author's Response: thx i will have the next chapter up soon. or at least when i get a break from homework.


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