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Review #1, by Troublemaker14 Venom

27th August 2011:
I loved every single moment of it! I would have liked it better if it was Ginny who had killed him, though. Like, she woke him up and she saw it in his eyes that he realized what was happening, before she killed him :3 But anyways, I like your ending as well! I'm a huge D/G shipper, but reading such a dark fic from time to time is quite refreshing ;)
Keep up your good work! 10/10

Author's Response: thank you. i did consider her being the one to kill him, but i don't think she could have done it. in a way, she enjoyed their messed up relationship.

glad you liked it and thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by the_edge_of_love Venom

8th May 2011:
This was really dark and that made it extremely interesting. It was a nice change reading such a Draco characterization- most people have him weak and vulnerable- but I loved your idea. And although I never liked DracoGinny before, I have to say that I was disappointed that this didn't have a happy ending:P
Overall, this story was angsty: Ginny's feelings and thoughts were really interesting to read: I could totally realize how she felt and why she did everything that she did.
Excellebt story:)

Author's Response: i adore draco, however he comes. i like to write him how i think he would see himself - dark and sexy, lol, even though in reality he is nothing like this.

oh no, no happy ending here. it could never, ever work.

thank you. i am pleased that you enjoyed it and cheers for the review.

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Review #3, by ciararose Venom

5th December 2010:
Oh my god, you sick fiend, I loved this! First of all your use of language is absolutely beautiful. The description is so word perfect and vivid. Second of all, someone you refused to accept any of the watered-down Draco that is so often substituted to make him more likeable, and still managed to somehow make him seem sort of sexy. I can't decide if you're a fabulous writer or if I'm kind of messed up in the head for that. I think you must be a fabulous writer, that sounds nicer, doesn't it?

Particularly loved that this story was so far beyond the norm of good-girl-dates-death-eater plots. It was just very raw and intense in every fashion: emotionally, descriptively, an assault on romanticism. Definitely one of my favorite one shots.

Author's Response: hahahaha i have no idea where this came from - trust me, my mind does not think of things like this on a regular basis. Maybe I watch too much TV...

anyway, thank you so much for all your lovely compliments - I really appreciate that you got this story so completely. Draco is sexy when he is dark. I have always seen him this way, and I don't know why. I like twisting him just that little bit more.

thank you!! I am thrilled you liked it!!

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Review #4, by Emma Venom

21st November 2010:
Amazing. So dark but so amazing.

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #5, by Nicole Venom

22nd October 2010:
Awesome!I loved it!Best one-shot ever!
The whole dark style,you just managed it wonderfully!
Ireally want to read a prequel of this!Or something Draco/Ginny by you in the same characters,you know..!
Would you please please please consider it?
Or if you have to suggest me any Draco/ginny that you liked?

Well done!!

Author's Response: thank you hun!
i like writing darker pieces - i find it hard to write light and fluffy!
i don't think i have another draco/ginny in me, lol. this might be it! and as to ones i have read...i can't recommend any because i don't usually read this pairing, lol
thanks again and im happy you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by Ginny45 Venom

3rd October 2010:
Hey RandomRed from the forums. Sorry for the late review my computer kept crashing.
Anyway I adore D/G stories, I even have two myself. So before I even looked at it I knew I was going to love it.
Ok I was not expecting a lot of what happened to happen, in hindsight I probably should have. I knew they would never have a "functional" relationship and you pulled this version of "dysfunction" is amazing.

You description and emotion are mind blowing. I had every single emoition and every single scene going through my head.

Your characterisations, although Draco is meaner than in the books are fitting and wonderful. Like I said Draco is a meaner but I can accept that is due to everthing that happened.

The ending was in my opinon the only way it could have ended successfully. I think it was very fitting that Harry ended it as well. Hermione's death was when I twigged into the story compleatly, I suddenly knew where it was going. You used her death very well to that end.

Some of the writing is so contrasted, you write the sweetest sentence but it has so much disgust or malice behind it. I love it.

This story is now going in my favorites :)
Thank you for asking me to review it.
RandomRed/Ginny45 xxx

Author's Response: hi hun!
wow thank you so much for such a lovely review! i am so pleased you liked it and yes, i agree completely - dysfunctional is the perfect descriptor for their relationship!

really?? wow. i think im blushing right now! if you could see everything and feel it all, then i did something right!

yeah this is a much meaner draco. this is what i imagine he could have become if he'd followed through, you know?

i had to have harry end it - ginny couldn't, no matter how much she hated him, she kind of loved him too, in a way. and thank you - im glad you picked on the importance of hermione's death.

wow really? excellent. i like that!!

thank you SO much for reading and reviewing darling!!

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Review #7, by inthedeadofday Venom

12th September 2010:
Wow, it's funny how something so horrible could be written in such pretty little words... The writing is magnificent, and it was rated M for a reason, I suppose. ;)

Author's Response: ^_^ thank you! i appreciate it

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Review #8, by Hyenni Venom

1st September 2010:
I have to admit to having a weakness for D/G as a ship, but that doesn't make what I'm about to say any less true :P

WOW. This was amazingly written! I absolutely adored the descriptions you used - absolutely beautiful, and I could feel everything that Ginny was. The dialogue between her and Draco was spot-on - I was worried when I opened this that it might end up with the two of them falling in love (and when I read about Hermione dying, that was really something I didn't want to happen).

I didn't know who was going to win - my bet was on Draco, so you surprised me nicely there when he was the one who lost! I felt so sorry for Ginny though - Draco was a prat, Hermione was dead and Ginny felt so bad about herself. Absolutely stunningly written!

I completely love this story :) You pulled off this pairing perfectly!

10/10, added to favourites!

Hyenni ^^

Author's Response: wow thank you so much!
im very pleased you liked this - it was my first, and possibly last, venture into this ship. draco and ginny has to be nasty, in my opinion. there is nothing sweet about it, lol
so they could never fall in love - draco/ginny fans seem to appreciate that, which i like
thank you so much for your lovely review!!

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Review #9, by Erudessa94 Venom

1st September 2010:
um definetly not what i usually read but I have to say it was very well written:]

Author's Response: thank you hun!

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Review #10, by Jacqueline Noir Venom

27th August 2010:
My, oh, my...

I knew that if there would be someone to convince me that Draco/Ginny could work that person would only be you...

Exquisite and the ending was just perfect. I didn't expect her to win and it was magnificent. I love the fact that you have not made her in love with him, that would have been tragic and like a never -ending war with nerve wrecking angst.

Ginny was... Very well done but I would have liked to see her feeling even more guilty.

And Draco.. oh,Lord, oh Lord... Just one thing: I was about to suggest you to do a prequel about the way they met when I saw you did describe it: very good move. But I would have liked some more details, it seemed rushed a little.

And Draco, oh, Draco... Royal image of him you portrayed here, my dear!

Your loyal fan,

Author's Response: tee hee
hello there. you found this piece of nastiness xD
i loved writing this. it made me feel dirty, lol
she could never love him. he's unlovable; lustable, yes, but def not lovable.
i did actually try to make her more guilty but it ended up sounding contrived
and the funny thing is - i had to really stretch myself to find a workable scenario for them to meet - i could just see this moment, right here, in their story. it was hard to actually imagine the beginning
i love my draco. good, bad or ugly. he's divinely run to play with!!

thank you my darling!!

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Review #11, by AlexzanderaMalfoy Venom

14th July 2010:
wow wow wow intersting.

Author's Response: good interesting or bad interesting?
i guess interesting of any sort is good!

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Review #12, by Gingergrl Venom

17th June 2010:
Wow, really well done. It was emotional, twisted, and had a very real feeling to it.

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #13, by LillyRoseanne Venom

31st March 2010:
NICE! Brilliant, love it...

Author's Response: thank you - im glad you liked it

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Review #14, by Estelle Black Venom

25th September 2009:
Hi i'm Estelle
WOW this is really good... scary but cool i really liked it.
this is going in my faves

Author's Response: hi estelle!
thanks for reading hun and scary? nah.
glad you liked it!!

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Review #15, by Liam R Venom

13th September 2009:

First off, I want you to know that that was absolutely amazing, definitely one of the best things I have read in a long, long time. I enjoyed every single word of it, it was just brilliant.

Your characterisations were just flawless. Draco is very sick and twisted and vile, it's like taking him from the books and just upping that cruelty to a whole new dimension. It was brilliant, if not slightly disturbing, to read that ^_^

Descriptions were brilliant. Your metaphors especially drew me in, really made me think, and reading them was just a pleasure.

Amazing, Kate :]

Author's Response: oh god i completely forgot about this review!
i am truly sorry liam!
right, im so pleased you enjoyed this!
i love twisting draco into something warped and evil. its fun, lol!
thanks so much hun!!

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Review #16, by Indigo Seas Venom

26th August 2009:
I enjoyed your last work so much, I had to come check out some of your other things as well. :) And my, this one did not disappoint.

I'm really drawn to the way you get into your character's minds. I mean, here is Draco, the sick a twisted person we know from the books, but you give us more than that. You give the reader definite insight into what he's thinking, which is just fantastic. And Ginny! God, when she felt guilty, I felt guilty. You did such a lovely job of writing her emotions that any reader would feel for her.

I love the way you use the dialog. Here and in your last fic that I read, it was sparse, but that just fit perfectly into the story. Everything said seems natural, and adds to the scene. It's not pointless blabber that drives me up the wall, and it wasn't forced at all, so they seemed like real people. Anyway, any reader could tell that you knew what you were doing when your characters were speaking. ;)

And your descriptions! Your descriptions are to die for. Especially when Ginny is walking to that first place, down the deserted and trashed alley. The reader knew what she smelled and saw, and how she felt about it all. You painted such a vivid and sometimes horrific picture for me, it was just... great.

Like I said in my last review, I totally envy your writing style. I won't elaborate too much on that because I did in my last review, but I just wanted to point out this line: "It was a game they played, a dance that usually ended with the two of them out of step." That just struck me as a wonderful line.

Loved it, just like I expected I would. Thanks so much for publishing such a masterful work.


- Rin

Author's Response: RIN!!
omg hun! thank you so much!
im so glad you liked the characterisation - i had never written a draco/ginny before so this was an experiment. i don't think this would have worked as a dramione so ginny, for me, was the right girl for this role.

ive been working at my dialogue - at having characters only say the minimal, necessary things and not overload the reader. im glad it seems to be working!

thank you so much darling! im stoked that you liked this!!!

kate xx

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Review #17, by TheDirigiblePlum Venom

24th August 2009:
Creepy! Wow very dark and twisted, and I mean that in a good way. If it's possible... haha, anyway! Moving on...

This was really intense and disturbing. I found your portrayal of Draco's character like taking his evil side from the books, and multiplying it by a hundred. I don't think he'd ever be so evil as he is in this, but somehow you make him really believable and recognisable as Draco. :)

I loved this!


Author's Response: thank you hun. im glad you liked this and yay! you totally got my draco!


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Review #18, by Groundswell Venom

18th August 2009:
This might actually be the first Draco/Ginny I have ever read! And wow, did I like it!

There wasn't anything sweet about it. It was rough and dark, just as a forbidden love between these two should be. Very good.

The start is a bit, well. It's good, but it's not simple enough. (This is getting hard to explain, hopefulyl you'll get it :P) I think it's a little too complicated. Let's take a sentence, "Heels clicked against the pavement, the steady beat of her footsteps out of time with the shaking of her insides." It took me three reads to really understand what you wrote here. It's very beautiful written, don't get me wrong, but when starting a story, the first part should be a little more simple (at least in my eyes). I'm only mentioning this because I've recently begun forcusing a lot on the start, turn-offs/ons, and I think it's about writing that golden middleway between plain boring and beautiful pictures like you do.

Moving on.

At first I wasn't sure where you'd go with this, but then came the death of Hermione, and I knew how this had to end, though I wasn't sure how and who would die.

One thing I just don't understand. They don't at any time seem to even like each other just a little. They don't talk nicely to each other (not unheard off), but I don't see the... well, the spark! It might be the way this paring should be and if so, please ignore this, but I just don't see it.

Ginny was just as I think she would be in this situation (though I can't see her cheat on Harry). Never does she seem sweet, but hard and tough, just like the girl we see in the books, maybe a little more, but I think that's the whole situation that does that to her.

I like how throughout the whole thing he seems to have the power, no matter how much she dislikes it, but in the end, she wins. She even admits that he'd be faster with a wand, but she outsmarts him.

The darkness of this is just so lovely to read. It fits into it, the death, the relationship.

I think the thing I love the most about this, is that you don't use much dialogue. It fits into this. And those small sentences you use, are well thought and placed perfectly. And especially much of what actualyl happens here demands a lot of thought and action. No need for dialogue, if you understand what I mean? :P It's just so lovely to read.

I'm a bit surprised he'd even trust her to sleep there after what he did, but I did love the ending very very much!

So, to sum up :P, very good story. I really enjoyed reading something that didn't end happily (well, in a way it did), and I think this couldn't have been done much better. Well done!

Author's Response: O.O

wow! thank you for such an incredibly in-depth review (sorry its taken so long for me to respond!!)

the start - thanks for the CC :) i was unsure about it and actually re-read that sentence myself a number of times. i do agree with you and usually, i try start off simpler - don't know what i was doing this time, lol

yeah draco/ginny. i don't see the spark between them really either - not in the way there is a spark between draco and hermione, for instance, so i agree with you there. there was nothing nice about this pairing at all and so it was hard to write something more than disgust for each other.

a piece like this, i think, doesn't need much dialogue. i mean, what would they say to one another? they don't exactly have nice "chats" :P - thanks for getting that!

yes poor draco let his guard down - he was so arrogant and so certain that she'd never betray him - it was nice to kick him while he was down, in a way ^_^

thanks so much for the review hun!!


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Review #19, by Samara Delacroix Venom

17th August 2009:
So, I decided to try reading a Draco/Ginny fic and this was the one that I decied to read. Now I'm considering opening up to reading more D/G fics because of this story.

It was so intense and it kept me on edge right until the last sentence. Your writing is superb. Your chracterization was really, really good. Draco and Ginny's interactions were so...I hate to use the same word again, but they were so intense! Their actions, dialogue and everything was so realistic.

I really enjoyed reading this story; your an awesome writer! Well done!!

Author's Response: thank you samara! im really pleased you enjoyed it and that it worked for you - it was the first time i had written draco and ginny, and ive not read too many d/g fics myself either.

intense is the right word for these two - there is no way they could ever be "sweet".


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Review #20, by Jellyman Venom

15th August 2009:
Hi! Jellyman from TGS here with your review :D

First off, I have had no experience with Draco/Ginny - Draco/Hermione is more my thing, and considering they are kind of similar, any critique I have will be coming for the actual pairing and relationship comes from that experience, so forgive me if I am ignorant of the ship :) I'll get started then, haha.

I loved the description of where Draco was living in the beginning. It just contrasted totally with what we find his character to be in the fic - proud, aristocratic, conceited, arrogant - and it was just wonderful.

As if conjured by mere thought, the door was flung open, the dim light from the hall behind revealing his silhouette; ridiculously tall and majestically wrought, a living sculpture cut from the finest marble.
I loved this bit of description. It was just amazing. Such a rich illustration, truly beautiful. I like the comparison to marble - I've always associated with something tainted but beautiful, and for me the use of the word just clinched the image in my head. Wonderful :D

Have you told your mummy what your boyfriend does for a living?
I loved this line. It is so harsh, so cold for him to say. I don't know what it is - the patronizing tone, the colloquialism, maybe - but I just adore this line. It fits so well with the ideas of the story, I just love it.

Ginny seemed to be the underdog in the fic, and though I had a distinct feeling she wouldn't win, I really wanted her to. After the scene with Hermione, I just wanted Draco dead. Period. But you proved me wrong, I see. I'm pleased :D

That lovely bit of description in the motel after Hermione's death was just amazing. I loved the whole "scream" idea you pulled through it. It was breathtaking and I honestly had shivers running though me. That double entendre, "Draco would keep his promise. He would make her scream." held such a menacing undertone and mixed with the literal sexual connotations really reflected their whole relationship. Really chilling, actually. And a total red herring! Loved it.

Okay, so now I'll stop squeeing about how much I love this and get to some actual critique, shall I? I'll use the areas you put in my thread as a guide, but be warned, I'm hard pressed to find any flaws with this. This is just me being nit picky, so feel free to ignore it if you want to :)

Flow: Perfect. Absolutely no problems with flow. You transitioned your scenes flawlessly, and it read wonderfully. Nothing much more to say here :)

Dramatisation: You did wonderfully. The scenes, dialogue, everything was presented so vividly. It wasn't over dramatic at all, and had the perfect amount of suspense, doubt and angst. Hermione's death was just perfectly written - you could have easily gone out of character or slipped some over-drama (is that even a word? Haha) in there, but you didn't. Perfection :D

Characterisation: Draco and Ginny were both perfection. Draco was delightfully evil - though perhaps a bit exaggerated from canon, but this is AU and really, it would have been disappointing if he was completely canon :) I loved his malicious nature, and his dominance over Ginny was just amazing and so well conveyed. Ginny was brilliant too. I loved her, she was angry at the perfect times and you really could see cause for her weakness, you know? Brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, no CC :D

Language: use of language was flawless. Nothing was repetitive and, as I said before, the rich detail I just loved. The only word I had a problem with was "fastidious". It just stood out from the fic and seemed a little bit out of place, in my opinion. Do with that what you will, I just thought I'd give my thoughts.

In short, this was great. Really, the CC was just my personal opinion and I don't really expect it to be helpful at all. This is mainly just me squeeing about how much I loved this, you know? While you haven't completely gotten me into Draco/Ginny, I really enjoyed this regardless. Brilliant work.


:O I'm so sorry this got so long! My apologies.

Author's Response: gosh!! georgia thank you so much!! what an incredible review! i don't know where to start responding to this but i'll do my best ^_^

im glad the charcterisation of these two worked - it was my first time writing draco and ginny like this so thank you for that! i usually write dramione and this pairing called for something a little different from him, you know? so im glad he came across ok - AU for sure, lol, but i like AU xD

and im so pleased it did not come off as overly dramatic in places - i was a little worried about that.

i love words, as you can probably tell, so using different ones is important to me - i'm pleased the detail was rich enough and it didn't seem too bland. i try not to go overboard with the description, unless on purpose, lol, so thanks!!

thank you thank you thank you!! im just so happy you liked it and sorry it took so long for me to respond!!

kate xx

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Review #21, by :) Venom

13th August 2009:
seemingly completely out of ginny's character
but i loved it anyway.

Author's Response: i know ginny is OC ^_^ this was an experiment. id never written draco/ginny before. im glad you liked it anyways!


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Review #22, by Dracoxoxo Venom

8th August 2009:
Oh! That was so... dark and twisted! Really really liked it!

Author's Response: thanks so much! thats what i was aiming for!

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Review #23, by MingXi_Muse Venom

6th August 2009:
ah, no!
i would've liked it the other way round, i like dramione stories more. but still, its a great chapter :)

Author's Response: thanks! i wanted to break away from dramione. im trying some new ships ^_^

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Review #24, by avulove Venom

6th August 2009:
really great i love malfoy's maliciousness and how he is preying on "poor innocent ginny weasley" draco/ginny pairings are by far more interesting

Author's Response: thank you so much! this is the first time i have written them and i have to say, i enjoyed it ^_^

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Review #25, by Charlotte Venom

2nd August 2009:
After reading one of your previous pieces I decided to read this. It's well written but kind of shocking and a little confusing. I'll continue to read your work though. Welldone.

Author's Response: confusing? sorry about that. i don;t like to make things overly obvious - you have to really read between the lines sometimes, lol. cheers for reading hun!

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