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Review #1, by Robert Scn PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

1st November 2013:
This is a very moving story. I enjoyed it a lot. I will see if you have any other stories written in a few days. Too moved to check now. Thank You

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Review #2, by MistressM PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

28th January 2011:
Thank you. Thats all I can say.

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Review #3, by aks_potter PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

22nd October 2010:
kudos for the short story..assimilating the recent history into harry's life was kind of unique..cheers for that

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Review #4, by aks_potter LETTERS

22nd October 2010:
wow..very detailed writing..nicely structured as well ..cheerios

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Review #5, by grangerpotter PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

7th October 2010:
It's not the typical Harry-Hermione story that I enjoy. But I have to commend the research you put into writing this. It has a beautiful message and I don't mind seeing Harry and Hermione, although a bit out of character, deliver it.

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Review #6, by spencefa LETTERS

11th August 2010:
good chapter, a bit over the top with all the sweetness, but I do like the idea of the story, to find harry.

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Review #7, by sci_fianime PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

15th July 2010:
I too wept towards the end...

Author's Response: That must mean that I touched your heart. To know that I was able to do that is the most wonderful compliment that I, or any author could recieve.Thank you so much.
Now my day is made! ;-)


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Review #8, by Dmali PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

26th November 2009:
very good story. well written. truly. and thank you, for sharing.

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Review #9, by anonynmous PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

1st November 2009:
Thank you... this was probably the most beautiful story i have ever read. i was in tears as i read the entire story... you are a very talented writer and i hope you continue.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful story 11/10 if i could give you that

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Review #10, by datbenik513 PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

26th October 2009:
You've just scored a homerun with this literary masterpiece, Robert. I was already giving up on a happy ending, but you showed me, us, the world, that there was always hope.

You know, your stories, and this one in particular, always make me think. First of all, why are there so few mature fanfic writers, so few male fanfic writers, and even less mature male fanfic writers??? While your, our stories may not be appealing to the mostly teenage public of HPFF, they always carry very important messages. It probably has to do with our life experience.

Secondly, I can't help but remember one of my own reviewers characterizing my Hermione as "lobotomized" in "Another Time, Another Chance". With his words, your Harry, apart from suffering from the worst possible PTSD, could also be characterized as such. But this adjective is inappropriate in this context. Only those who have been through all this would understand what it feels like to live with a guilt you can't help yourself about.

I need to admit here that a guilt-ridden Harry Potter is a theme which throughout the years managed to become somewhat of a cliche. Yet, your interpretation of the theme is so much more than that. You added so much depth into it, that it became a category on its own. While I'm unsure of how I'd name it, one thing is sure. I'd read anything from your pen, except Dramiones and slash.

You deserve an extra kudos for the masterfully created character of Jerry. He effectively tied the chaser and the chased together and provided the salvation, resulting in a dramatic, tearful, but happy reunion.

Also I need to admit that the few words Fleur said moved me to tears. "Zen I will cry. But my tearz will be happy onez." One slight remark: check the spelling of her name. It's clear that Fleur loves Harry as well, she'd drastically changed her attitude towards him after the Tournament.

There are, actually, quite a few Fleur/Harry stories around, but, unfortunately they suffer from the PWP syndrome. On a side note, I was thinking of writing an AU story with the two.

Both your stories I've read have to do with music. I don't know anything about you personally - I wish I did, you must be a fascinating person, as far as your telltale fics can tell - but I can feel that you yourself have a very strong bond with music and sacredly believe in its powers.

Finally, about the background of all this. It must have taken a load of research to come up with the frame on the I-35 mysteries. This is again one of your brilliant ideas.

Robert, I'd love to read more from your pen. Please let me know when and where you will be updating! I'm on yahoo, with my penname before the "at" sign.

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Review #11, by tgfoy PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

25th October 2009:
So moving, a masterpiece. Thank you my friend.

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Review #12, by keeperoliver PRUSUIT AND SEARCH

23rd October 2009:
robert: it is so good to see you back. i really thought you had given up on us. happy to know i was wrong. man, you really hit a home run with remember me, it was a real tear jerker. and your comments at the end, i think, awakened quite a few people to the reality of the horrors that took place so close to home. do you still live in oklahoma? well, enough of this, time to move on. does the release of chapter two of this story mean you are back? i hope you have some of, if not all, your problems resolved. believe me, i know what you went through. please tell me that you are now ready to continue with trhe trial, i am so ready for it to continue. well, i believe it is time for me to pack it up and move on. again, it is good to have you back, sob, i missed you. ttfn, ttyl, rsvp asap.

$e a few people to the truth of what you said. all right this has to stop, i am ready to start crying again. now that you are back, does

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Review #13, by lauraf68 LETTERS

29th August 2009:
Dear Nightrunner,

Normally I do not like un-cannon stories. I want Ginny with Harry, and Hermione with Ron. However I do like this story very much. I especially liked the interraction with the Grangers and George. And it was very cute to have Crookshanks tag along. It's too bad the rest of us don't have magic to deal with litterboxes.

It is different that you would put a bunch of chapters within what is titled chapter one, and it makes for a very long read. You might want to change your summary and explain that there are multiple chapters within the one area.

And I am curious, the status shows that this story is "completed", is that correct? I hope that you have more chapters as I am throughly enjoying this un-cannon story and I am hoping to see how Hermione finds Harry. And if their story ends up with a happy ending and a reunion with the Weasley's.


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Review #14, by Frank LETTERS

24th August 2009:
look, I just want to get on to the next chapter without the hassle

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Review #15, by Frank LETTERS

24th August 2009:
A little choppy in style, but interesting

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Review #16, by Zanthus LETTERS

4th August 2009:
Excellent. You have to finish this with them meeting even if you don't go further. Top read

Author's Response: I doubt that you'll be disappointed. The conclusion should be up in a few days.


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Review #17, by nicholas LETTERS

27th July 2009:
why don't you make them in to chapters?

Author's Response: I did. Two chapters. This is a fairly short story and, (by my standards), so two chapters. Hang on! it's coming!


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Review #18, by jock wizard LETTERS

17th July 2009:
well it was long but really good to read it hope the rest is just as good 9/10

Author's Response: I posted the last half on the 12th, and on the 21st is still hasn't been vaildated. Maybe in the next day or two.

Glad you liked it, but it really wasn't all that long. Was It?


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Review #19, by Dmali LETTERS

16th July 2009:
wow, ok so bfore i go on, where is the rest please? a sequel maybe? we're waiting. i loved the story, there were a few typos, where words were repeated, or left out, but otherwise, it was very good. very very detailed. and thnk u for mentioning the waco tragedy, i learnt something today. and i cant wait to see how u continue. with ur talent for detail and creativity, i kno the rest of it, will be even better. the tender moments are very real, but not over done. good work:)

Author's Response: Thanks fort your nice words. The second hald should be validated in a day or two. Typos. The bane of a writer's existance! I'll try to do better in the future about that.

Concerning Waco, when you read the rest of the story, you'll understand why that was in there. It's crucial to the story.

Once again, thanks for your kind words. You have oficially just made my day! :-)


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Review #20, by kira LETTERS

13th July 2009:
i loved it. you should creat more stroeis in the future.

Author's Response: Thanks, Kira. I have several more in the works, even some that may surprise you. (I hope.)


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Review #21, by keeperoliver LETTERS

12th July 2009:
hy robert, good to have you back. it's been a while. another good story. i do hope you are going to continue with the trial. i really do miss that story. i hope things are looking better for you. reply soon. i hope this was not a goodbye song, because it sure sounded like it. update soon and often. ttfn and rsvp.

Author's Response: HOwdy!
Not much has changed. Yet. But they\\\'ll get better soon.
\\\"I\\\'ll be moving \\\"Trial\\\" to Ficwad soon. So hang in, okay?
No, it\\\'s not a good-bye song by any means. In fact, I have four more story lines in the works. :-)

Be patient with me. I\\\'m doing the best I can!


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Review #22, by nothing_is_normal LETTERS

12th July 2009:
this is a great story and really well written. one question:

it says the story is completed, you are kidding right? you can't leave it there, they need to meet up and be together!

great work. x

Author's Response: I\\\'ll be posting the second half and conclusion in just a few minutes. Then it will be complete. I do know why I keep doing that!

Don\\\'t worry, they will be together.


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Review #23, by Dragonballgt88 LETTERS

11th July 2009:
very, very good chapter. Your detail was brilliant and the way the characters were very realistic. One suggestion, have Harry to to New England. I would love to see this story set in my home region.

Author's Response: Thank You!
Since I\\\'ve never been to New England, writing about it might be a bit difficult to write.

Maybe one of the others I have in the works. We\\\'ll just have to see.


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