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Reading Reviews for The Demon In Me
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Review #1, by flufff Crawling

21st August 2011:
That was a great chapter! Your writing was amazing as always, and yes it was worth the wait! You have so much description and detail, I just love it. And you have Draco perfectly in character, still a git and still stubborn. I also liked the part where he got injured... it was also very well-written. Great job. I can't wait to see what happens next, be sure to update as soon as you can! :)

Keep writing, ~ flufff

Oh, and also... if you ever have some spare time (which you probably don't... eek, sorry) could you R&R my fanfic "Darkest Night"? It's a Dramione, and I would love to know your thoughts about it. I don't mean to be advertising on your story, but I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! :D

Update soon!

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Review #2, by yazzers Crawling

31st July 2011:
what happened to The Ties That Bind?? I LOVE that story and I was just wondering where you were at with that one.

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Review #3, by LittleMissMalfoy Crawling

28th July 2011:
Please please please pleaseee add a new chapter !
I've followed this since the original, annd the wait is killing me(:

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Review #4, by Amortentia_Veritaserum Crawling

27th July 2011:
Oh haaay.
Glad you're back LCF~! ^^
Great chapt, if I do say so myself. Poor Draco's so angsty. LOVIN THE HINTS AT WHAT HE IS THO. :D
Hope you update soon!

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Review #5, by maddyyc Crawling

27th July 2011:
Cant wait for the next chapter! (:

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Review #6, by HarryFreakinPotter Degausser

23rd July 2011:
Dude this is awesome, loved how your keeping Draco's character realistic and true to how Rowling wrote him. I've just started reading this, I never got a chance to read your original but THIS IS AMAZING! I'm excited to read on. Just thought I'd leave a comment highlighting your awesomeness haha :).

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Review #7, by Ivony Crawling

17th July 2011:
I'm intrigued! I can't wait until you get the next chapter published, please make it soon!

You're such a descriptive writer and you don' try to make the characters out to be anything they're not. Kudos to you! :D

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Review #8, by Nothingandeverything Feel Good Drag

17th July 2011:

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Review #9, by nothingandeverything Degausser

16th July 2011:
I loved the beginning chapter! It is so rare that an author can make Draco appear how his character is explained in the books!

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Review #10, by Gin-gin06 Crawling

12th July 2011:
Oh, I love this story already! Its got a good pace and is actualy written well and I really want more. I love that their in charecter and not all soft and mushy gushy. Oh can not wait for the next update. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later:)

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Review #11, by Gin-gin06 Wind

12th July 2011:
Is he part demon??? Is he? He is, isn't he. Oh I wish I knew!!!:)

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Review #12, by Gin-gin06 Degausser

12th July 2011:
I really like where this is headed. And I like that you portrayed Draco just the waay he is, not some loser softie that would never be allowed in Slytherin. I hate when people do that. Well, I'm off the read the rest!

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Review #13, by Elizabethnicole Wind

21st March 2011:
Lovely Chapter!!
Update son!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and no worries, the next chapter is nearly finished!

xx LCF

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Review #14, by flufff Degausser

20th March 2011:
Your writing is really good, and I'm looking forward to reading this again! I didn't finish it last time and I when I saw it I could've sworn it had more chapters.. but then I saw that you're re-writing it. I like it so far! You wrote Draco really well. (:

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

xx LCF

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Review #15, by Necromooncraft Wind

31st January 2011:
I love the story so far and im glad you dont plan on rushing into the romance yet! I also think its awesome your writing this from Draco's view point Keep it up :P

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I definitely didn't want to rush the romance, so bear with me there if you don't get any Dramione-ness soon. :)

xx LCF

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Review #16, by couldyoureallyknow Wind

30th January 2011:
great story ! its definitely AU haha :)

more soon please !

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!

xx LCF

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Review #17, by pinayflava90 Wind

26th January 2011:
please update faster for the sake of your fans sanity hahaha i really like how you managed to make them stay in character. It would be interesting to see how the Dramione in this story appear

Author's Response: I'll do my best! As you can see, I've been on a wee bit of a hiatus. But hopefully this will stop soon! :D

xx LCF

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Review #18, by Amortentia_Veritaserum Wind

19th January 2011:
Was there a fight in the last one? I don't remember that or the Duelling club, but hey, I'm sure with all the fics I've read so far, plus the old TDIM, I've clearly misplaced all the fighting Draco, Blaise, Harry and Ron do. Right? Cuz I'm sure there's some sort of fight in each of them...

OHMIGOSH!! I'm SOO EXCITED!! First chpt of 2011! AWESOME!! :D

I'm a vet now~! I've never been a Vet of anything before! I feel so... superior :)

I tried to get on the forum to give you my email, but I honestly can't figure out how to work the dumb thing. I've never been very good with Forums, not counting Mugglespace. It was too much of a hassle.

BUT! Here's my email anyway. I don't really care that other's cane read it, cuz it's really secure and I don't read any from people I don't know.

Here it is (I had to make it weird cuz the review thing wouldn't let me submit my review otherwise): Evilkaychan (at) aim (dot) com

GREAT CHAPTER LCF!! But I think that goes without saying!

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Review #19, by forever lost hope Wind

18th January 2011:
The duel was the most amazing intense scene so far. I would love to see Pansy and Hermione duke it out, but I believe the only reason Draco would step between Hermione and Pansy is because he knows that without a doubt Pansy would not win. I love how you show through his actions, the deep sense of caring that he has for his friends.

However, the way you are portraying Hermione is a little unsettling, and almost out of character. Most of the time she would just walk away from a petty fight with Draco, because she is a bigger person morally. But I don't think that she would just take the abuse he has been throwing at her. Perhaps it is the feminist in me, but it just doesn't seem like Hermione to just stand by as a man hits her.

Other than that, beautifully written story. The pace at which it's going is perfect compared to some that jump into and turn Draco into a sap within moments. Look forward to reading more.

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Review #20, by forever lost hope Something

17th January 2011:
ďOh donít be so mellow dramatic Hermione!"
Just wanted to point out that it's 'melodramatic'

Other than that, beautifully written chapter.

Author's Response: Bah, I always do things like that. Lol. Thanks for catching it and glad you enjoyed the chapter!

xx LCF

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Review #21, by FanFiCritic Feel Good Drag

15th January 2011:
Yummy scene with Aceline.. Delicious... mmm... Draco gives new meaning to the words "hot & bothered," doesn't he?

"Hot, indeed."

Ooh.. I do love this fight between them, except that he actually hit her and drew blood... Other than that, it was perfectly heated and hateful in its exchange.

Very good...

Author's Response: Lol. Thanks, yeah, I feel that our Draco is one to get hot-blooded rather quickly. Don't you think?

xx LCF

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Review #22, by Dragoness101 Wind

15th January 2011:
Loved it. Hoping for a fast update. Keep on writing.

Author's Response: Haha, can and will do!

xx LCF

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Review #23, by aleasha Wind

15th January 2011:
ugghh i want pansy, blaise, and draco to get their butts severely kicked

Author's Response: Don't you just love to hate them?

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Review #24, by DracoMalfoyFan Feel Good Drag

14th January 2011:
Lol. Such launguage. Haha but you gotta know what he was thinking having her against the wall.

Author's Response: Lol, nothing too good at this point, I think. Though we'll see once we reach Part II what he thinks of invading her personal space ;D

xx LCF

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Review #25, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Wind

14th January 2011:
Boys can be such idiots sometimes and so temperamental! Are we sure they're not really girls?
I, personally, think Draco has a point. Harry and Ron (and the other Gryffindors) blame Slytherins for being prejudice but they are JUST as bad! It's shocking!
10/10, love it! I hope the next chapter comes a bit sooner!

P.S. This is No1HarryPotterFan (from previous reviews) I had to make a new account cause my old one was causing problems :(!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that despite their good intentions, Gryffindors can be just as prejudiced about Slytherins as Slytherins are about everyone else.

Anyway, I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter!

xx LCF

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