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Review #1, by Cassy For the life of me

10th October 2011:
That was amazing as is everything else youve posted on here.
I love your writing style and the choice of song. It fit so perfectly.

I can relate to your story in more ways than one and you captured there emotions so perfectly!

Although it was depressing for everyone in the story; not everyone gets a happy ending.
I'm so glad you didn't just end with a happy ending.

I love this story.

Author's Response: Wow, I've hardly had any reviews for this story so it really made me happy to see it sitting there. I'm glad you liked it. It dealt with such strong emotions and it was a totally different genre to what I usually write. There is just so much anger and sadness, it can be quite challenging to channel those emotions at times. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a review.

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Review #2, by justonemorefic I wont be held responsible

5th February 2011:
Hi from the review tag! :)

Ah, you don't get a lot of fics trying to handle pregnancy seriously around these parts or a couple fighting like this. You're not afraid to go to uncomfortable situations or ends and that's always admirable. I think it's very easy to not like Rose or Scorpius for fighting like this, but I sympathize with them.

Your writing also has a nice flow to it, which is especially hard to do when people are arguing like that (I've tried!) so props to you. And I can see the scenes in my head as you describe them.

Some of the dialogue is a bit stiff though, like when they are trying to justify themselves. In an argument, things get heated and more fragmented. That helps bring out the emotion :)

Nice job!

Author's Response: I really surprised myself when I wrote this's so different to everything else I've done and was a challenge. I really tried my hardest to bring out the emotion of each of them, and i remember crying as I channeled that emotion onto paper.

I will look over the dialogue again and see if i can make it smoother. Thanks for the tip and thanks for reviewing this one for me. I know that it is not the happiest of stories.

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Review #3, by Sabrina For the life of me

1st September 2009:
Wow. This was awesome and depressing at the same time. Poor Rose, poor Scorpius!
Love the song choice by the way.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I know that is is a depressing story...and the funny thing is I wasn't even sad when I wrote it, I just heard the song one day and the story came to me.

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Review #4, by Nick For the life of me

12th August 2009:
What a story princess !
I thought that Scorpius was going to take the jump !
It must be hard to write a story with a sad ending, i hope that everyone else who reads your work can appreciate it as much as I do.
In real like people dont always get a storybook ending :(

Author's Response: I wouldn't let Scorpius take the jump...while things were tough, he still felt like he had a life to live.

Writing sad endings are hard, but at the same time, you know as you write where the story is heading so you are prepared for it.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #5, by Nick Guilt Stricken

5th August 2009:
Oh dear poor Scorpius ! it wasnt his fault that he keeps his emotions on the inside :s Whats he going to do now?
I guess Ill wait and see -
Thanks for the read princess

Author's Response: Yeah, Scorpius just can't seem to get anything right. But in his defense, it is a lot to deal with.

There's one more chapter to go, so you wont have long to wait for the conclusion.

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Review #6, by BluEyedAngel Guilt Stricken

1st August 2009:
Gah! I thought you were never going to tell us who the "stranger" was that came to support Scorpius. But, now we know and I feel much better. :)

Again, another great emotionally powerful chapter. I'm very interested to see how you complete the story! Thanks for a good read.

Author's Response: I'm glad you now feel better that I revealed who the 'stranger' was. I wouldn't want to leave you in the dark.

Thanks again for the review. It means a lot.

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Review #7, by Nick I wont be held responsible

26th July 2009:
Wow I have not seen a story begin with so much emotion. You have a unique style Princess, passionate about your work. I enjoy reading your stories as always :)

Author's Response: Thank you. This is a very emotional story. It is very different to my last one. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by BluEyedAngel I wont be held responsible

23rd July 2009:
Bummer! Sad, heartbreaking - but appropriate. Originally I thought the emotional reactions from Rose were unrealistic, but as I thought about it I realized they are pretty accurate. She's 18, full of hormones, and already a "flighty" sort of person, so it fits. Poor Scorpius can't do anything right! He can't help it that he doesn't "feel" for the baby, but Rose is so bound up in her own perspective that she won't see from his angle.

This chapter is complete, so complete that I thought this was a one-shot. Glad to see that you've got 2 more chapters coming! Thanks for a good read!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review...first one for this story...YAY

Rose's situation is a hard one to imagine...I've never been in that situation myself. Basically though, she just fell apart...her world had spun completely out of control in such a short time.

I guess the chapter does seem pretty complete. I had never thought that it could seem like a one shot before but I guess that is because I always knew where it was going. The story does continue though and the next chapter is in validation now.

Once again...thanks for the review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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