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Review #1, by Trogo Brick Walls and a Flash of Silver

11th October 2009:
Brilliant story! I love it!

Just a thought:

Cass' appearance is a bit sudden and I think it would be a bit weird for Harry and her to match. Harry needs someone like Nio on his side, but just a girl to back him up strongly, protective and supportive I guess, not just a nutter. Harry shouldn't need a girlfriend yet either, maybe somewhere later in the story but he needs to learn some ways to defeat Voldemort before he matches with someone, else it would be a bit early. Perhaps later in the year or the year after, it's never too late to find a match =P

It's great how Ginny dumped Harry then is jealous of his new found friends! Haha, really great! I just hope Ron would still be Harry's best mate or somewhere along those lines as he can't just lose all his old friends just because Ginny and Hermione are jealous!

Not sure what to do with Draco though...

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: thank you for the review, Cass may be different, but i wouldn't call her a nutter, lol. Ron is kinda in a tough place because Hermione and Ginny are being totally brats. Harry is still learning as he goes.


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Review #2, by PotBottom Luna-tic

6th October 2009:
Liked it, it flowed better than the last few chapters. (They do take a long time to get approved).

Author's Response: actually, funny story on the validation time. I sent it in and i got rejected, so i fixed it then sent it in again, but my internet was acting up and it shut down on me so i decided to just do it later, then i forgot completely that it had shut down so i was sitting around for day waiting for a validation letter when i looked down at the semi-invisible words at the bottom that tell you the chapters status and realized it said 'rejected' not 'waiting'. im such an idiot. lol.


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Review #3, by PotBottom Lessons To Learn

28th September 2009:
Feels a bit rushed, but I that kind of seems the point, to quickly skip past the summer.
The brief glimpses of the two new characters isn't enough to tell if I like them, but I'm wondering if you'll make them serious enough for Harry.
Hope chapter six is posted soon (just got the feed update).

Author's Response: yay! thank you for reviewing... i hope you like miki and antonio, although they can cause more trouble then they're worth *wink wink* im sorry it was rushed, but you're exactly right i didn't want to write a whole lotta chapters for over the summer, thank you for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #4, by PotBottom If You're Happy, I'm Happy

21st September 2009:
I'm interested to see where this goes, and I like it so far. You changed Ginny a good bit (blue eyes, birthdate (It's actually August 11th 1981) but these changes seem needed for feelings of Molly and Ginny. Are those feelings based on your own thoughts towards Harry/Ginny as a relationship?
Hoping for more soon.

Author's Response: nope, lol. i just love writing oc's for harry. yeah i probably shoulda looked to see if ginny had bkue eyes or not... for some reason i thought she did in the books... lol. and i had no idea they even announced ginny's b-day... did i even say her birthday... next chapter is up! its a fun one... if they let it through cause its kinda rated m-ish. lol. thanks so much for reading!


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Review #5, by Domedo A Summer Night's Storm

23rd July 2009:
A great intro/prologue, Even though i usually dont like short chapters this was a great one.

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #6, by CocoapuffShooter A Summer Night's Storm

16th July 2009:
Onna asked me to check out your first chapter to give my suggestions. Congrats on a new series, that is always challenging.

I didn't look too closely at the series specs before I began reading. I'm assuming this is either an AU (alternate universe) or takes place before HBP, where Dumbledore is killed... I'll assume AU. My main suggestions at this point are purely editorial. You don't have to make every sentance it's own paragraph, and I'd check it for spelling and punctuation before posting it. So far it seems interesting for the strangeness of the situation you have presented.

Author's Response: yay! Thank you so much for reviewing. It is AU but i don't think i marked it. Basically i kinda skipped their 6th year and started it at the summer before 7th. i feel that we should give them one normal boring year just to keep them sane. lol. im new so i'm learning. thank you so much, you leave really good reviews.


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