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Review #1, by InvisibleWitch19 Sinking summer sun.

20th August 2009:
I like this story. It has a simple plot but it created a huge impact on me. Luna is really nice to write about, there are a lot of things we don't know about her and this pretty one-shot covered the part about her mother and her patronus. 10/10! =)

Author's Response: Thank you, it means a lot to receive such nice critique. (:
Im happy you liked it!

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Review #2, by WitnesstoitAll Sinking summer sun.

1st July 2009:
Hi! I had written you a fantasticly long review before the server got screwy. Sadly, I think this review was lost. So, here I go again even though this one probably won't be as good.

This was a lovely little story. Luna is one of my favorite characters, and it was lovely to see her childhood memories. You incorporated the childhood memories into the present of the story rather well. Using the Dementors' influence on Luna to recall the memories was a clever idea. It was rather sad to see the memories influenced by the dementors' presence though.

The memory brought up by Luna on her own accord was lovely. It brought a warm feeling to my heart to see young Luna interacting with her mother. I love that there were drawings in her room. Luna always was quite the artist. My favorite part was the hare game. Luna could pick her animagus mother from all the other Hares.

It was quite nice to see that through a terrible tragedy, Luna finds the strength and happiness to repell the dementors. It seems fitting that her patronus was a hare since that was her mother's animagus form.

Finally, I can see why you needed to trade lines for this challenge. The "sinking summer sun" line I provided you with fit seemlessly into this story. Well done! I also feel privaleged that it became the title of this fic. All in all, challenge complete! Great job.


Author's Response: As a one-shot, it has a very simple plot, but I didn't really know what else to do to turn it around and keep it going. (:
The memories with the dementors are my favourite, though. But I do agree that the one with the hares brings up a warm fuzzy feeling to the heart. ^^

I am glad you liked it, thanks for the amazing review!*

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Review #3, by Brittney =] Sinking summer sun.

27th June 2009:
I absolutely loved it. It was cute, warm, and extremely well written. One of the few that I've seen that pay tridute to our beloved Luna. =) Thank you so much for writing this story; It made my night to read it. =D It is deffinately being added to my favorites. =)

Author's Response: oh. thank you so, so much! It's really good to read such a review. That made MY night. :)
I am so very glad that you liked it. And thank you for the add.

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Review #4, by Harry and Ginny Sinking summer sun.

26th June 2009:
seeing this side of Luna is a little sad. but i enjoyed this fic so keep up the good work please.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very much :)
This was actually something I had roughly written about a year ago, but during the queue closure I re-read and rewrote it. :)
Glad you liked it! ^^

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