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Review #1, by SimplyStupified77 Resistance

11th May 2010:
again, another great one. you're an AMAZING writer, i must tell you. but i'm sure you already knew that :)

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Review #2, by Jaymexoxo Resistance

13th February 2010:
is this complete? i do hope not, because it is wonderfully written, and a very interesting idea. looking forward to the rest of this, and if there isn't to be anymore...i shall die of despair! (:

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Review #3, by witch_in_training Resistance

30th October 2009:
Hey Jules, happy HPFFSAD!

I was browsing for a story by you to read, and since I've always wanted to read your Founders story and its prequels anyway, I thought I'd start with Rowena Ravenclaw's piece -- Ravenclaw honor and all that, you know. :P

I'm more interested than ever to read Quadrivium and the other prequels. The Rowena you showed here was exactly the Rowena I've always pictured in my mind, both in appearance and personality. And how the heck do you manage to write Founders so well?! Sometimes I get bored with such accurate depictions of Founder-era times, but something about the actual plot and events made it interesting. More than interesting -- captivating.

It's also a good examples of rulers' manipulation. I feel awful for Rowena, having to put up with her father's poor choice of a wife. I just want to know how she seduced him into thinking she's worth anything...

Fantastic job, Jules!

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Review #4, by chiQs09 Resistance

11th October 2009:
This was really interesting, I mean now I'm wondering if Rowena can keep that promise to her father. Yeah, a stepparent is always the evil in stories, and sometimes even in real life. I've experienced it myself. LOL ^__^ Though I can understand the stepmother here, she wants to secure her position and Rowena is her only threat. Great story. I'm looking forward to reading the last one-shot with Salazar.

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Review #5, by shadowycorner Resistance

22nd July 2009:
Before I start on this one, I just want to mention how intrigued I am by the entire idea with the dragon and the four treasures he's asking for. Treasures we all recognized, I'm sure. This is going so well!

I liked the moment when the king passed the diadem to Rowena and felt such anger when the new queen eyed it greedily. But still I'm interested in her too, because I'm sure she'll stir the plot up a bit. At least in the way to make Rowena leave the kingdom?

Well, your little teasers left me wondering and it's so so good that the actual story is already posted. I feel so shaky and lovely just as I'm about to embark on another one of your wonderfully written stories.

~Always your huge fan...Liz

Author's Response: Yes ma'am! The four treasures are, as you guessed, the future Horcruxes and they'll be extremely important in the founding of Hogwarts and in how the four Founders are brought together. I love the idea of having the Horcruxes play such an important role in the school's history, because I feel that it would appeal to Voldemort that much more.

You're absolutely right that Maeve will stir up the plot. She wants Rowena's crown and Rowena's kingdom, and she'll do whatever she can to take both.

I'm so glad you're liking my teasers and I'm dying to know what you think of Quadrivium! I always love to read your reviews. :) Thank you Liz dear!

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Review #6, by Misty_Rey Resistance

28th June 2009:
Fair warning: My reviewing skills are a little rusty but I'll try to do this amazing story justice with a somewhat coherent review.

Oh Jules, I've been waiting ages for more of your Founders trailers (even if you've already published the actual novel ;)). Quality-wise, they are just incredible as stand alones but to have them have a connection to "Quadrivium" adds more layers to the already wonderful universe you are creating surrounding the Founders. With them, you wouldn't have to waste space on filler in the actual novel although each of the Founder's individual backstories, as you envisioned them, are anything but filler ;).

I probably said this about the previous one-shot but this has to be my favourite so far of your Founders Teasers (Oh my, am I fickle xD). You've really outdone yourself in this short one-shot. Everything from the writing to description to characterising to plot is just captivating and exquisite. I know you said you weren't going to pay much attention to making the language the same as the era of the middle-ages but as I was reading the dialogue (which was especially strong, I felt), it certainly gave off a very medieval vibe and I was just sucked into it. The dialogue had a lot to do with it, especially the sparring between Princess and StepQueen, which was incredibly creative. True, the inclusion of an antagonistic stepmother is a much used plot device but considering the circumstances, I think their hostility is understandable. After all, we're talking about being Queen of a Kingdom. That would easily bring out the worst in anyone. It was a good move to have the stepmother suggest Rowena be married off and become Queen in her own right so that they may both be Queen one way or another. Not only did this show the stepmother to have some sort of diplomacy in her but it only enhanced Rowena's character by displaying that she wanted to be rightful ruler instead of a trophy queen at the side of some random King. Very slightly reminiscent of Elizabeth I, I thought =). One tidbit I really liked was how you envisioned the royal crest, symbolising both strength and intelligence rather than the predictable just intelligence, a very nice and creative touch I thought. It's nice to think that Rowena never relinquished her heritage and incorporated it into Hogwarts. So that's how she came to be in the possession of the Diadem? Interesting. For now, it's a symbol of the promise of a kingdom that's rightfully hers but I can imagine that it'll later probably be a bitter reminder of something that was snatched away from her.

Speaking of Rowena, her characterising was just brilliant. You made the effort to give her a degree of complexity and layers, avoiding the easy option of making her a cookie-cutter of what little canon information we have about her. You gave her a captivating personality, making her your own. I just loved her pride that never bordered on arrogance, her strength of character of standing up for what she believed was rightfully hers and not allowing anyone to stand in her way. Her wit was sharp and biting, but humorously so. There's just so much strength in her character that I'm especially excited to see how you utilize her in Quadrivium and how she matches up with the other Founders who, it has to be pointed out, each have their own equally strong and unique personalities.

I think I'll stop my gushing here and save you from a rambling review. Is it really any surprise what rating I'm going to bestow on such a great one-shot? xD 10/10, m'dear. Now hurry up with the Salazaar teaser!

Much love,

Author's Response: Misty! What would I ever do without your mindblowingly awesome reviews? Every time I scroll through the feedback and see your giant tome of amazingness, it just floors me! I'm so sorry for having taken so long to respond, dear ... hopefully now that I have the time, I can try to do this some justice!

I love writing these Founders "trailers" and so it's terrific to hear that you are enjoying them! I'm so happy that you didn't think the dialogue was too modern :) I had some difficulty with time period enthusiasts who were pointing out everything that was not true to the era, so I had to make it clear that I was writing for fun and not for accuracy. Dialogue is only part of a story and I don't want it to distract from the plot, so it's good to hear that it seemed to fit!

I'm also happy that you liked the stepmother angle of the story. I realize that it's very cliche but I wanted to have all fairy tale aspects in my fairy tale :) It'll be very interesting to hear what you think about my plans for Maeve and exactly which fairy tale she is inspired by. But yes, good point! Her suggestion to Rowena that they both become queens somehow does show diplomacy but also a sort of cold and calculating intellect that knows how to get what she wants while others just get second best. She's a smart one!

Thank you for liking Rowena :) This is the way I would imagine her to be. She's been the only child and her father's heir for a long time, so she's pretty willful and stubborn as well as arrogant. The diadem will absolutely come to symbolize what she has lost, but also in a way, what she has found - because what she finds will shape her entire life and she'll know that there was no other path for her.

Thank you so much darling! The Salazar story is coming along and you'll be seeing it very shortly. *giant huggles*

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Review #7, by Pookha Resistance

25th June 2009:
To be honest, if I were just reading this story on its own, without knowing that it was part of "Quadrivium," I would have been left wanting more.

You do a great job showing a young woman caught between a manipulative step-mother and her father. I like that archetypal 'evil step-mother,' because I remember the fairy-tale way that 'Quadrivium' is being told. This fits into that category very well.

I also like the archetypal way that the evil step-mother tells Rowena about her 'evil plan'. It's very villain archetype and it gives the story a real feel for the genre.

I have one question: You describe Rowena as fair, but then later when describing Kentigern you say,

"Like his daughter, he was dark with pale clever eyes and a smirking mouth."

Do you mean he was dark-haired?

I really enjoyed reading this story and I think it's a great example of keeping true to your genre.

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much for coming to read this Carl! I apologize for how long it took me to respond :)

I'm glad you didn't find the stepmother angle too cliche, because I agree that it seemed to fit with the way Quadrivium is being told - as a sort of pseudo fairy tale. The stepmother is a very obvious villain, yep! She makes no apologies or pretenses about what she wants, and what she wants is for Rowena to get out.

Sorry for the confusion about the looks - I meant the "dark" to refer to their hair, but I will change it to have it make more sense.

Thank you very much for your kind review! :)

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Review #8, by Billion Resistance

23rd June 2009:
Yay, another prelude! I like your characterization Rowena. She's a bit fiery and very sure of herself - should make for an interesting dynamic with the temperamental Godric. If Salazar is similar things will be difficult for peacemaker Helena. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I noticed a parallel between Rowena's and Helena's story in that they both end up leaving their kingdom due in large part, to their fathers and the threat of future marriage. According to canon (I believe) they're both supposed to be good friends. This would certainly be something they share eye to eye.

You say the Godfreigh kings/queens have the 'gift of foresight', meaning they have the ability to See? That could imply Rowena comes from a family with magical blood. Of course she couldn't be a mudblood if Salazar was to be interested in her (which I believe he was..if I remember right from the first prequel).

I also like how you include the future horcuxes in each prequel and that they are memorabilia from before all 4 met. Wait...except the cup maybe since that 'prequel' actually takes place after Quadrivium right?

One thing that bothered me though was the ending: I felt it was too abrupt for a one-shot. It reads more like the first chaper of a story.

Also, I was confused about Rowena's skin. Is she supposed to be really light or somewhat tan?
"She watched the candlelight on the raven-dark waves of her hair, framing a face that looked even fairer by comparison. Her eyes stared shrewdly from above a thin-lipped mouth, a blue-gray gaze that was striking and unusual in a girl of her coloring.
Like his daughter, he was dark with pale clever eyes and a smirking mouth."
So it sounds like they're both dark complected but the "even fairer" threw me off a bit.

I'm excited to hear Salazar's view now. I hope you don't have us waiting too long for it! :D

Author's Response: *squeal* Why are your reviews always so awesome!? Hello dear and I'm so, so sorry that it's taken forever to respond. I've only just found some time to sit down and clear these away today!

So glad you enjoyed this! I've always imagined Rowena to be fiery; Helga is the sweet one and Rowena is the one who speaks her mind. Haha - Helga definitely has her hands full with the other three, what with Godric being sarcastic and full of himself and Rowena being feisty and Salazar being moody and difficult. But it couldn't always have been that way since they started out as great friends.

Hmm, you're right! Rowena and Helga definitely have parallel storylines so far, except that Rowena was ousted from her kingdom while Helga chose to leave. But yes they both left their homes and found a better place to belong :)

Yes, I'm intending that Rowena comes from a pureblood magical family. This royal family consists of witches and wizards but where they come from, they're respected and honored for their power instead of feared and ostracized ... may have something to do with how powerful and rich the family is. And Salazar would definitely never be interested in a woman who wasn't as pureblood as he was.

You'll be seeing the cup in Quadrivium - all of the Horcruxes will be in the main story and an integral part of how Hogwarts is founded.

I'll fix that part about Rowena's looks :) I meant her to be fair with dark hair, with the "dark" referring to her hair and not her skin. But I'll fix it to make it less confusing, thanks!

So glad you liked this and thanks a million for your wonderful review dear! *huggles*

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Review #9, by RonsGirlFriday Resistance

21st June 2009:
I love it, Jules, especially how you left it open-ended (well, open-ended in this one-shot...not sure how it all plays into Quadrivium, but I guess that means I'll have to go take a peek at that fic pretty soon!)

I also liked the significance you gave the diadem, and Rowena's characterization. I like her the way you've written her -- she seems very alive, and a sympathetic character who still has flaws.

You write Founder's Era really's the one era I really haven't tried yet, because it's pretty daunting, but I love being able to find Founder's fics that are true to the era. This was wonderful to read. :-)

Author's Response: Hi RGF! Sorry for this belated response :) And thank you very much for this kind review. I'm so, so glad that you thought this was decently true to the era. I'm not one to be a stickler on every detail of the time period, but I didn't want to be too anachronistic either. You're right that this will play into Quadrivium - I don't know how much, since I'm focusing on Helga Hufflepuff, but Rowena's story will be there - and that this is sort of open ended. I'm thrilled that you like Rowena as a character so far! I was inspired by Natalie Dormer, the actress that I used for her, and her role in the Tudors. She's very feisty and strong in addition to intelligent, which is how I'd imagine Rowena to be. Thanks so much for your review dear! :)

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