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Review #1, by MyMyMiss Finally

11th June 2012:
you!! ... you!! you.

so you've made me cry, laugh, cry a little more, get anxious and on the dge of my chair, yell when they FINALLLY kissed... and then you made me wait, and wait, and wait, and wait just that bit more, and do you know why your read count is rather big now? thats is my fault! because I kept reading this story, waiting for updates but they never came.

and here it is! The final ever chapter! and I have to say, I am so happy with how you ended this! it is an amazing finish, to one of the best fanficitions I have ever read.. :D

I am so happy you finished this! and gae me an update... but most of all, after all this long time of waiting, your writing technique, imagery and style was still perfect :D

thank you for an amazing story!! I'll keep reading, until the day I leave the site!! *inserts heart!*

~Karni, xx


Author's Response: YOU are amazing! Thank you SOOO much for sticking with this story and continuing to read it and wait for my updates that took forever! That is truly incredible, and I can never thank you enough for doing that for me. I am so glad that you enjoyed this final chapter and still feel like my style and such fit in with the original stuff. I have been writing this story for a couple years now and it feels so amazing to finally be done. Thank you again for your support and incredible kindness. You have made this journey that much more enjoyable! (:

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Review #2, by niague A Change

22nd November 2011:
that was a spectacular chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so much!! i am so happy to see that you enjoyed this chapter! i had so much fun writing it and hopefully i can get the next chapter (what I believe will be the final one) up pretty soon. thanks again for your lovely review and support! i appreciate it so much and cannot thank you enough! (:

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Review #3, by MyMyMiss A Change

11th August 2011:
-It was love, I was sure of it-







Okay over my dramatic ness, Blaise's speech was like wow, really in depth, slightly OOC for Canon, but like I have said before it's free reange because we don't know all that much about his character in the book.

I loved this kiss!! It was so original, no cliche or similar to any other kiss I have EVER read!! It was incredable, amazing, I'm lost for words.. all I can say is finally !!

But now they face the school world, and the infamous School Vilian Draco Malfoy and his cronies. How Will Ginny take it? Questions all lead to answers I am perfectly sure you will answer in time ^.^

Please, Please update soon!! ^.^ *Bakes cookies* xx

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much for your incredible speed, honesty, and thoughtfulness in reviewing this story. You have made me to happy and boosted my morale incredibly as a writer! Wow, just wow! (: I love that you thought this kiss was unlike any one you have ever read before. I was hoping it was different and sweet and romantic all at the same time and I am so happy that it was in your opinion!! We'll see how much further I play this story. I have several possibilities for it going around in my head but I don't believe it will be more than a few chapters more. Summer is almost over, after all, and I don't want it to go too far into the school year. THANK YOU A BILLION TIMES FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP! I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO THANK YOU!! (:

Lots of love and thanks,


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Review #4, by MyMyMiss This Feeling Isn't Paralysis

11th August 2011:
-I am rather good with hiding my emotions after all- Slytherin Trait!! :P lol..

Wow. I could really feel like I was Lunas Father in that little part at the start about the fall and the stairs and the fire and just wow. Idiot Luna's daddy, but poor Luna's daddy at the same time !! ^.^

-“Oh Luna,” I whispered, reaching for her arm as she collapsed into my shoulder, instantaneously soaking my shirt. “I know…Luna, I know…"
- Okay so I am sitting here bawling my eyes out for luna, and the fact that Balsie finally showed her how much of a heart he really does have!!! It was the cutest thing ever!! ^.^ x

-I was ready to do all I could to prove my affections for her, even if it meant telling her about them in the first place.
- In a recent chapter did he not say that he would not show emotion and what not to anyone until he loved? ^.^
Oh Blaise boo is falling, hard and fast ^.^

Onward to the juicies ^.^ xx

I do not like the fact you said up above a litttle that Luna is now Blaise's best friend, it's supposed to be girlfriend. Ya know, couple ^.^ But that's for later right ?*give puppy dog eyes*

Okay, so I was so happy when you then said "Would she be my grilfriend.." And the entire Paragrpah that follows, it just confirmed everything I had questinoed and thought and my theory just went poof :p But tha'ts alright.

I like how Blaise is just becoming more soft and soft, but still has Slytherin traits I think that is brilliant!! >.< But that's just my personal thought ;)

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Oh yay! You still think Blaise is in character? That's incredible! I am so astounded to hear that, you have honestly no idea! Thank you so much! (: I have been getting very worried about whether I am taking him too far sometimes and hear that from you is just amazing! I'm seriously speechless, and so so SO happy right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (:

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Review #5, by MyMyMiss Up In Flames

11th August 2011:
:O Only two more chapters !! Your killimg me here!!

Alright, so This Chaper was very confusing at first I was like, why the hell is Luna acting even Looner than usual, but then you explained about her Mother and I was like oh :'( Poor dear. Than Balise had a D&M with her (Deep and Meanfull for those who read this and are completely lost) I thought that was really cute!! ^.^

Luna and Blaise allt hrough this story have made me nawww, and ohh and cry and laugh - especially at Balsie's dry humour - but I wonder what will happen when He returns to school? He can't just go around with his nose in the air too her, not when Luna and El are so close :( that would be horriable! But then again he is a slytherin.

You had a really nice cliffhanger in this end chapter, a really intriguing one actually ^.^ I really did enjoy the part about the cartwheel and the no smiling, I thought that was rather quant ^.^


Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: I needed them to connect on a more personal level and this chapter served that purpose. I'm very pleased that you thought so! It was difficult to write, and I'm not sure even now if I wrote it as well as I could have, but as long as the main points are obvious, I'll let it be. Thanks again for all of your support and positive feedback!! (: You, my friend, are incredible!! (:

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Review #6, by MyMyMiss Because the World Spins Around

11th August 2011:
Okay so I'm going to start this one by saying that Luna was really excited that her Father was going to be joining them for Dinner in their house, as you so cluelessly put it ;) You a master at hintsand tricks and tips without even knowing it!

It's brilliant.


Tell me how do you do it? Write a story and not make it drag O.o Jealousy over here much ^.^

OKay so I really like your last line!! The whole pasrt about the never being so beautiful was a really really really memorable moment in this story. It was one of those times when Everyone who reads this will finally go nawww, their finally realizing they like each other.. Now hurry up and Kiss!!! ^.^ I know I sure did >.<

But Patience is a virtue!! Oh, oh, I really really liked this line -It’s just that your father wasn’t kidding when he told me once that you have an explanation for everything.- I thought this was very Luna and her Father, very much like the Lovegoods indeed.

Onward to the next lovely chapter!!

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm being a tricky writer! Wow, I've achieved something! (: Thanks again! I'm glad you can tell that Luna is starting to like Blaise, too. I mean, I'm writing this from Blaise's point of view so you can kind of tell what he's feeling most of the time but with Luna, you really don't have much to work with but I am very glad to see that you think I am still making some important points obvious. They'll kiss eventually, don't worry. (: Thanks again! (:

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Review #7, by MyMyMiss Blind

11th August 2011:
-I kept telling myself that the company of a girl was good for her, and in truth, it was.- No blaise she planned on living her boring life with you and only you and no friends for the rest of her childhood, really this boy can be so thick ^.^ && I love it !! >.<

Sensitive side is coming back ^.^ xx

A wedding??, I love weddings ^.^ Am I invited? :D

Blaise isn't getting all srprussed up for Luna now is her? Nawww, I thought that was kid of a really nice touch ^.^ Anyway, in general I though this chapter was pretty awesome!!!

I really really liked this line

-Luna’s expression was a cross between great joy and a yawn, almost causing me to burst out in laughter.- Was she slightgly god smacked? ^.^ ehahah - as vodie would say - I just thought it was a pretty cool thing and it adds really well to your story.

+ I've also noticed you have great consistansy. Blaise is always the same person and character, never once does he ever seem to falter in the slightest!! & That's great, because I struggle with Consistancy alot, and when I find somneone who can pull it off as well as you I think it's really wuite a grand thing to mention !! ^.^ Plus I adore the Little part where they just sat after Blasie picked out her dress, I was like ohh, that is so adorable!! >.<

The Wedding, now lets see. -Does Blaise not realise his mother is actually playing match maker? Idiot!- Okay, so I liked how El had someone come and pick her up to dance, I thought that was really sweet, and how you described that they were trying to dance like Adukts, I was like ohh ^.^ This chapter defiently had a lot of cuteness, and Blaise and Luna Dancing or so I thought.. Then she danced by herself.. I was like Oh ruined moment there, just ruined ^.^

Lol, But it was still great none the less. x Plus, you can tell Luna is falling for him, which I think is really great *Inserts that awkeards Voldie virtual hug here, again :P*


Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Thank you again!! Oh my!! You are so incredible! (: Your compliments are simply making me the happiest writer ever! I am so pleased to hear from you that Blaise's character has remained consistent throughout the entire story. As I may have mentioned, I'm working things into this gradually but still, after not writing for several weeks or months or whatever and then coming back into this, it is nice to know that Blaise has remained the same person the entire time. Blaise is an idiot, but that's why I love writing him with Luna! :P He gets so surprised so easily!! And the dancing moment was interesting, but hopefully not totally unromantic!! Thank you again for everything. You have no idea how happy your reviews make me feel! (:

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Review #8, by MyMyMiss A Pinpoint of Anger

10th August 2011:
I'm up to chapter 9 already O.o Maybe I've gone mad :/ but that's alright ^.^ Cause i'm a huge fan of this story and know what it feels like to get reviews !!^.^

So anyway ... :)

- I cannot say that I had a wonderful time - He lies! His a liar I tell you, Liar!! -.- He had a wonderufll time, come on own up, he loved it didn't he!! ^.^ xx

Is Mrs Zabini really that high priced and snotty nosed that she has the Audacity to interrupt Luna Lovegood, the pure heart and all, while in the middle of a talk O.o Oh I could say words for that lady, I could say a few words!!

-I wondered if mine were just as stunning;- No Blaise your just as stunning all over ;) lol

Ohh he said he was sorry. I actually just saw awww out loud :/ Whoops. Anyway, I thought that little piece up there was done awesomely, how you didn't actually say what Blaise's mother said to him becasue he already knew and then just answered with Blaise, I thought that was really clever, I know I would personally struggle with anything like that. Oh and whoopsy, I noticed One, One misley mangy flaw with your chapter this time, One out of the entire 9 chapters I have read, 1 and it was this.

-mother was carried to the front door by her own to feet- To should be -two- Just thought I would point that out.

I loved how short the dinner part was and then how you launched into the piece about the Dad and the background History, even the Ball, I thought that was spledified ^.^

I so really muchly ever so gladfully, enjoy this story - None of them are reall words I don't think :P - and I am now moving on to the next chapter ^.^

Till The next three minutes ;)

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: awww, thank you again so much!! you surely are just zipping through this story! wow! haha. Thank you for pointing out the error; I really appreciate it! My writing definitely isn't always error-free. And I'm so happy the plot is keeping you joyful. I tried to piece things together slowly but I am happy to see that there is still enough in each chapter for contentment. Thank again!! (:

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Review #9, by MyMyMiss Breaking Free

10th August 2011:
-A kiss is a kiss- even a first kiss doesn’t end up meaning a whole lot in the end. - If I was that girl I'd hurt him. Badly -.-

-What will really matter the day I die is who I find myself in love with, if anyone. - Yes Blaise if anyone, because with an attitude like that young man you'll be getting but a slap up the ears and thrown out on the curb. My god.

So, This chapter I decdied I am going tp pick on... ... ... ... ... In the nicest way possible ^.^ Cause I can't be mean, not to Harry Potter, or Luna and Blaise. It's just not possible. :P

I love how you make Blaise know he doesn't like his Mother. I think that's great and also I like the sensitive caring side you've shown again by making him try his hardest with making things right with his Mother. Will it work? Probably not. Not when she's swapped and changed her boyfriends/husband since he was a child, what does she expect a life of happiness from her Only son? God...

Onward ^.^

Now if he was my child and he spoke to me like that I would throw him out.. But probably not because its Blaise Zabini and we ell in love ages ago causing Seamus to get mildly upset - Future husband here - and so I couldn't possibly throw him out, but He needs a little more respect for his mummy. I know his trying, but He should of at least looked at her when he was trying but couldn't. And his Mother's right, even though she's still ahighpriced snotty nosed women, at least she is trying somewhat and is having a little go at making peace with her son, who is clearly putting across the I hate you leave me alone signal :P x

-Why was it that she always had to smile?- cause she's Luna Lovegood idiot!

Nawww I think its cute ^.^ The description you gave of the house and the yard was really awesome. I would like a hugemungerous house like that please! Please build me one ^.^ x

Anyway I could really see the house and the imagery you set up, It was really good! Also I like how you say he polietly nodded took of sprinting? Why would someone with no feelings for the blonde girl sprint after her and his little sister ^.^
And so the plot thickens .

Oh I love this story soo much !!

Next Chatpter!! *Inserts Awkward Virtual hug here*

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: I agree...Blaise's character in this chapter especially, is very disrespectful and inappropriate. It was very difficult to write a character like this but I felt it was necessary to help display just how much he changes and has changed already. He certainly does deserve a slapping!! Haha. But I am very glad you are still enjoying this story and liked this chapter all the same. I can't thank you enough for all of your support!! (:

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Review #10, by MyMyMiss The Forgotten Arrival

7th August 2011:
Umm, excsue me person who writes a lovely Blaise, why is El expecting Balsie to be married at seventeen O.o Broad imigaination much ?? ^.^

Blaise boy was gonna have a tantrum :P Blaise was gonna throw a fit :P Bahahah!! Those last few laragrapsh I found Funny, like really funny. :P Lol rolling on floor :D x

No Luna :( Where was Luna :( I hope shes in the next chapter I like Blaise and Luna, && El is just so cute.

I thought this chapter had a lot of depth behind it, && Also that I still hate his mother, beside the fact i've only just really meet her, I dislike the women immensley! Silly mother!!! Not having time for her children - Pffft - but this was still a great chapter non the less ;)

Moving on :)

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: awww, thank you!! I'm so glad that you are finding this to be both an enjoyable and humorous story. i have always found it difficult to incorporate humor into my stories but i am very relieved and excited to hear that you are finding at least some parts funny! (:

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Review #11, by MyMyMiss First Impressions

7th August 2011:
*I'm back..* Plays the Phantom of the Opera...No wait that's not right... anyway :)

This was lovely little chapter ^.^ Don't worry about the wait, considering i've only just started reading this yesterday there really wasn't much wait, but I might get impatience when you don't update and I do get to the last chapter ;) LOL.

Blaise and Xenophilius seem to hit things of nicely don't they? even though Blaise is a little reluctant to talk to him properly and finds that situsation awkward, which I suppose is natural coming from a highpriced family and Slytherin house, they still get along really great ^.^

El is so adorable, just hitting her Magic surpt.. That's was cute ^.^

I really enjoyed reading this chapter >.< Especially this line
-"You don’t have to stay long, you know. Whenever you’re ready to head home just let us know.”
It's like Luna is a way was saying, you can leave, but I don't want you too, but I kinda want time to myself with your sister, hope you don't mind, *Inserts grinny cheeky face here*

Amazing ^.^ xx

Next .

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: thanks again! I'm really happy to hear that my characterizations are nice and are character. thanks again for such a lovely and happy review!! (:

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Review #12, by MyMyMiss The Cylinder

7th August 2011:
-"Blaise Zabini, huh." He searched me with both of his eyes, the lazy one included. "Welcome"
-What does Luna's daddy know that we dont? *pouts* Also, I thought that was rather amusing, in my own little world, I could really see Luna's dad saying something like that, Also do they really live in a cylinder? O.o I think I may of skipped that bit in the book, if it wasn't in there, then awesome! I want to live ina cylinder home!!! :D

El is quite a handful in her own little way isn't she? She's not really loud or boisterous, but she's very inquizitive and smart. A Three year old talking the way she does, Incrediable.

:( I can't wait for there to me more communication between Luna and Blaise. :) I think there going to be a very fetching couple >.< && I'm still blown away by how well you portray the pair of them, it's just like wow. :)

Also, I like your portrayal on Mermaids inmuggle world and wizard world. I think that part of this chapter was very well descripted and came across very clear of what we were seeing!!! >.<

*Audience's applauds here* Onward...

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Thank you again for such an honest, optimistic, and lovely review. Your support really does mean a lot to me!! (:

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Review #13, by MyMyMiss The Meeting

6th August 2011:
-“You,” I leaned down, squatting so that El could clearly see my face,”are going to kill me."
This was lovely :) Blaise putting his opinion out there and letting his siter no she would be the death of him :P I thought it was on the midst of funny and cute ^;/

This entire chapter just thickens the plot line doesn't it :/ Hmm yes you. Awesome writer, who thinks obbssessive reviewer is mental, ;) Just kidding, but you probably do think that.

Anyway, I really did like how the plot thickened a considerable ammount in this chapter, Luna came into it as a *cough*mermaid*cough* and then El just had too see more of her, in a way Luna sort of has the Mermaid aspects doesn't she?

Again, you protrayed the stres sand worry over his sister just how any Brother should feel over his sister, I think you do a fan-tabie-hoobie-alistic job on writing Brotherly/Sisterly Bonds :)

Bravo!! Pats you on the shoulder. I wonder if this new found freimdship will last long? And I wonder if Your Blaise listenes to his friends much? Or if their going to tease him for being friends with Luna, oh so many questions.

Onward and upward to the next exciting installment ^.^

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Blaise is a big brother after all and that is exactly what I wanted to portray in this chapter. Thank you for completely understanding! I am very glad that you like my version of Blaise's character and also that you are enjoying your time reading this. Thanks for yet another incredible review!! You seriously are too sweet!! (:

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Review #14, by MyMyMiss Mermaids

6th August 2011:
Do you think I had gone too far? Not reviewing quick enough really am I? :/ Well not too worry I ma here now with lovely words and excited after reading your cliff hanger.

I hate cliffhangers, *Looks over the side of the cliff* There scary.

Anyway... What has Blaise seen? Is It a mermaid? Or perhaps that weird strange blonde haired girl in your banner? What's her name? Luna.. That's right ;) lol.

This chapter had a lot of depth too it. Clearly Even though Blaise has Houseelves doo everything for him, he still see's them as living, breathing creatures, I thought that was a very nice touch, it also showed him - when he told Trixie not to take through the bushes, but to take the trail or Apparate - That he truly does have a sensitive side.

I really like how you explain your scenery and the way things happen. For instance, when El, is sitting on Blaise's lap and he looks at her beofre Answering Trixie, I can see it, I know it's happening, I can feel her weight sitting on Blaise. You really do have an amazing talent ^.^ I envy your grammar too, + With no better? That's just brilliant!!!

I really enjoyed reading this part...
-I do not know why I even offered to wait for a mermaid to show up in the river but whatever motive it was that made me do so is one that I wish to yank out forever. Waiting is so boring!
I thought this part had a really nice Slytherin trait too it :D Well done on another excellent, cliff hanging *glares* chapter!!

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: I try very hard to be a descriptive writer and I am extremely relieved to hear from you that you believe I am achieving that, especially in this novella. Blaise is a Slytherin but even so, I am trying to show that there is more to him than just that and it's very nice to know that you think I am doing that well. Your review are just making me so happy! Really, I cannot thank you enough to the support you have shown me in so many of my stories!! (:

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Review #15, by MyMyMiss Sunrise

6th August 2011:
-“Blaise! Blaise! There is a mermaid in the river!”
This line here was very cutte, and made me go "that's cutee out loud. That is possibly why every one is starring at me like a idiot ^.^

I have a question? Where does you talent come from? Do you have magic fingers? Are you allergic too bad grammar and messy stories?? ^.^ Your an awesome writer!!! I love how you showed us a nice charming sensitive Blaise, like your one-shot, and how he actually does love his Sister. Although we haven't meet his mum fully yet, I get the feeling he doesn't like her much? That might just be me though :|

You have an amazing first chapter here, its set beaufitully and I can really see and feel what is going on. Being hit with that Donught hurt, I'll have you know ;) && I'd like a refund :P for it ruining my trousers. :P Just saying ^.^

I loved the tension that you gave as Blaise was concerned for his sister - His stress levels are too high I tell you ;) - It was amazing the ammount of care and worry your brought across to your readers ^.^

Onward to the next lovely chapter ...

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: I'm speechless. Thank you so, so, so much for the outstanding compliments. I have been writing for about four years now, maybe that is where the talent comes from, but even so, I have never though of myself THAT good! But're kindness is definitely appreciated and I love you for it! Thank you so much! (:

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Review #16, by MyMyMiss Prologue

5th August 2011:
Excuse me, yes you ... Did I say you could write a prologue as good as this? No? Very well. Kindly show me how you mastered this eye opening starter? I will be forever greatfull.

~I think you used that word really well in this !! Considering it is Balsie's PoV using that word is something that any abnormal, mother disliking boy would use. I think you used that word just perfectly and it defientley caught my eye ^.^

Please tell me how you write amazing stories, i've only read the Proglogue and i'm already hooked on this story, either your a creativite writer, or you thrive of really intirguing pairings and plots. Perhaps your both, but either way I love your writing.

I really think you did a good job of explining to your readers what you want them too see, For instance I can imagine Mrs.Zabini, to be a highpriced, toffee-nosed mother who had absolutley no time for her Son or Daughter, but had to have everything and herselft perfect.
The Images of El give us an insight as too what type of child she will be or is at the present moment. She's a smaller version of Luna ;) As you stated but not in those words.

I am really greatfull I found you, with your very first story you wrote about the Founders and Salazar, because Now i'm hooked on your stories ^.^

Oh one thing I noticed was ths - and that I where I will always view them, I think you meant to say and that is where I will always view them. ;)

Great entry to what I can tell wil be a marvelous story. :)

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: I hate prologues for some unusual reason but I felt like I needed one for this story and am glad that it proved its purpose. I love writing about different pairings and characters, so Blaise/Luna is a lot of fun for me! I try and make my stories as original as possible too, which is difficult but achievable. Thank you for the amazing compliments on this entire story so far. I surely hope I can keep up with you!! I really appreciate all of the time and effort you have put into reading so many of my stories. I'll have to do the same. Thanks again!! (:

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Review #17, by Piggiebag A Change

22nd July 2011:
I really liked the story so far its different I really adore how you let the magic be apart of it :)! But is Blaise turning 17 or 18 because aren't young wizards only allowed to use magic when they are 17 or did i get that wrong :)?

Author's Response: thank you so much for the wonderful review!! and Blaise is turning seventeen. this story is taking place the summer before Blaise's seventh year and Luna's sixth at Hogwarts. i appreciate your review so much and cannot thank you enough! (:

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Review #18, by lunafan3997 A Change

22nd July 2011:
:) That was amazing!! I love your story!!! I would love you forever if you updated soon!!

Author's Response: thank you dear!! (: i am so glad you are continuing to enjoy this story. i should be updating within the next two weeks (hopefully this next week). i just have to figure out where exactly i want this to go. thanks again for the wonderful review! have an amazing day! (:

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Review #19, by Muffin This Feeling Isn't Paralysis

25th February 2011:
Absolutely beautiful.
I hope some more moments between them will occur... Also, maybe a chapter from Luna's POV some time? :)

Author's Response: i like your idea of a chapter from Luna's POV. i'm considering it. i feel a bit strange switching right in the middle of the story but maybe just one chapter wouldn't be such a bad idea. i'll give it some more thought. thank you so much for the wonderful review. i really appreciate it! (:

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Review #20, by Muffin Blind

25th February 2011:
Beautiful scene at the wedding. Just gotta say that.

Author's Response: thank you so much!! (: i'm so glad to hear you enjoyed this!

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Review #21, by MagicallyClumsie This Feeling Isn't Paralysis

14th December 2010:
teehee i love this[:

Author's Response: thank you so much! (: i'm so honored to hear that!

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Review #22, by Sara Malfoy Up In Flames

29th September 2010:
I have probably read from about 10 000 authors story's and cross my heart you are the greatest. I never pictured Luna and Blaise but now I love them! Keep up the Amazinggg wrk!

Author's Response: oh. my. gosh. thank you so much! i cannot believe what a compliment you just gave me! you are incredible. thank you so much for your support and i hope you continue reading this story and check out some of my others. i'd appreciate it a lot. but really, thank you SO much.

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Review #23, by niague Up In Flames

25th August 2010:
what a bittersweet chapter
keep on updating

Author's Response: i will...soon, hopefully!! thank you so much for the lovely review! i appreciate it so much more than you will ever know! (:

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Review #24, by callmedaynuhh Up In Flames

18th August 2010:
i love blaisexluna! and i love how carefree she is making himm. it's inspiring :D

Author's Response: i'm so glad to hear that!! inspiring? wow...that's an amazing confidence boost right there. hopefully i'll be throwing an update in soon. i had some summer assignments for school to take care of and haven't had much time to fit some writing in. it'll come though...i promise it will be soon enough. thanks again for the wonderful review!! just so you know, this was inspiring to me as well.

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Review #25, by Anaiviv Up In Flames

12th August 2010:
You are amazing!!
Great story!!
Can't wait to find out more!!

Author's Response: YOU are amazing!! thank you so much the fantastic review! hopefully i will be updating soon! (:

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