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Review #1, by Horntail Dragon Understanding and Reconciliation

24th January 2018:
PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!! LOVED THE LAST CHAPTER!! I really would like to know what kind of mischief little hyperactive and imaginative Harry will get into!

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Review #2, by Mice Boys Don't Cry

8th February 2016:
Love love your stories

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Review #3, by Anne Just Like My Dad

11th August 2015:
OMG I thought that was Lucius Malfoy (I mean, Draco does look like he never wanted to be like his dad)

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Review #4, by Randal Geo United We Stand

10th November 2012:

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Review #5, by Randal Geo Just Like My Dad

10th November 2012:
Harry's so fricken CUTE! OMG!!!

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Review #6, by Snarksnboojums Understanding and Reconciliation

3rd July 2012:
Excellent. Loved it. I'm so glad I found this story. I hope if there is a sequel that I can find it. I'll Google your name and see what I can find.

Author's Response: Oh, there's a sequel, it's called Growing Pains and it's posted here! Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by Snarksnboojums Quality Time

3rd July 2012:
Great chapter. I'm so glad that things are good between Severus and Tobias.
Harry was just too cute.

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Review #8, by Snarksnboojums Through the Eyes of A Child

3rd July 2012:
This chapter had me tearing up. It was just powerful and emotional.
I wish there were a way to rate a chapter above a 10.

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Review #9, by Snarksnboojums Last Chance

3rd July 2012:
I could so feel for Severus. I'm glad that he had his talk with his father, and was able to make some headway in making Tobias understand. I can't wait to see what happens during the duration of the spell.
I really hope that Severus will be able to forgive, if not forget, and that Tobias can be a part of Harry's life.
Really wonderful chapter.

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Review #10, by Snarksnboojums Just Like My Dad

3rd July 2012:
I feel so bad for Tobias, having to skulk around in the shadows to see his grandson.

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Review #11, by Snarksnboojums Never Again

3rd July 2012:
This is just an amazing story. I'm really hoping right now that Severus and Tobias can reconcile at some point.
I love your Master Healer Severus and young Harry.

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Review #12, by Serpentess Looking For Trouble

23rd May 2012:
Oh no looks like someone's in trouble!

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Review #13, by 65ashben Understanding and Reconciliation

10th October 2011:
I loved this story. I am going to go and read the sequel now.

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Review #14, by brit Through the Eyes of A Child

23rd February 2011:
i was in tears when i read this it was so SAD ):

Author's Response: Aww! Yes, this was a really emotional chapter!

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Review #15, by bell Last Chance

23rd February 2011:
oh cliffy bella likey

Author's Response: Thanks! They're my specialty.

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Review #16, by ohhhhhhhh Just Like My Dad

21st February 2011:
i knew it was toby i knwe it.

Author's Response: Good job figuring that out.

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Review #17, by mtv fan Looking For Trouble

21st February 2011:
ah ah ah ah ah ah ha

Author's Response: Thanks! Looks good huh?

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Review #18, by kirstenalanna Boys Don't Cry

13th February 2011:
Poor harry!!! I like Snape as a dad. He's a good one :)

Author's Response: Yeah he's going through a tough time now. Thanks so much for reading. Snape is a good dad, much better than Tobias was.

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Review #19, by 'mirah Understanding and Reconciliation

10th February 2011:
Adorable and very well written!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! There's a sequel posted here called Growing Pains if you want to read further in this universe

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Review #20, by Bellatrixpotter Understanding and Reconciliation

21st December 2010:
This was such an incredible story! Some parts even made me tear up. Please write more!

Author's Response: Thanks! There is a sequel to it called Growing Pains on here. Just scroll down and you'll see it.

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Review #21, by Christina Understanding and Reconciliation

17th November 2010:
I really loved this whole series starting with where the shadows go. if this is the end for real i think i may just cry =(

Author's Response: No, it's not. Just keep reading. Growing Pains is next.

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Review #22, by micking Angry Dobermans and Accidental Magic

10th October 2010:
Very exciting chapter. Enjoy the closeness and love that grandfather shows to Harry. Perhaps the grandchild can hopefully save the father and son relationship. Enjoy reading your story.

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Review #23, by Anonymous Understanding and Reconciliation

16th September 2010:
I just had to review this chapter! I'm still laughing uncontrollably over "I made Inky come alive!" People are looking at me like I'm crazy. LOL Thank you for a most enjoyable and thought provoking read.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! There's more in this series, Check out the sequel Growing Pains and also the prequel Where Shadows Go. And also multiple short stories.

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Review #24, by Lallen Understanding and Reconciliation

29th August 2010:

10/10 well done it's a fabulous story to read and my favourite part is:

Five minutes later, they heard Harry shouting, "Daddy! Daddy! Grandpa! Come quick, you gotta see this! I made Inky come alive!"

Father and son traded horrified glances.

"Bloody hell, Sev!"

"Merlin's flaming staff!" Severus groaned, rising to his feet. He could hear the soft purring of a large cat coming from the direction of Harry's room. "Why did I ever let him read The Velveteen Rabbit?"

It's just so funny and amasing so congratualtions and well done once again :D



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Review #25, by tory pow Never Again

26th August 2010:
why do u have to keep making things bad...they could have fixed their relationship.hope it gets better...
only 9/10 since i didn't like this chapter

Author's Response: It will, but I couldn't have Severus just forgive Tobias for everything right away, it would be unrealistic given what he went thru during his childhood. Tobias really was an abusive bastard to him and hurt him deeply. Plus, it's common for an alcoholic to backslide if presented with temptation, and there's no way Sev would have been reasonable after Tobias struck Harry, intentional or not.

This story is meant to show the struggle of reconciling two people who have hurt each other and so it has its ups and downs.

But don't worry, it will get better eventually, just keep reading.

Oh and in case you were wondering, here is the order in which the series goes. I actually wrote this story first and everything else came after it, including WSG.

1. Where Shadows Go (novel) SS/LP

2. Split Second (one-shot) NEW!! REVIEWS WELCOME!!

3. Forbidden Flight (short story)

4. Mother's Day (one-shot)

5. Harry Potter Dogsitter (short story)

6. Harry Potter & the Monster Under the Bed (one-shot)

7. Never Again (novel) SS, HP, and Tobias Snape

8. Growing Pains (novel)

9. Severus's Christmas Wish--one-shot

10. The 4th of July Deer--short story--COMPLETE--PLEASE REVIEW!!

11. Lily's Valentine--one-shot

12. Object of Affection--one-shot! FUNNY!

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