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Review #1, by gran/ger Secret Santa.

3rd May 2011:
I am so glad to have read an other of your stories. After reading all of "Her Inheritances" so far; my expectations were high. They've been vindicated. You are a WRITER. You deserve the capitals because you haven't disappointed so far. Now for the sequel!

Author's Response: Me too. Well uhm..don't make them too high lol :).

Well I have always been able to write, since my sixth grade year actually. Even when I was a little kid kid, I was always making up stories and going on "Advantures" and such when I was growing up, so I guess that helped in a way???

Thank you gran/ger for reading and reviewing,


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Review #2, by Dark Whisper Secret Santa.

27th February 2011:

Well... I found your story when I was reviewing "Draco's Christmas Carol" by TheHeirOfSlytherin.

I couldn't agree with you more about people reading and not reviewing. Don't we all (authors) love reviews of any kind?

And since you mentioned it in your review, well... I just had to find your stories and read a few.

I think the best part of your story was that he waited to give the gift to her... and that he explained why. To me, that was very beautiful and wonderfully romantic. You penned her disappointment very well... and had her breaking up with Ron just before getting on the train... poor Hermione. My heart went out to her.

And... of course I loved it that he was watching her from a distance... and when he whispered 'Merry Christmas Hermione Granger.' I thought...Ahhh... so sweet!

Well, I'm off to read & review your "New Year's Eve" story...

Since you are into Christmas stories... you might enjoy mine... "Delilah's Black Book of Poems, a Malfoy Christmas Carol."

Chapter 4 will be up very soon and chapter 5 is all about New Year's Eve. I am desperately hoping it is not like my own! :)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Well to be honest with you I wrote this waaay back then, back in 06 or something like that. I wrote it, posted it and then took it down; don't know why but after a while I reposted it after I figured out that it was a one-shot.

Yeah, mostly since we try to entertain others. It's sad really. I love all sorts of Dramione fanfics, look at my favorites ;).

Thank you for reading and reviewing,

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Review #3, by potterprincess07 Secret Santa.

5th January 2011:
I loved this! I am a huge Dramione fan and try to read all I can find. This was very well done, and by the time I was finished, I didn't even realize it was a one-shot, as it seemed to be so much longer.

Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Thank you :). I wrote that a long time ago, back oh gosh...back in 06 or something but took it down for whatever reason and then posted it back up after I realized that it was a one-shot lol.

Anyway thank you potterprincess07 for reading and reviewing (Check out my other stories though I am not good with my grammer and such >

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Review #4, by AussieAnatomy627 Secret Santa.

25th December 2009:
That was so sweet! I really thought he was getting her the book she wanted... I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you Aussieanatomy627. I have the sequel up now if you would like to read it ;).


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Review #5, by DracoFall243 Secret Santa.

26th September 2009:
Aww that was so freaking cute. Just thought you ought to know!

Author's Response: Thank you Dani. ^_^.

Thank you for reading and reviewing,


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Review #6, by DarkForebiddenMalfoy Secret Santa.

11th July 2009:
this was a cute one-shot thing, but it would be nice if you finish it. also how do you put up banners and pictures for your stories?

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. ^_^.


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Review #7, by Mia Secret Santa.

3rd July 2009:
k u really need to edit this
good idea and that
but seriously GRAMMAR
u need a beta or something.
its good otherwise.

Author's Response: It was betad airhead.

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Review #8, by emo_in_yellow_angel_in_black Secret Santa.

20th June 2009:

i like it :D

Xx eiyaib

Author's Response: Thank you, eiyaib. ^_^.


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Review #9, by Mage_Of_Beginning Secret Santa.

20th June 2009:
Excellent one-shot



you seriously can't just leave it like this
please write what happens afterward, did draco and hermione get together or what? did they became friends?

wish i could give 1 million / 10, but 10/10 is the best i could give you

Author's Response: Sorry but this is only a one-shot, I won't make it into something else.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #10, by Jayme Reed Secret Santa.

12th June 2009:
I love the story but its going a little fast i think you should slow it down a little

Author's Response: It's just a one-shot. Why do people keep on thinking that it's going to be something else? I'm not mad at you, Jayme Reed, just frustrated that people keep on thinking that this will be into a short story or something else because it won't be. A One-shot is supposed to be very short. And it depends on the reader of how fast it goes. Read it again but slower then you'll get it.

Thanks for the review, Jayme Reed.

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Review #11, by Boots Secret Santa.

12th June 2009:
Very Cute. I like the idea of secret santa, and it was funny to be reading it this time of year.

Author's Response: Thank you Boots. And Yeah I know, but oh well. ;).


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Review #12, by Harry and Ginny Secret Santa.

12th June 2009:
this fic is very interesting. and i think u should do a sequel. what do u think?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Sorry hon, I just wanted a One-shot and I will keep that in mind but for now I just wanted a good One-shot.

Thank you for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it.


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Review #13, by cathyyy Secret Santa.

12th June 2009:
Aw, how cute =) I really liked it!

There were a few typos, but nothing major.

I loved it, so cute :D Can't wait to read more from you (:

- C

Author's Response: Oops. Sorry about that.

Thanks I can't wait to see more reviews from you and I LOVE your story by the way and I can't wait to read more from You.


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