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Review #1, by Key Air Ruh 5. Bloody Children

10th November 2013:
Please finish this magnificent story! I am so sad that you left us hanging :)

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Review #2, by CharmedOne6t9 5. Bloody Children

7th April 2012:
U have to finish it! Im so hooked please keep writing!!!

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Review #3, by Theia Luna 5. Bloody Children

13th April 2010:
omg! i absolutely, positively loved this story! Dante seems like a sweetheart but, he seems to like Hermione lol, and that would put him in an awkward position haha. Any way PLEASE update! I've waited so long in hopes of a new chapter, but not yet apparently lol. I love this story so much, i really want to know what happens in the next few chapters! Please don't stop writing it! i love the way you write lol.. it makes sense in my book haha. [and just so u know I think its very original ;) ]..

waiting for the next chapter rather impatiently lol..but patient all the same..


(PS. this chapter was bloody amazing! haha)

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Review #4, by lpi Because of me

13th February 2010:
nice chapter.. seems a little weird when you first start reading but iam sure the nexr chapters get better and better

Author's Response: thank you for reading&reviewing(: I hope the story got less weird!

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Review #5, by lola Because of me

5th February 2010:
you seem to be trying to build on the "twilight" series story. should do something original

Author's Response: sorry you feel that way, I am not trying, but if it seems that way, I will try to figure out something outrageous and original to put in(:

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Review #6, by 0sweety10 5. Bloody Children

12th January 2010:
Yes i did enjoy it.
It was funny how they kept
I like Dante, but it's quite obvious he likes Hermione,so Draco should check about that.(:
Anywho, ugh! great, now I'm left with curiosity about the next chapter.grr. do you writers see what you do to us readers.haha
Can't wait for the next update.10/10

Author's Response: Aha, we try! Thanks Ana(: You have really inspired me to update again(:

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Review #7, by 0sweety10 The Full Moon

8th January 2010:
but luckily.I get to go to the next chapter.haha
I like this chap.It explains stuff.(:

Author's Response: I'm glad! I re-read everything and decided there needed to be some explanations so that everyone wasn't sooo confused(;

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Review #8, by 0sweety10 The Bane

8th January 2010:
Omg. Hermione got kidnapped once again.
I love Ginny,Tip:Don't piss her off.haha
*goes straight to next chap.*(:
Gotta love this story.10/10

Author's Response: ahah(: Ginny's my favorite, she always seems to have the best lines in my head(:

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Review #9, by 0sweety10 Kidnapped

8th January 2010:
Yes, I like it.
So Draco imprinted on Hermione.aww
That's he kidnapped her.nice.
Still lovin it.♥(:

Author's Response: glad you liked it(:& reviewed to all my chapters(:! its lovely to hear feedback(:

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Review #10, by 0sweety10 Because of me

8th January 2010:
How cool! I love the idea.very unique.It's awesome.

Author's Response: thanks! I'm glad you liked it!(:

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Review #11, by Sara_Sj 5. Bloody Children

15th December 2009:
Sounds a lot like Twilight, with Dante being the "Jacob" of the story, so to speak...I like it. Hahaha.
This was really good, although there were a few grammatical errors.

Author's Response: thank you! I try to catch the errors, but I always miss some!(:

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Review #12, by alias093001 5. Bloody Children

11th December 2009:
Draco and Ron seriously have some issues to work through. Even after breaking up with her, Ron is still jealous when she's dating someone else. Can't he just accept the fact that Hermione can be happy without him?

And, Draco? He needs to learn to get along with Hermione's friends - Ron especially - if she is his soul mate. If that doesn't happen, Hermione might continue turning to Dante, who so clearly likes her.

And, exactly what does The Bane want with Draco anyway?

Author's Response: Oh Ron, always the jealous type wasn't he? And Draco is just a hot head(;

Thank you so much for reviewing! Keep reading & you will find out what The Bane wants with Draco dearest(;

- love Rosie!

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Review #13, by Deni 5. Bloody Children

10th December 2009:
Lovely story, can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you!(:

- love Rosie!

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Review #14, by Theia Luna Because of me

8th December 2009:
wow.. that was freaking intense.. lol. i didn't get the last part though. was it Draco that yelled, " NO!"? and if so, why did he??
other than that it was freaking awsome!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! And It was Draco that yelled "NO!" because he didn't want Hermione to let Harry know that they were inside. he didn't want to have to leave because he was trying to get Hermione to understand that he loves her(: Hope that made it clearer!(:

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Review #15, by kh2020 5. Bloody Children

8th December 2009:
Love your story. Update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! I will update as soon as I can, I'm glad you liked it!

- love Rosie!

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Review #16, by JR Nite Dragon The Full Moon

30th October 2009:
whoa!! that's good, i can't wait to see what happens next! ^_^

JR Nite Dragon

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the next chapter as much!

- love Rosie!

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Review #17, by Galloping Gargoyals The Full Moon

7th October 2009:
holy moly,
cliffy !
great chapter,
i like dante, hes interresting.
cant wait for more ! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and Dante!

-love Rosie!

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Review #18, by Bunni_goes_rawr The Full Moon

7th October 2009:
Ooh! I get chills when I read this, ha ha!
Fantastic! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!(: I'm glad you liked it.

- love Rosie!

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Review #19, by jessirose85 The Full Moon

3rd October 2009:
Great story so far..please keep adding to it

Author's Response: Thank you! And I will(:

- love Rosie!

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Review #20, by thisloveisnice The Full Moon

29th September 2009:
wow a cliffhanger.
and a very good one might i add.
i wonder whats gonna happen next.

Author's Response: wow is right, i hope(: thank you for readiiing!

- love Rosie!

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Review #21, by Laiqualassiel The Full Moon

29th September 2009:
I am completely wided eyed. Nice way to keep us coming back!! Deep breath. That was awesome. Please keep up the wonderful work!!!


Author's Response: Yay! Thank you, I'm glad you like it!(:

- love Rosie!

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Review #22, by cullens_pet The Full Moon

29th September 2009:
Ahhh. cliffie! Update soon, please!

Author's Response: Tehe, thats the vibe i've been getting, sorry for the cliff hangers(;

- love Rosie!

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Review #23, by alannalove2009 The Full Moon

29th September 2009:
NNO!! Not a cliff hanger!! =[!! I wanna know what is going to happen NOW!! I hope hermionie does not get hurt!! good job && i LOVE the plot!!

Author's Response: oh, the evils of cliff hangers, sorry! Thank you!

- love Rosie!

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Review #24, by alannalove2009 The Bane

29th September 2009:
AH!! hemionie got kidnapped again!! right when she started to fall in love with draco!! bahhh humug

Author's Response: Bahh humbug? That just made my day! Hah, thank you for reviewing& reading(:

- love Rosie!

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Review #25, by alannalove2009 Kidnapped

29th September 2009:
omg! i love this plot! it is so original!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you love it!(:

- love Rosie!

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