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Review #1, by Debra20 Lilia

9th June 2010:

Very good piece. I loved the way you started the story. It was as if a piece of a novel has been cropped, and posted here. It leaves imagination space to grow and picture the beginning. Of course the end, we know it.

There were a few words that I don't know if the characters would have said it, but then again, there is no official description of how they were exactly. So no biggie ;)


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Review #2, by Wanted Free7 Lilia

3rd October 2009:
Whoa that was great. It was sort of confusing but I still love it. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you liked it. :D

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Review #3, by Shells Lilia

5th August 2009:
"wow...I never read Founder fics, I always find them a tad bit boring. But I loved this one, I am soo happy that I clicked on it!"
What!? Not like the founders?? they are my favorite subject for fanfics. The good ones at least

Author's Response: lol ;) my personal favorite is Duplicity by Padfoot4ever. It's amazing you should check it out.

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Review #4, by Shells Lilia

5th August 2009:
Wow good one. That Godric wouldn't hurt muggles to save a witch or wizard really might be another reason for the Slytherin/Gryffindor rift. Thanks for this story, I liked it. Gives me a little something to thing about

Author's Response: Thanks I really appreciate it! You really made me feel happy...I was having a stinky day!

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Review #5, by scarlett nixon Lilia

8th July 2009:
This was really intense. I liked it a lot! I just feel a bit more detail about the muggles and why they killed Lillia would do the story good. One-shots are sometimes hard to follow if there isn't enough information to surround the brief story setting. Keep at it :)

Author's Response: Thanks I\\\'ll work on that! XD I can\\\'t wait for more in the POM!

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Review #6, by american wizard Lilia

2nd July 2009:
ooh good reason for the obi wan/anikan wallpaper thing
how DO you get those on there

Author's Response: Thanks I went on paint and pasted the pics on. XD

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Review #7, by harrylilyjames Lilia

28th June 2009:
wow...I never read Founder fics, I always find them a tad bit boring. But I loved this one, I am soo happy that I clicked on it!
Would of loved if it was longer, but oh well- I can't have everything.
Really well done! It was lovely. The emotions really brought it to life.

Author's Response: Thanks so much this really made me feel better my day was very dreadful. I'll work on length, that's always a problem of mine. Thanks again for the terrific review!

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