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Review #1, by jtz Being the Decider

15th June 2015:
i really enjoyed this story and i wish you continued it... alas, i'm far too late with my comments i think. You are a very talented writer. Thank you for the stories. Even unfinished, they are very enjoyable.

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Review #2, by jtz Rosmerta's Culinary Magic (and Where It Leads)

15th June 2015:
LOL. I love it that you left the details of what happened during the holiday to our imagination

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Review #3, by jtz The Herbologist's Social Secretary

15th June 2015:
i thought the first few paragraphs were a bit disjointed - they did not flow that well, but after a few paragraphs that seemed to have resolved. i love the idea of this story, very unique, fresh! looking forward to the rest.

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Review #4, by elladora Being the Decider

12th October 2009:
I loved the chapter. I'm very curious about how her and his family are going to react. My challenge has stopped because of the new rules but if I don't review a new chapter after a week PM me. Alright?

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I had decided, going in to this, that his family would be a problem.

I'd be happy to let you know when I update. I really appreciate your interest.

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Review #5, by datbenik513 Rosmerta's Culinary Magic (and Where It Leads)

24th September 2009:
Now it's time to introduce the other main character as well and what a way to introduce him! Your writing is simply addictive.

Pomona is not pregnant, at least it's not a normal pregnancy, I'm sure. Now you made me curious. Quite a cliffy here! * applause *

It seems you can make me read just about anything. Hell, I'm now guessing I'd even read a Dramione, were you to write one :D

Author's Response: I've GOT to update this. One can only hang on a cliff so long.

As to whether Pomona is pregnant -- I'm just going to have to clear that up.

Thank you again for commenting. I really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by datbenik513 The Herbologist's Social Secretary

24th September 2009:
I know about your healthy interest to the Fat Friar. I've had the enormous pleasure of reading your other story and it was absolutely awesome. Pomona Sprout, however, is not a person we come across too often in fanfic and if we do, it's her "professor" figure, not herself.

What we see here is a beautiful attempt of creating the person behind that professor figure. Her family, her background, the tragedy of her sister, all a brilliantly utilized carte blanche you've had.

I enjoyed every single word of it. In particular, the somewhat dry sarcasm of the Friar and Pomona's last line. I have to remember that!

Author's Response: First, I am very sorry to have taken so long to respond. It had actually been so long since I worked on this piece that I had to go back and reread it (and make a few changes and corrections along the way). Also, I had been out of commission for a few days.

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story. It is intended as sort of a companion piece to WSP, existing in the same universe (although in later year than I have written my way up to in WSP).

This was my first time using the Fat Friar as a character. Many single women talk to their cats. Pomona talks to a ghost. Talking to a ghost about how your life is slipping away -- I thought that was a bit sad.

Again, thanks so much.

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Review #7, by Jesusfreaksjh Rosmerta's Culinary Magic (and Where It Leads)

16th September 2009:
Are you going to update? This is interesting, I'd like to see where you take it.

Fat Friar! loved the last lines on the previous chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing.

Yes, I am going to update; but, unfortunately, my work obligations have taken their toll on my ability to update anything at all. I'm trying to get on with it, and the order will be WSP, then Save the Snorkack, then Seekers.

I'm fond of the Friar. I think he's an underused character.

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Review #8, by elladora Rosmerta's Culinary Magic (and Where It Leads)

19th June 2009:
Is she pregnant??? Is she even pureblood, if not the Flints wouldn't be all to happy. 10/10

Author's Response: Is she pregnant? Well . . .

Before I conceived (pardon the pun) of this story, I was working on the story for which my current story Wizard's Sabbath Prologue will be a prequel. One of the character's in the planned story will be a daughter of Professor Sprout and a member of the Flint family who is sorted into Slytherin and, because she basically has her mother's disposition and her father's frame (that troll blood!), finds tough going.

So, yes. Pomona is pregnant. This is basically the story of how Sprout happened to have a late-life daughter.

As to whether Pomona Sprout was pureblood or not: it's up for grabs. I made her pureblood, or very close to it-- just not particularly picky. The Sprout family attitude was exactly like the Weasleys: they would not dream of looking down on marriage to a Muggle-born Wizard, or even to a Muggle. (Marriage to a non-Catholic would be another story.

Because, in my story, Sprout is a pureblood, the Flints will not exaxtly look down oni it for that reason. However, since they are big Voldemort supporters, they will not be thrilled about the match for political reasons.

I imagine the Flints being a lot like many skinheads -- not exactly rocket scinntists.

Once again, thank you very much for readin and reviewing.

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Review #9, by elladora The Herbologist's Social Secretary

19th June 2009:
This sounds promisssing. I think it has a very unique beginning and pairing.

“I think you’re very attractive.”

“Thanks, but you’re 600 years old, dead, and celibate. I’d rather hear it from someone younger and livelier. No offense.”

This was my favourite part

Author's Response: Hi, Elladora.

This story would never have been written without your challenge. I'll take this opportunity to say that, while I couldn't quite see Julia Roberts as Professor Sprout (too tall, for one thing), the picture of Dr. McDreamy caused me to make Mr. Flint quite a bit better looking than was the original plan.

I had a chance to deal with some issues that had been marinating in my brain: witches that were really and truly Christian (i.e., the issue of religion among the Wizarding community), an unusual pairing, a fascinating and neglected ghost.

I am hoping to have a banner before too terribly long. As you may have noticed, I posted a request for suggestions for "candidates" for a younger Professor Sprout and got some very interesting suggestions.

Once again, thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story, and for suggesting the challenge, without which it would not have come into existence in the first place.

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Review #10, by morgana67 Rosmerta's Culinary Magic (and Where It Leads)

10th June 2009:
Oh my God! What developments! So she's pregnant? I always wondered about the private lives of the Hogwarts' teachers outside the school.

I'm dying to know what happens next.

Author's Response: This story, like WSP, is intended as a "prequel" to a story I have been planning about an unacknowledged "natural child" (in Jane Austen parlance) of Snape starting at Hogwarts the year before HP and the others. I had in mind that the "Hermione"-esque female of his group of three friends (yes, a trio) would be an atypical, sweet-natured, large-boned Slytherin girl whose mother was Professor Sprout and whose late father was a famous herbologist with Death Eater associations.

I saw this challenge as a chance to fill in background about this character.

But, of course, I had to get Professor Sprout pregnant; that was pretty much the point. (In her defense, she is certainly entitled to a mid-life fling.)

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Review #11, by morgana67 The Herbologist's Social Secretary

10th June 2009:
Oh, this is hilarious. The scene with the Fat Friar as matchmaker was certainly, certainly funny! I could picture it all.

Now here is a very imaginative twist to the typical Romeo and Juliet scenario. Pomona and this guy and the Friar in the middle! Fancy taking love advice from a celibate ghost. Very nicely said.

Now, the concept of a convent for witches is certainly unique also. I guess they pray and such but the use magic around the convent. And Voldemort trying to recruit them. So imaginative. I guess it's not impossible to imagine since wizards are supposed to have different religions just like Muggles.

This is definitely one of the most original fanfics I have read and so funny!

Author's Response: In my email, I told you how I happened to write this. Since Hufflepuff is the house with a Man of the Church for a ghost, who was obviously once a Hufflepuff himself, I wanted to play with the notion of some wizards and witches being Christian in a fairly conventional sense. I have never seen a conflict between the two. And since Hufflepuff probably has the largest number of Muggleborn students, it seems the House where "Muggle" religion would be most widely distributed.

I imagine the Fat Friar being part of an order that was sympathetic to magical brothers. I figured that somewhere in Britain there must be a convent that serves as a refuge to witches of the Christian persuasion who feel a religious calling. I imagine them using magic in a workaday way, as for household matters and to assist with horticulture, having large, spell-shielded grounds (that a "normal" priest or bishop would see only as a humble abby or convent house) where they grow herbs and vegetables -- basically, a contemplative order.

Voldemort was afraid of all these witches living together. They made him nervous.

I like to think of short, stocky little Professor Sprout, always taken up with her herbs, as having some sort of a private life. She's kind of a neglected character.

Thanks so much for reviewing.

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