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Review #1, by Akussa Two Lights

15th April 2011:

Very nice little song-fic. I didn't know the song but listened to it while reading and it was just so fitting! Great work in the incorporation of both the story and the song.

The charaterization was good; Harry's actions were very much (too much...) into character!!! I foudn the others' reactions (i.e. forgetting about him?) were a bit unrealistic but still thought it was ok.

I enjoyed this song-fic a lot and you made me discover a new, beautiful song too so, thanks!!


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Review #2, by Mintleaf Two Lights

9th April 2011:
Hey this was really good! The perfect lyrics for the story; it's always reassuring to see a songfic that incorporates its lyrics so well. I do have a tiny criticism in that I don't think they would have forgotten about Harry like that! But on a more positive note, Harry volunteering to go was so typical (/stupid) of him haha! The ending was fine btw! :) Good work!

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Review #3, by VioletBlade Two Lights

24th December 2010:
Me again! (Obviously, but for some reason I keep feeling like I need to say that... xD) Anyway, ooh this was really interesting. It showed a different side to Ginny, one that would worry about whether or not her husband was going to come home, and it must be somewhat like a cop-wife has to go through daily as well. Scary, is all I can say! Anyway, very intense, and well-written!

Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: Definitely scary! I'm glad you liked this!

Thanks for all the compliments! As I said before, you just made my day!

Happy christmas!


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Review #4, by HumbleHufflepuff Two Lights

9th June 2010:
I loved this! I don't know why, but when Hermione left two lights on in every room for Ginny to come home to, it almost left me in tears! I can just imagine her running around to every corner of the house, leaving two lights and making sure they stayed lit.
Beautiful story, and beautiful song! Great job!
And no, I didn't think the ending was forced at all! I thought it was wonderful! I'm not too fond of fanfics with character deaths, it makes me too sad. I loved it :D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I always wanted to know what the one line "My eyes burn" meant- I always thought it had alternate meanings, burn with tears or from the light. I chose the happy one. :)

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Review #5, by Eva Two Lights

8th January 2010:
I don't like songfics all that much so I usually don't read them. But this one was really good! I really enjoyed it! I like happy endings so I liked the way you ended it.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Bigsisto3 Two Lights

3rd November 2009:
It was good, not fantastic, but I liked it. The ending. . .maybe too happy; as you said it, a forced happy ending.

There could be multiple endings, you could have Harry die [that's me, I'm a total drama addict] or you could have him come home injured, or maybe he could come home later; once Ginny's fallen asleep exhausted and he could lie down next to her, gently waking her [my other favorite: romance] to find that he's home safely. Just my two cents. :)

But I enjoyed the chapter. Hope I'm not overwhelming you with my reviews! :D

The Key

Author's Response: Well, I could have made Harry die at the end, but that would be EXTREMELY out of character for me. I mean, if I read a story where Harry dies, I blub pathetically. It's like Niagra Falls changes course so it's magically flowing out of my EYES. So it would be a bit weird if I wrote a story where Harry dies. Because I would cry while I was writing, typing up, posting and answering reviews for it.

But hey, here's an alternate ending, just for you...
"No lights. None. Zip. Nada.
What did it mean... had the names not been read yet? Or was Harry truly...
Ginny walked up to the door, and pushed it open... and was greeted by several tearstained faces.
"Ginny... Harry-" started Hermione.
"Don't tell me he died," interrupted Ginny. "Please."
"There was an ambush," said Hermione. "And Harry tried to help the others get out... but... the Avada Kedavra... I'm so sorry."
"I asked you not to tell me that!" said Ginny, and burst into tears.
Hermione stood up and ran over, wrapping her arms around Ginny. "I'm so sorry..."
"I never even got a chance to tell him..." said Ginny.
"What? Tell him what?"
"I'm pregnant.""

Kay then.
BTW, you are in no way overwhelming me with reviews. Reviews PWN!!! ;)

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Review #7, by Megan and Charly love HP Two Lights

19th October 2009:
L.O.V.E.D I.T! *Claps and loads of cookies* -Charly

Author's Response: Thank you! For the review and the cookies and liking it, and did I mention the review?

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Review #8, by Erich Two Lights

11th September 2009:
No! The happy ending is alright! The tension caused by those multiple lights really freaked me out, 'cause I'm really hoping for a happy ending! I love happy endings too. It's such a relief that it ended happily, that it's all just a nightmare for Ginny.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm always more satisfied with happy endings! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by pottercullen95 Two Lights

8th September 2009:
hmmm... interesting! i really liked it! i've never heard that song before, i'm looking for it now!

Author's Response: It's a really awesome song, and the whole back story is really cool too. If you go on Youtube and search it, you can hear the live version, and Five For Fighting explains it all in that version.
Glad you liked the story!

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Review #10, by Happy Lily Potter Two Lights

7th September 2009:
No! It ended perfectly! I loved it so much, thank you for writing it! Very well-written, well done!! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by Malfoyfriend20 Two Lights

7th September 2009:
oh my!!! i love this story!!! bloody brilliant! *hands you a brownie* you should write a sequel.

Author's Response: Mmm! Thanks for the brownie! It was delicious!
Unfortunately I don't really have time to write a sequel yet- school just re-started, and I have about 10 things on the go. I'll work on it sometime though... Sometime... I will! I will!
Possibly. I'll have to see...
You'll have to wait and see!

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Review #12, by Life after death Two Lights

7th September 2009:
I love the ending, a great songfic!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #13, by Manwe Valarian Two Lights

6th September 2009:
I liked it. The ending was fine. The issue I had with it was; the car aspect of it. The radio caught me off guard also, but it could have been the wizards wireless. I would have pictured Ginny taking off on a broom instead.

Author's Response: Hmm. Well, I kind of figured they had cars because in the DH epilouge, Ron is talking to Harry about parking. And I guess I should have mentioned that it's a wizards wireless. Ah, well... thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by LidaRose Two Lights

6th September 2009:
I really wanted this ending, and to be honest, I'd have been really mad if you'd ended it differently.

Kudos for a good story.

Author's Response: I would have been really mad at myself if I'd ended it differently! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Dobbys Sock Two Lights

5th September 2009:
it was a little short but sill very good !
loved it!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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Review #16, by notenoughpotter Two Lights

5th September 2009:
Oh, I have to admit I got all misty reading your story. It was short, but really quite moving. Great story! (I'm a sucker for happy endings too. Thanks for not turning the mist into a flood.)


Author's Response: I'm a sucka for happy endings too...

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Review #17, by MAGICisMIGHT Two Lights

5th September 2009:
Good job! It really kept me wanting to read on! I did notice a bit of punctuation mistakes, but other than that, you did great!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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Review #18, by Harry and Ginny Two Lights

5th September 2009:
another great fic of urs. ur stories are very interesting. write another one, maybe with Harry and Ginny finding out about being parents or the aftermath of their 1st kiss at HBP, maybe?^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: Ooh, I like the second idea... ooh, I feel a plot coming on... THANK YOU!

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