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Review #1, by anonymous I'm just as crazy too

2nd November 2009:
the major thing i noticed [probably because i just read it] is the end:
“What on earth?” a short plumb women came in to the living room hands on her hips. “You always seem to know how to make an entices dear.”
it should be:
“What on earth?” a short plump woman came in to the living room, hands on her hips. “You always seem to know how to make an entrance dear.”

what happened to mac? and i wonder who the mysterious dark haired girl is...

Author's Response: Oh darn, :P
I always seem to miss thoes!

Mac is still around, he'll show up in the next couple of chapters.

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Review #2, by anonymous No

27th October 2009:
wow. i love it. i can't wait to read what happens next!
poor annie, i'm guessing she's the seer and she foresaw her daddy not coming back :(
and just want things cleared up, when you say "two younger children," do you mean she has older ones that we don't meet yet? or are mac and annie [cool, that sounds like macaroni if you say it out loud ;D] the only children ivy and sirius have?

Author's Response: Lol macaroni :P
Just Mac and Annie,
Mac is only 3 and Annie is 1 making them younge children :P
and thank you (:
I'll hopefully have a new chapter up soon with halloween and looking for job i've been busy.

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Review #3, by anonymous No

21st September 2009:
is annie a seer?
i like this chapter, especially annie :)

Author's Response: Lol no she isn't
But I do like that, I think I might use it.
So thank you :D

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