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Review #1, by Summer chapter 3

12th September 2009:
Your story is great ! write more i love it ! once you write more i am sure a lot of ppl will start liking it:)

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Review #2, by eliseelove long awaited meeting.

15th July 2009:
this story has awesome potential.
i'm really liking it already.
please update soon.

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Review #3, by The end long awaited meeting.

4th July 2009:
Who's were the next chapter missy?? What does she do! I wanna kno now! Please! I'm very impatient when it comes to a book!!

Author's Response: thee i will post the next chapter when i post the next chapter dont ask for it.


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Review #4, by The end Preface

4th July 2009:
That was so totally wicked michelle!!! I loved all the twists!! Her brother is blaise?!? No one would have thought of that!!! You go girl!!!

Author's Response: thx thee

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Review #5, by fiendfire25 long awaited meeting.

19th June 2009:
a little short but still good and funny. haha

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Review #6, by mix Preface

11th June 2009:
great! watch spelling erors they can really change the meaning of the sentence.

Author's Response: thx mix i really appreciate the review

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Review #7, by Revewer not writer Preface

9th June 2009:
Hey Misha! Care from some friendly advice?
It's a good story so far, but all you're doing is telling, not showing. You just sort of dropped the bomb on everyone - yeah, she's got a twin. You might want to watch that in the future.

Author's Response: thx katy. i know it wasnt the best but i was writing it while i was around six little kids, 14 adults, and a dog that never stops barking. well i will talk to you soon. thx again.


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Review #8, by ParadoxTremors Preface

8th June 2009:
An intersting start. Hermione a pureblood, what a idea. I'm just glad Malfoy wasn't her twin--God, that twist would've killed me. An interesting concept that has me waiting for the next chapter. Hurry up so I can read it. Enjoyed the story very much.

Author's Response: thx for the review it means a lot to me for this is my first fanfic. ill post the next chapter soon

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