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Review #1, by obliviateyourbrain Never, Never

13th June 2010:
"Iím not going to yet you mess it up the way you messed yourself up!"
it should be let, other wise good story, i'm looking for more Draco/Astorias, write a series and elaborate maybe?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for pointing that out! Shall edit as soon as I can :) As for writing more, am thinking about it, though I'm not sure yet.

Glad you liked the story though! Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Niika Never, Never

16th January 2010:
Rita I love you you are amazing and this fic is amazing D:
10 out of freakin 10 girlll

Author's Response: Awww thank you Niika loff! Glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by TheDirigiblePlum Never, Never

26th July 2009:
I clicked on this story because I think that the Draco/ Aste/oria (:D) pairing is a very interesting one! There's a lot to play with, and loads of different takes could be made from it... I find it all very exciting! ! :D

Anyway! Her descent into madness was carefully and realistically done, and I liked her angry outburst at the end. There's nothing like a love story with angst in it! :) I wanted to see how you portrayed Astoria seeing as she's a character that nobody knows anything about, and I liked the way you did it!


Author's Response: Glad you liked the Drastoria factor as well as the maddness that ate at Asteria. I guess it was a mix of my wanting to do something different and too much Jane Eyre/Wide Sargasso Sea :)

Anyway, thanks for the review! Appreciate it!

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Review #4, by Lyn Midnight Never, Never

5th July 2009:
I donít usually read Draco much, but this I had to read because of the beautiful banner (which you changed for some reason, the new one is awesome, but I really loved the quote on the previous one!) and the hooking summary. I like just that way of veiled story-telling, kind of like you are there but not quite, and you get hooked by the words, and the sounds, and the images, and you are caught. Awesome first chapter! Canít wait to see what else youíve up your sleeve. Keep writing and Iíll be sure to keep reading!

Author's Response: Aw! I'm happy you liked the story Lyn. But unfortunately, it's just a oneshot. Might write more, but I'm still on the fence whether or not there's more of a story to tell about them. Definitely still in the air though!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by nellie again >.< Never, Never

12th June 2009:
ok that's really weird. O_o it cut out half my review. lucky i c&p'd it just in case. :P so here's the rest:

i love that line. it creates such a powerful image.

there were a couple of technical errors in part three. a couple of typos and repetition of words. in the 3rd line it says "more than you pride" where it should be "more than YOUR pride". also, a bit further down it says about the baby "and I'm not going to yet you mess it up". yet instead of let. but other than that, your writing is flawless. i didn't pick up any other typos or errors. :)

so basically, i thought this was a really powerful and emotional story. i thought separating the story into three parts to sort of show astonia's different states of mind was a really good idea - it makes it seem almost as though they ARE separate people, three different stories. yes, i really liked that. :)

that was actually the first story of yours i've ever read, but i'll definitely be back to tackle some more. the way you write is really lovely.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review Nellie! Glad you liked the story and thank you so much for the CC! I really appreciate it!

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Review #6, by emerald_nellie Never, Never

12th June 2009:
hey rita! :D

ok. firstly, i freaking love this story. it was really amazingly awesome. the way you write is almost poetic - it's very pleasant to read. :) i love the use of short and punchy sentences at the start. it's a really nice way to start off and gets the reader immediately interested.

"Raindrops fell from her eyes and trickled down to his chest. Dew heralding the dawn."

Author's Response: Thanks for the review hun! Glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by celticbard Never, Never

8th June 2009:
Brilliant, Rita. Simply brilliant. I love this piece. You've managed to convey so much emotion in a few words. I think the brevity of this one-shot is what makes it so memorable. Insanity doesn't have to be "flashy" and you've portrayed it true to form as gritty and destructive. Amazing.

Author's Response: Hey Lee Anne!

Thanks so much for reviewing!

I really can't write long oneshots to save my life, though I may write a long one as a prologue for A Certain Lady. I dunno. Not sure about it yet.

I'm glad the madness worked out well. I didn't want to write an idealized version of it, but the real grit it has and the suffering of those who have to take care of them.

Glad you liked the dynamic! Thanks for the review *hugs*

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Review #8, by Violet Gryfindor Never, Never

7th June 2009:
This is definitely not your average Draco/Astoria, though it does begin with a hint of a fairy tale life for them, with the idea that she has saved him, that she protects him even with his shortcomings. Then the last section hits readers like a bus with its harsh reality, the failings of their marriage and relationship, and it reverses their roles - Draco has to become the protector, he's forced to become strong.

I can definitely see the influence of Bertha Rochester in Astoria, how she can be "normal" one moment, and manic the next. It's terrifying because you write it so realistically, with all the pain and no idealization or romance. But that's exactly what makes this so powerful to read. Wow, I'm floored by the quality of this, Rita. Amazing work!

Author's Response: OMG! Susan *dies!* Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! It really means a lot!

Hehe, I guess its not like other Drastorias out there, is it? And I think a lot of marriages start off like that. A fairytale, but if you're not careful it can turn into a nightmare. I think it was their own faults, both parties, on why their marriage failed. Like you said, Astoria's blind eye to Draco's short comings, and as hinted in the third part, Draco's blind eye to the consequences of his actions. In the end, Astoria had no strength left so Draco had to be strong for the both of them.

And thank you! I was afraid that someone would just find her annoying and not see the madness in her, *my first time writing that kind of infliction* so I am really glad that came across. And with a marriage like theirs, romance is no longer the focus. Rather, it transcends that. It becomes more of love, in its pure form. Romance comes and fades, but the raw love that Draco felt in the end - the love which compelled him to stay - its the kind that lasts forever...even when you start hating that person.

Thank you so much for this review Susan. It took me quite a while to finish it, not knowing specifically how to end it. I'm really really really happy you liked it!


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Review #9, by redherring Never, Never

7th June 2009:
Oh wow, that was amazing! And for me, the timing is rather an interesting coincidence, because I've actually just finished reading Wide Sargasso Sea.

Anyway, this was just wonderful. The idea was brilliant and the way you wrote it was simply incredible. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you dear! You're such a doll!

Wasn't the book amazing! It just inspired me! Wonderful. And if you enjoyed it, you should definitely watch the movie adaptation as well. Rebecca Hall was brilliant as Antoinette. Perfect.

Thank you again! I am glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #10, by versos Never, Never

6th June 2009:
This was lovely. I could really sympathize with both of them, it was quite sad. But again, lovely.

There were a few grammatical errors you could probably fix. Anyway, great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviewing! I love it when people read and actually take time to write a little something for us validation hungry writers XD

It is sad isn't it? How happiness and the memory of it can drive anyone mad as easily as sadness and grief could. I think what drove Astoria to that place is how she was happy and content before, but Draco's actions robbed her of it and now the ghost of their former life haunts her.

And I know right! I read it over and I immediately saw what you were refering to. It's still ubeta'd but I'll probably get around to that in the near future.

Once again, thanks for the review! I really appreciate it!

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