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Review #1, by Riniko Speechless

10th August 2012:
Enjoyed reading your story and hope you come back to it at some point.

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Review #2, by Emily Speechless

16th April 2010:
This is really good! I hope you continue it soon!

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Review #3, by phoenixy_friend Speechless

27th November 2009:
I liked it. Doom Room scene wasn't as good as I imagined, but you can't have everything in life. I liked the letters the most.

Author's Response: It didn't seem as good as I imagined, either (but then, nothing ever is). Glad you liked it otherwise, though. I wrote the letters twice. How did you imagin the Doom Room scene?

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Review #4, by You Know Who Speechless

23rd November 2009:
I love that fic, and the titles are latin, I'm gonna get killed by twilight fans tomorrow, A little advice keep mouth shut near fangirls because I'm so screwed

Author's Response: lol. Yeah, better to keep your mouth shut when confronted with something that popular.
My advice - wear a flame resistant body suit and use distraction tactics.

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Review #5, by MovieMagic Speechless

21st November 2009:
yay you updated! Keepit up 10/10

Author's Response: yay you reviewed! lol

If it were up to me, I'd try to update every day - unfortunatly, uploading time is starting to take longer (8+ days) and I have two stories to update. O well. Next chapter should come out around mid-December.

Thanks for the review and rating!

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Review #6, by You Know Who Speechless

19th November 2009:
I meant that I enjoyed the chapter (BTY, I'm more paranoid) did you read the Long Road Home yet?

Author's Response: I meant to, but there's like 15 HP stories by that name on FF. Who's the author?
Scratch that. I just found out which one you mean. The dimension one -duh. lol

I'm reading it right now.
Ahhh! I can already see some simularities. Even things I was going to do in the future.
And I thought I was being original. :(
Oh well. I guess no fanfiction writer is. Or even published writer, and I know a few.
I think some writer said something to the effect of: The key to being original is being sneaky about your sources. :) I'll still try though.

Thanks for this. I'm enjoying the story anyways. :) And maybe I'll just read all the reviews so I can learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before me.
My end plot it probably quite different then this fict. I hope - I havn't finished reading yet. I also think mine is going to be a little longer (over 100,000 words), but you can never know with these things.

It seems really good though (but wow, the chapter titles are confusing). What do you think of the story?

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Review #7, by You Know Who Speechless

18th November 2009:
didn't see that coming

Author's Response: Oh. Well, I try to be unpredictable. Did you like it though? It's okay if you didn't. Personaly, I had some serious doubts about this chapter but maybe I'm just paranoid.

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Review #8, by tye Disarming Unforgiveables

15th November 2009:
love the story looking forward to new updates.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. The next update 'should' be in a day or so.

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Review #9, by You Know Who Disarming Unforgiveables

31st October 2009:
this just came to me, the Map! All those charms can't even block there names from being shown! And the spell check quills, in book 5 is here ron's alias came from, and if A-Ron gets a hold of those quills, well.
I just get the weirdest ideas in the shower

Author's Response: Don't worry about the map, I thought of that and it's part in the story before I even wrote the first chapter.

The map will serve as an important monitor of physic-type symptoms of dimention travel. Did you think that traveling to another universe wouldn't have a toll on them? *private smile*... But that's not till much later chapters.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what the spell check quills have to do with anything. If A-Ron writes 'Professor Weatherby' as 'Prfoss Webbi' then it will still read as 'Professor Weatherby' because that was A-Ron's intent... Or maybe it's like spell check.

Lol. I analize and get excited about stories when I'm in the shower too.

Thanks for posting these thoughts. I real enjoy your reviews!

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Review #10, by phoenixy_friend Disarming Unforgiveables

28th October 2009:
Tune in Next Time? Seriously? I tune in every few hours. (Yeah, it's mostly just checking to see if ANYONE added anything, but whatever).

The idea that Crucio can kill as well as torture is scary, to say the least. What I'm waiting for most is the DOOM ROOM scene. You've given us too much suspense to not give us anything that doesn't involve at least SOME crying in fear. You owe us. As for Katie Bell: good-thinking, she probably WILL need it. And Harry has been doing it for eighteen years, and the fact that he's still alive is more than just luck (although he has a LOT of that). The Elder wand is evil, and there's not really much more to it. Neville doesn't seem like much of a singer, and the idea of the ELDER wand casting "expelliarmus..."

All in all, okay.

Author's Response: Lol. I tune in every few hours too.

I didn't know I built up the DOOM ROOM sceen so much. Well, I'm working on it right now so 'fingers crossed' for some terror. Mwahahahah!

Well... it wasn't like Neville was doing it by his own will. (actually, I just had that song stuck in my head for some reason. I'm imagining that Harry did to, and the George was watching gilligans island the day before.)

ELDER is evil. I know. I think I've know what I'm going to do about that now...
but not yet. I still need it for a while.

Anyways, Thanks so-o-o-o much for the review! It was very long, which is very good. :)

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Review #11, by You Know Who Disarming Unforgiveables

27th October 2009:
I also love the GG books. Are you on FFN because this fic reminds me of A Long Road Home.

Author's Response: No. I'm not on FFN. :( I've been meaning to but it seems like a bigger project to take on... maybe I'm wrong, it just feels that way.

Huh. I'll check out the fict you mentioned. I hope I'm a little original. lol.

Yeah, GG books are great and will probably inspire more of Harry's later classes.
I guess you could say I'm a little obsesed with spys. (One of my other ficts is a crossover with CHERUB - a spy book)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by You Know Who Disarming Unforgiveables

25th October 2009:
Damn that deathstick, why can't harry just burn it?

Author's Response: I know. I know.

But it will end up as an important part of the plot. Sorry.

I'll think about changing it if I can come up with another way for all the problems I'm adding to resolve themself.

I might just have to have him try to destroy it anyways, If keeping it ends up being too much out of character for Harry.

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Review #13, by phoenixy_friend 8 Subjects of Interest

17th October 2009:
It's funny, I can't wait for dinner. Maybe a portable swamp, or a box of fireworks, or skiving snackbox candies in their food?...

Author's Response: I don't know about the portable swamp - not sure how that would work in the great hall... but, yeah, something like that. And don't think that both groups don't have a plan.
Glad you thought it was funny! Good job adding suggestions in your review :) Hope you like the next chapter - I think It'll be fun.

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Review #14, by You Know Who Seven Rules

14th October 2009:
George and Ron had the best class, love the rules! err guidelines

Author's Response: Lol! Thanks, I like to think of George and Ron's class as the comic relief of the story.
Also, It took me forever to make those rules up - I know, I'm a dork;) - but I'm glad their appriciated.

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Review #15, by phoenixy_friend Seven Rules

2nd October 2009:
Yay, I liked it! But... something didn't seem right with Ginny. And maybe Harry, the original, should have invited another "Professor" to help demonstrate a proper duel.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Helpful comment about Ginny - I'll try a different approch to her.
I think I'll leave the chapter as-is, though. I was saving the "proper duel" for later, but I'll probably push up the date so it appears sooner now. Thanks.
Great constructive critisism!

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Review #16, by MovieMagic Seven Rules

2nd October 2009:
Wow! Love it Love it Love it! When i firststared reading this book I had no idea were it was going and asn't to bothered aout reading it. But then I did read it and LOVE IT!. I also like a couple of chapters back Gorege and his LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! Keep it up and hope you can update soon! 12/10

Author's Response: 12/10. Wow. So glad that you decided to read it! Your rave review means so much to me. :) Thanks!

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Review #17, by MovieMagic Again and Again

2nd October 2009:
Hahaha love it. But how are they going to discise Teddy? Are they going to claim that he is Harry and Ginny's kid ro somthing? Anyway i love it keep writing. Out of Ten I give you Twelve

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Review #18, by You Know Who Infirni Seas

11th September 2009:
You already posted this

Author's Response: I know. I just had to edit something that didn't make sense. Sorry. :)

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Review #19, by jake2490 Infirni Seas

11th September 2009:
I just discovered your story today and spent the last hour or so ignoring my homework to read it, and it was well worth it! I like how you've combined time travel with an alternate universe, and I'm excited for the next chapter. Hopefully they start off the school year with a bang!

Author's Response: Hah! I know how that is. I'm just going into college and will have TONS more homework that I'm going to ignore to write this story. lol. I'm so glad you liked it and I hope you'll approve of their first lessons! Thanks so much :)

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Review #20, by phoenixy_friend Life is a Stage

10th September 2009:
First of all, I'd just like to point out that Moody's name was Alastor, not Alistair (that's a misanthropic vampire from England in Breaking Dawn). Second, Narus is actually a Latin adjective, from gnarus, meaning skilled.
Otherwise, it's a very good story, though there are some finer points that a good beta would help smooth out.

Author's Response: I realised the thing about Alastor's name just after I posted that chapter. Scatter brained as I am - I forgot to correct it. (Yeah, I read Twilight, probably to blame for the mix up - lol).
Huh. Didn't know that about Narus - neat. I haven't gotten that far in my latin yet.

I'm glad you think it's good, though.
So far, no one has hated it besides the minor editing that needs to be done. Sorry about that, by the way. I'm always too impatient to post to edit it the way I really should. I'm working on that with all my writing.
Usualy I have a group that helps me with non-fanfiction stories. You're right - I need to get something/one like that for my fanfiction too.

Thanks so much for the input! I really do appriciate it.

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Review #21, by azerjaban Potential

31st August 2009:
"McGonagall asked him to demonstrate his patronus...Harry guessed she purposely made it easy..."

Isn't it said in the book that the patronus one of the hardest spells to master and many stronger older wizards can not produce a corporeal one?

Author's Response:
Woo... thanks for catching that! I just realized that I left out an important bit of information:

McGonagall asked Harry to produce a powerful shield and Harry, being Harry, produces the most powerful shield he knows. My take is that the patronus is the one shield that is non concrete - it will shield you from beings that do not attack you in the physical plane (curses or flying objects). Harry could have produced a normal shield or one that could withstand force, but he chose one he favored. Then, being so focused on 'Prongs' which made his mind wander elseware (like to his dead parents that might not be dead anymore), he completely failed to notice McGonagall's pleased expression.

Wow. I'll get to editing that. Can't believe I was so scatter brained... Must have been one of those things that I imagined but forgot to put on paper... Actually, I can believe I was that scatterbrained, lol.

Thanks for the review! Glad you're there to point out my stories flaws. Does it make sense now?

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Review #22, by MovieMagic To Win an Earthquake

11th August 2009:
cool, and i like a good cliff hanger as long as i don't have to wait to long to see what happens.

Author's Response: I hope it uploads fast then. I just sent it in today. I usually like to start uploading the next one as soon as the previouse was put up, but I had a little bit of writers block.
I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #23, by azerjaban Life is a Stage

16th July 2009:
Love the aliases, I guess this means they wont be telling anyone their true identities any time soon, that always the funnest part.

Plus all the things Harry did, didn't Neville do in this world?

Update soon! I love AU's and am working on one myself.

Author's Response: Thanks for the complement. I think it took about the same amount of time to figure out the names as it did write the chapter. lol.

No, their identities will stay a secret for a while, I think. Bare with me, I havn't figured out the whole plot yet.

Not exactly. Voldemort choosing Neville changed a lot of things. I actually can't remember all of them right now. I have them all written down in a notebook of mine somewhere... Anyways, this universe is quite abit different.

My story should be uploading, so hopefuly you won't have to wait long for the next chapter.

I'll check your story out. Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #24, by You Know Who Life is a Stage

7th July 2009:
You are a bloody genius!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks. That makes me all happy inside. :)

I hope I don't disappoint.

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Review #25, by Weasley Twin Fan Life is a Stage

1st July 2009:
I love it!!! It was absolutly brilliant. It's really clever with the names. I think Luna's last name is the best! It fits her. I hope you continue with the story, it's really good! I can't wait to see what happens in future chapters!

Author's Response: I like Luna's best too. I love the way everyone stutters all over it.

The next chapter 'Infirni Sea' should be uploading. It's about the feast and we'll get to see a bit of what the alternate universe characters are like. I hope you like it :)

Thanks for giving me such solid reviews!

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