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Review #1, by Alice M. Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

29th July 2015:
Where are you? It's been years! You edited the prequel to this story last year, why didn't you finish this one?

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Review #2, by Andrea Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

6th May 2015:
Please finish this story! It is so amazing and well written, I have been in love with the story line!!

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Review #3, by heronduck Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

28th December 2014:
Even if you haven't updated in a while, I'm happy that this chapter ended the way it did! You are a brilliant writer!

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Review #4, by heronduck A Glittering World Built on a Façade of Lies

28th December 2014:

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Review #5, by JustanotherHarryPotterfan3816 Absolute Lunacy

19th February 2013:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love that last line! HAHAHAHA! Oh yeah. What happened to our lovely conssions(lol.bad speller here)?

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Review #6, by Maeli Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

12th January 2013:
At least this could have been kinda an ending since you haven't updated in, I don't know try two and a half YEARS?!

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Review #7, by SophieSnitchSnatcher Stupid Mutt

3rd September 2012:
Um hi? and good
story! I wanted to review but I loved so much of this story
and My Brain and Black that there arent many favourite bits.

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Review #8, by Solli95 Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

2nd May 2012:
Still keep checking in to see if you have updated the story:P Was a big fan of the prequel, keep reading it as it is still my favorite Sirius/oc fan fiction. Really hope you consider keep writing on this story, in constant suspense on whats to come :3

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Review #9, by Beth Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

10th April 2012:
I need more.

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Review #10, by SiriusPotterhead Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

10th March 2012:
I Just Read The Prequel And This One All In One Day...I Know You Haven't Updated In A Long Time But I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed That One Day Soon You Will...I've Got A Feeling That Jessie Will Die Roughly Around The Time That Sirius Dies In The Book If You're Going To Keep It Canon...Really Love This Story x

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Review #11, by Flying Ford Anglia Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

21st October 2011:
you cant kill her! arggh im annoyed now!!! she doesnt deserve it an neither does sirius!

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Review #12, by Flying Ford Anglia Tartan Wrapped Suprises

21st October 2011:
I haven't had a chance to review until now so ill say everything! Jess turning into Celestina! That was not expected but a very clever idea none the less! Poor Sirius must be feeling so terrible because he thinks jess is dead and Im so glad that remus was able to help Jess recover because i was worried that she would get worse before she got better! Now jess is in danger and Sirius has to help protect her...this should be interesting hahhaha The sequel is pretty good but i think it needed a little more laughter :)

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Review #13, by Mimi Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

25th September 2011:
-sniff- Oh. My. Gosh.

This is one of the most incredible stories I have ever. Read. Ever. You have to write the rest of it quick-quick! And no depressing endings! You have to save Jessie! I don't care how, just do it!

FYI, I did read the first one, and that one's awesome, too!

My only complaint is that in both stories I notice a lot of technical errors, mostly spelling. I would suggest you find yourself a good beta just to polish the story and make it even better.

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Review #14, by Lynda Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

5th September 2011:
But-but-but-but-but...SHE DIES? Sirius is also going to die, right? WHAT? NO! Please let there be a miracle happy ending, PLEASE. *begs* please-oh-please-oh-please.

Absolutely fantastic writing, by the way. I've read My Brain and Black a year ago, and then I was looking for more Sirius/OC fics today, and I found /this/ A SEQUEL. ZOMG. And So I read it. Just as good as ever.

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Review #15, by michelle_ginny_potter Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

25th August 2011:
How could you do that?!? You've basically killed her!!! You are going to find a way for her to survive or I will set Voldemort on you, I will. I really like your story and pkease write quicker (btw I was joking about voldemort, but siriusly find a way to make them live together happily ever after and have mini jessie's and mini sirius' :) ) 10/10

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Review #16, by Jess Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

21st August 2011:
God that was so super duper sad,
Although I must say
I love the idea of her identity change
I love her name :P
I love how mental is and it would be weird if she was any different
I love their 'i hate you' relationship
I'd love it if you keep going, don't you dare abandon, it's way too good to stop.

*insert some really encouraging speech*

:) keep going, you got skills, like I was crying for the past few chapters, and for words to make you cry then they have to be damn good words

Toodles :P

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Review #17, by sarahsboot Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

25th July 2011:
The same way I've been laughing my way through the prequel
I've been crying my eyes out throughout the sequel.
I have mixed feelings about further continuation...
I'd kind of like a continuation, I'd love it actually,
but I'm happy they are back together and I have a feeling that you'd be the type to kill her off anyway and that would be kind of send me to tears all over again.
Anyway, great story and I hope you'll write many more of them

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Review #18, by missnyadean Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

13th July 2011:
PLEASE UPDATE :-) Your story is my favorite SB/OC. It fits perfectly with the story line and is the best please, please, please continue.

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Review #19, by natabox Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

11th July 2011:
I have just found this story and it has taken me all day to read it all, please update this story even if its just a finishing chapter, Jess and Sirius need there ending =D

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Review #20, by :O Love, Lies and Revelations

24th April 2011:

p.s good writing. lvoe you.

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Review #21, by Mickey Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

21st April 2011:
Would you just post something already?
Just read all of it and now i see that you wrote this chapter almost a year ago!
I'm getting a little angry here, arw! ;)
Okay i'm going to beg.


Love, mickey.

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Review #22, by Katy1414 Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

21st March 2011:
Where the heck is the rest missy!?
amazing, but i need the rest!

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Review #23, by Catta Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

18th January 2011:
Update. Like now. Or Abandon it or end it. You're driving me up a wall. Don't go all like Catta is catty. Because it's pronounced Cauda. i had a great day. I got the nerve to dump my boyfriend and it's all thanks to my best friend. He cheated on me every day. Don't ruin the moment of triumph.

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Review #24, by Emily_Malfoy_32 Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

30th November 2010:
Omg I'm in love with this story!

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Review #25, by Random Person Who Needs To Know Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

9th October 2010:
Plz Plz Plz update the story soon, I saw that it said last time you updated was in June or something like that. This is really good =)

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