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Review #1, by DeaVanity Black Cloak

14th August 2009:
Oh this was...interesting. It's a well written story and you managed to make the readers feel sorry for Pete. The thing with the Sorting Hat was a great idea ;D . Though I didn't get the last part with the cloak... If that's supposed to represent Voldy, I have a question - how? Wasn't Voldy barely alive when he tried to kill Harry? I mean, if you thought to make it like a spell so that Pete would know when James and Lily are dead, then that's cool :)

~ DeaVanity

Author's Response: Interesting? Thank you, I'm glad the think with the Sorting Hat seemed good.

Yeah, that last bit... *is embarrassed* I know it doesn't quite fit. On my original first draft, I had completely forgotten that Voldemort would have been too weak to do much, and so by I'd remembered and was editing it a little, I didn't quite want to change it much. I made it a little shorter, so basically it's that, as soon as it happens, Voldemort apparates away with the little strength he has left, visiting Peter's house but for such a quick visit that he can do it. I figured he could probably manage that, how else would he have gotten away from Lily and James's house? Oh, a spell! Well done for thinking of that, I didn't think of it. >.< Ah well.

Thanks so much for the review! It was nice and helpful!

- Ria_Lee :)

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Review #2, by Jelly_Frog Black Cloak

21st July 2009:
Awww, what a sad story! A brilliant one, though. At least Pettigrew thinks it awful what he's done, and isn't pleased. But it's terribly sad for him too, and you managed to express pity for him in the story too, which I thought was fantastic, the way you make the reader feel sorry for him, but at the same time, I thought he 'd done a evil thing. *Shivers*

What I really liked about the actual writing of the story was the way, after nearly every paragraph-apart from the last few-, you put a tick, tock or a dong. It made it feel like I was actually in there with Pettigrew, seein everything. You put in so much detail which made it ever so real!

So, another wicked (in both senses of the word!) story from Ria_Lee. I'm going to have to seriously update if I want to even THINK of getting to your standards.


Author's Response: Thanks for all the compliments! It is true, he had done an evil thing, so I'm glad you could see that - I wouldn't want the reader to feel just pity for him because he didn't deserve it.

Oh good, I was wondering as to whether that had been a good idea. I'm happy you like it!

Haha, thanks. No, no, you're already brilliant yourself, Jelly!

Thank you so much for the nice review!

- Ria_Lee

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Review #3, by fancycherriiebud Black Cloak

21st July 2009:
Well, that was cheerful :(

I did not think that I would be someone who would be inclined to feel sorry for Peter Pettigrew, however, this little tale has possibly changed my mind. I've never read anything quite like it, which means, well done for originality.

It was interesting to see it from Pettigrew's point of view, although that does not exactly place him in a marvellous light anyway. His fear, cowardice really show, but it is somehow endearing... What I thought was perhaps most interesting was the part about the Sorting Hat - that was imagined well.

Hmm... very intersting, very well written, thought-provoking... A really good piece of writing from you :) Although, I have to say that I prefer your more jovial style; I prefer laughing to crying :b


Author's Response: Very cheerful, yes. :P

I agree, Peter Pettigrew isn't the character people generally like. Thanks for saying it was original, I hoped it would be.

Endearing? I never thought it was, but maybe I'm glad? Thanks again!

Thank you for the review, and don't worry, I will continue to write happy stories!

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Review #4, by harrylilyjames Black Cloak

5th June 2009:
what was the black cloak thingy? Was that just his mind playing tricks on him or something??
I feel kind of sorry for Peter after reading this, which is brilliant- because I don't like him at all. =]
I can kind of see why he betrayed his friends now, I just thought he was just a back-stabbing so-and-so up until now. lol.
Really nice story, I liked the darkness and the symbol of the clock in it.


Author's Response: Well, the black cloak was sort of supposed to, in a weird way, signify Voldemort, as he visited Peter to tell him that the betrayal had happened... I can see why it's a bit confusing though.

Oh, yay! I don't like him much either, but I'm glad I managed to get someone to feel a little sorry for him. :)

Thanks loads for the review, it's made my day! :)

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